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Pentest++™: More than Penetration Testing

Attackers are constantly eyeing you. They are constantly attempting to break inside your network. These attackers are financially motivated, well equipped and highly sophisticated. Your competition could be behind these attacks, aiming to get your trade secrets. Cyber criminals could be behind these attacks, looking to compromise your customer's personal and financial information. Whatever the case may be, Pentest++ will protect you from these advanced attackers, using our comprehensive penetration testing methodology.

The Traditional Penetration Testing

The Traditional Penetration Testing assignments just scan for the obvious attack vectors. Scanning the network range for open ports, enumerating the services, checking for vulnerabilities, testing firewall configurations, testing IDS/IPS are at core of these assignments. Even worse, when these scans are done by completely automated tools, the actual loopholes do not stand out. These types of Penetration Tests, at best, only prevent the mass-attackers, who are using automated tools to scan the range of IP's world-wide, and attacking vulnerable hosts. Trusting the Traditional Penetration Tests to prevent your business from targeted attacks is the biggest mistake you will ever do.

The Pentest++ Methodology

Every Pentest++ is carried out like a real-world attack. The attackers don't stop themselves from exploiting the end-users, why should we? The attackers leverage a simple XSS to serve malware to unsuspecting victims, so would we. Comprehensively, we will cover the following attacks/methods:

..... and more attack vectors, to assess the security your critical data.

Client Requirements

Pentest++ works best when the exercise is known only to few people, preferably senior management, on need-to-know basis. This enables us to capture and assess the true state of your organization's information security awareness and strength.


Under this exercise, we provide you with very detailed reports, describing the exact detailed steps we used to break into your network and computers. All the possible attack paths are identified, and we make suggestions and recommendations to protect your network from these attacks. Also, at every step, we communicate the attacks prior to launching them. This ensures clarity in the terms of engagement.

Already got a Penetration Testing done?

So, your organization just had a penetration testing done. Does it makes sense to go through another one in such a short span of time? Yes, it does. We are very sure that your critical data is still vulnerable to attacks. We are so sure about it, that we are even willing to offer a Free Pentest++ to counter-challenge it. We only charge if we are able to successfully penetrate your networks.

Next Steps

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