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Must-have features for Driver App Development that Benefit drivers in Taxi Business

Driver App Development Features for Driver App

We all know that the taxi business competition is becoming intense and sturdy. The traditional taxi services are getting horrible in recent years. The market has been taken up by the Uber-like administrations. The world won’t be the same for the customary taxi business. If you are running a taxi driver app development solution, or you are anticipating beginning one, a fundamental part is that you need to build up a compact solution for your business. Taxi Driver app development has made everybody’s life agreeable and straightforward.

Presently, clients don’t have to search outside for the quest for a taxi. They can book their cab without much stress, and see each data in detail like who is your driver, when will he land at your area and the complete admission charged for the ride. The significant players in this commercial market are Uber and Ola. In the wake of perceiving the requirement for two separate applications for the drivers and the traveler, presently mobile app developers are putting resources and offering progressively customized features to the two clients and drivers.

Without a doubt, we can’t deny the way taxi booking apps offer enormous advantages to the customers and the drivers. It is your choice being an owner, whether you want android app development, iOS app development or cross-platform app development. In this particular blog post, we will be discussing the essential features of a driver’s application that can be beneficial in the taxi business.

The must-have features in the driver app

Integrated analytics

With this feature, the driver will be able to review the ride stats and payment stats immediately, that too in graphical representation.

Vehicle tracking system using GPS 

It is considered as one of the essential features. With the help of this feature, the drivers can track the passenger’s location. The vehicle tracking system using GPS discovers the location of the rider and driver. Once the customer permits the driver to share their place, it also locates the destination.

Online or Offline Button

This feature lets the driver mark themselves as online or offline while they start and end the trip. It’s due to this feature only that the driver gets notification of a new ride request along with the pickup details when he is shown as online. In case, he is not willing to take up the ride; he can mark himself as offline so that he does not get any further notifications for pickup. 

Dashboard for the driver

The driver can obtain helpful statistics and overall insights into their trips because of this feature. Besides, the drivers can review their performance, check the feedback and ratings they received from their riders. Based on the feedback and ratings they got, the drivers can improve their overall performance.

Account tab

By incorporating the account tab feature, drivers can maintain their account details. It also contains their profile information, payment methods, necessary documents such as their driving license, vehicle insurance, and other account settings.

Accept/Decline the ride request 

This feature lets drivers decide whether they want to accept the ride or not. The decision of acceptance or rejection of request rests in the hands of drivers. In both circumstances, if the driver accepts/rejects the request, notification is sent to the passenger automatically. If the driver doesn’t consider the request within 30 seconds, the same would be sent to the nearby drivers for acceptance.

Payment tab

The payment tab benefit describes payment data and empowers drivers to attach different payment options like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, and separate debit cards to their accounts. This way, the payment can be made hastily and cashless if a passenger doesn’t carry cash with them.

Trip history

The application must be designed in such a way that the drivers can view the booking history they received. So, a mobile application development company must keep in mind while designing the taxi riding app as it helps the drivers to maintain a track of the journeys they undertook. In short, we can say this feature makes the business pretty transparent; also, this data may be used as reference information in case of any future disparities.

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As of now, with the advent of taxi riding apps like Ola and Uber, no driver discovers it challenging to find riders. Adopting a cab from their place has been a trend now rather than walking down in search of a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. Taxi drivers find the app more convenient in many ways with no time wasted in hunt of passengers, which in turn boosts their income. If you want to build a taxi riding or sharing application for drivers with driver-tailored experience, contact a ride-sharing app development company.

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