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mvf player

MVF Player OTT Platform App

MVF player is an OTT application gaining high popularity among the audience for exciting content.

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MVF player is an OTT application gaining popularity among the audience for exclusive content. The platform attracts a large number of viewers and stands out as one of the popular OTTs. MVF has top-notch content, including movies, famous TV shows, web series, popular videos, interviews & podcasts, serials, reality shows, etc. The platform is popular among children, youngsters, and adults for interactive content. The application is loaded with the services of AWS and interactive entertainment data and a user interface that successfully attracts audiences.

MVF is integrated with high-class security and Content Delivery Network (CDN) accessibilities. The player is loaded with services introduced, from the latest screening to the day-to-day entertainment services. The application has a dark interface that is highly attractive, with flawless navigation features.

AWS Services Includes

AWS CloudFront: Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) to create high-quality videos for broadcast and streaming to TV or internet-connected devices.

AWS EC2 Server: AWS EC2 is an on-demand web service that provides a secure, scalable and resizable compute capacity in the cloud to launch instances.

S3 Storage: Amazon S3 is an object storage to retrieve data from anywhere. It helps in cost-effective cloud-storage class and protection of any amount of data.

AWS Media Live: A top-notch video process service to create high-quality video streams for delivery. It encodes live streams in real-time for live events or 24/7 channels.

With an elementary set of features, AppSquadz Software has designed the MVF app to accelerate the market popularity among the audience. The app is also available in all versions of iOS, Android, and the web. It is popular for providing a particular section to watch the favourite shows according to genre and hierarchy. Moreover, the app allows users to experience top-notch content quality and sound experience with the support of the global content delivery network (CDN).


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Features Possessed by MVF Player


The video content over the app is correctly categorized as movies, songs, shows, dramas, serials, web series, reality shows, documentaries, etc. Therefore, users will not face any hassle while searching for their favorited content.


The users can subscribe to the application to know about better opportunities and access premium content. Higher security and proper time to time update of the latest tv shows, movies, web series, and videos on your account.

Help and support

This feature is rarely possessed by any app, especially in entertainment. So, here you can provide your feedback and get support and other assistance for the application and content. In addition, the app lets you contact and share your reviews.

Search option

This feature is a significant benefit to the users. Integrated with artificial intelligence and data science, the search bar is available to enter the name of a favourite show or movie directly. Then, the users can enter the name and start watching it.

Login/ Signup

The users can enter their basic details like contact, email, and name and then create a password to personalize their viewing experience. The user can go with the id and password remotely on any device to resume from the last show.


The audience can save their favourite show for later from home or another place to watch them after some time. The app possesses a watchlist to gather the required shows, and users can also share it with their friends and mates.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology



  • PM: Rudransh Shrivastva

  • UI/ UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Praveen Sharma

  • iOS Development: Sunil Singh

  • Android Development: Soni Kumar

  • Backend Development: Alok Pal, Abhishek Kashyap

  • QA: Shubham Gupta

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