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Every year thousands of individuals dream of serving the nation's prestigious position in the Government of India by appearing in the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The MADE EASY Group's NEXT IAS initiative aims to mentor every student in the Next IAS family via quality education and customized assistance throughout their Civil Service aspirant experience. They have created an android app called NEXT IAS, which provides information on the UPSC syllabus and recent examination patterns based on their years of expertise, in-depth understanding of the material, and understanding of the UPSC syllabus.

Moreover, a student can use the App to attend live lectures for various courses globally, depending on their comfort and convenience. NEXT IAS app combines meticulous planning, better guidance, systematic pedagogy, and an updated curriculum. The App is free in Google Play Store and features an interactive and bug-free design. With regular updates and smooth integration, it functions skillfully with the android operating system. The NEXT IAS app is an outstanding tool that works as a torchbearer for students by offering proper guidance towards clearing the UPSC Civil Services Examination by using the most exemplary methodologies and exam-relevant approaches.

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The App Presents The Following Salient Features

Test Series

For every candidate, the NEXT IAS test series has become an essential tool. The app comes up with countless test series that provide an ample amount of practice to the student. Hence their speed of attempting questions increases automatically, which boosts their confidence.

Magazines and Books

The application provides a special section where the students can read numerous books and magazines according to their syllabus. General knowledge is one of the hardest to clear any competitive exam; thus, reading these magazines and books is the best option to excel in the examinations.

Email Integration

The Email integrational support in the app help student to get regular updates, of course, syllabus, tests, class notes and others through email so that the student receives notified even if they are not active on the app or website.

Push Notification

The app features a notification area useful for frequent pop-ups about the newest changes and news about the exam, such as the test date, admission card release, application form, and others. So students don't miss out on important exam alerts.

Wide Range of Courses

NEXT IAS app has got every civil services aspirant covered. The app is a one-stop destination where the students have access to every critical topic in passing the examinations with flying colors.

Help and Support Section

The help and support section in the app assists students in getting support directly from the NEXT IAS, where they can get their queries sorted out and give feedback about the classes, courses, or the mobile application.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology



  • PC: Vishal Deep

  • UI/UX Design: Sachin Kumarr

  • Frontend Designer: Shubham Kesari

  • iOS Development: Pankaj Kumar

  • Android Development: Priyanshu Garg

  • Backend Development: Ankur Beniwal

  • QA: Sonam Gusain

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