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Video Watermarking Service

Get Personalized Video Watermarking Service


A Most Powerful tool to Stop Video Piracy

With the increase in craze of video streaming, OTT platforms, studios, and Paid TV operators, the demand for high-quality video content is catching a pace. Piracy is an ever-present threat,causes loss of potential in quality and uniqueness.

Now the platforms are looking for advanced content creators that could interoperate it with security measures for protected lifecycle, right from production, promotion, distribution, and consumption. DRM services are getting popular due to their protection ability. A blend of DRM and Video watermarking Services is a successful method to protect premium quality content.

Video Watermarking Solution for Premium Video Content

Video watermarking is a stamp on your video representing your ownership of the content. Video watermarking is the most robust solution to secure your video content from piracy and unauthorized usage. If you go for video watermarking, here are the types of video watermarking services you need to know:

  • Visible video watermarking
  • Forensic video watermarking
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Benefits of Contacting AppSquadz for Visible Video Watermarking



Legacy devices are secured by maximal security to help future-proofing. It is highly customizable and can integrate with all future generations of devices.



Watermarks are retained and detectable if a breach occurs. The team stays on the content to control before and after piracy activities like re-encoding, aspect ratio change, and storage.



Watermarking needs just a few seconds and, your task is done, our services are smoothest.



Our effective watermarking solution is scalable for millions of users that have no impact on detection speed.

What is Forensic Video Watermarking?

Forensic or digital or invisible video watermarking is a process of embedding a robust imperceptible code into every video file copy. Code is implied at different locations within the video content, so it is not easily detected. Forensic watermarking is one of the most preferred services by leading organizations because embedded code is detectable wherever content is used and claimed.

Key Features of Video watermarking Service from us

global services

The First Global SaaS Service

AWS offered CloudFront is integrated into the forensic video watermarking process that requires software that we introduce.


Easy and Quick Adoption of Watermarking

Our pre-integrated forensic video watermarking solutions are easy to use and adopt with less time-taking strategy.

watermark detection

Watermark Detection Service

You also get the additional service of tracking the invisible watermark we embed to ensure whether any illegal activity is not done with the content.

robust watermarking

Robust Watermarking for Premium Content

Premium content is produced costly, so it requires strong protection; we save it from various actions like re-encoding, cropping, filtering, and camcording.

integrated drm

Pre-integrated with Multi-DRM

We provide forensic watermarking service pre-integrated with the Multi-DRM for all the premium contents.


Pay-as-you-go Pricing

This policy lets you opt for the most comfortable way you pay for the service you use.

Benefits of Choosing AppSquadz for Forensic Video Watermarking Solution


Session-based Watermarking

The real-time entry of watermark data with device or end-user information.


Server-side Watermarking

Watermark is inserted on the server-side without integrating a third-party player.



Safe from attacks such as filtering, re-encoding, cropping, and camcording (D2A, A2D conversion).


4K/UHD Content Support

The insertion and detection process supports high-resolution premium content.