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Top reasons to hire an Android App Development Company

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Mobile Apps have been found as the most proficient approach to connect with the crowd by the business world. With around 2 billion dynamic Android clients, there are around 3.3 million Android Application Development that take a 77% portion of the Mobile Application world. A business who decides to avoid the mobile app for business advancement is taking care of his clients to the contender. 

Android wins pass on in the advanced world. In any case, with the 3.3 million existing Android Apps, there is a vicious rivalry between the Apps to be even taken note of. It squeezes organizations to have the best Apps created. However, execution isn’t the main model, a business needs to consider the task moderateness too. An App would require customization, redesigns, and upkeep cycles. That is the reason it is better encouraged to hire an Android App developer or Development Company.

1. Exact skillset 

Regardless of whether you have an IT group with you, Mobile App development would require exact and explicit programming skills. For an Android App development, you will require a fashioner, developer, analyzer, and enormous information on structure determination. This accompanies a cost.

2. Devoted exertion 

A Mobile App development task is constantly connected with a promoting system and that makes the timetables extremely basic for its conveyance. Employing a mobile app Development Company to ensure the mobile App gets all necessary consideration and commitment with the goal that the App is prepared in time according to the guides. Using the in-house IT group isn’t prudent as you would put an excess of weight on them for a skill, they are not extremely capable at.

3. Adaptable commitment 

Building an in-house group might be an additional weight on your financial plans. When you hire the Android App Developer, planners, and analyzers to fabricate the App, you may use their skills just when a couple of redesigns are required. Employing Android app Development Company offers you hourly, week by week, month to month, and task savvy commitment cycles. The administrations from the professionals guarantee your spending plans and timetables stay fixed.

4. Controlled business development 

App development is a dreary assignment and requires a great deal of the executive’s exertion to ensure financial plans and costs stay on target. Just an insider can evaluate the correct advancement of the venture and guidance on how well the task is going. On the majority of the occasions, the Project administrator from the customer development association will be in contact with your group and ensure the courses of events or any adjustments in the diagrams are met appropriately.

5. Higher responsibility levels 

Professional Android Mobile App developers from a company accompany a standing to ensure. In the web world, a customer’s surveys are critical to ensure they get ventures in the future as well. With a specialist, you risk losing control of the venture if the consultant abandons the undertaking.

7. Admittance to front line innovation 

The mobile Application development environment is advancing consistently. What is viewed as today a bit of leeway may not work tomorrow and that is the reason just the ones who can adjust rapidly will have the option to meet the duties. Consultants have work to deal with and that is the reason they may slack in staying up with the innovation progressions.

8. Worth added administrations 

A professional association approaches a bigger ability pool and it can without much of a stretch furnish you with the administrations that increase the value of the item just as the relationship. Regardless of whether we talk about natural plans, adding more feel, or future upgrades, the company will be fit for dealing with it for you.

9. Non-Disclosure Agreement 

Putting resources into mobile app development is a vital advance for any association. While you examine your venture with the specialist, you might be presented with the danger of data spills as there are fewer possibilities that a consultant will sign an NDA and probably won’t utilize a safe correspondence channel. An Android App Development Company remains on its qualities and morals and offers profoundly professional types of assistance that incorporate consenting to the Non-exposure arrangement. 

10. Cost-effective 

Recruiting a Mobile App development company may mean moving operations to Indian IT organizations that offer you start to finish development arrangements at a lower cost. If you are an Indian customer, drawing in with the App development company is an ideal method to reduce expense from your app development when contrasted with going for a consultant or working up your in-house group.


Before you set out an arrangement with a consultant or begin developing your in-house group, you should look at probably the most unmistakable App development organizations that can carry an incentive to your App at a moderate cost. Ensure you set up a gathering with the company, check their degree of expertise, check the surveys, and view the portfolio to check whether they meet your prerequisites completely. If you have a limited spending plan and tight cutoff time go for a professional Android Mobile App Development Company and get hold of selective development skills for an amazing outcome.


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How to develop an iOS App make it compatible with the Android operating system?

iOS App

If you are searching for a thorough guide on changing from an iOS app to an Android app — you are at the perfect spot. Through believer iOS app development to Android this post, we will assist you with doing precisely that. On the off chance that that sounds energizing, we should work. 

Having an iOS mobile app for your business or brand to advance it among your clients is an extraordinary thought because the stage has ended up being the correct decision for a beginning. It permits you to get more cash-flow from the App Store

Presently, if you are believing that for what reason to change over iOS app to Android, here are a portion of the significant reasons that will persuade you and recruit a development group for the equivalent. 

Why develop an iOS App for the Android App? 

  • A Better Opportunity to Occupy Consumer Markets: As you realize that Android OS makes sure about 80% of the mobile OS renditions market and for this situation if you just have an iOS application, you are losing a major level of possible clients. 
  • Expand Your Reach: Android phones are received all the more broadly, and there are colossal users that you are missing and there are high possibilities that they can turn into your expected clients. 
  • Monetize Options for your Android App: If you are believing that you can’t adapt a mobile app, you have to alter your perspective since you can without much of a stretch adapt your app with various alternatives. Indeed, even the overall iPhone app development income equivalents to $52 billion, as indicated by the ongoing measurements report. Normally, the number will develop to $100 billion by 2020. 

More Number of Features: When you choose to change over your iOS app to Android, you can likewise focus on different conceivable outcomes that have been added by Google. 

  1. The Physical Back Button 
  2. Android Intents 
  3. Widgets and Push Notifications 
  4. Android Wear 

Regardless of whether you have decided to change over an Android app development to iOS or iPhone app to Android, the significant thing that you ought to consider is the cycle of transformation to Android resemble? Is there any instant converter or device that can be utilized? 

No, there are no such instant instruments or converters that you can use to port your iOS app developer conversion to Android. Rather than looking for such instant devices and converters, you ought to decide on customized and demonstrated practice to change over iOS apps to Android apps. Here are 3 stages that you can follow: 

Analysis and Make a Plan With regards to dissect and make an arrangement, it suggests your present iOS app, its highlights, plan, work process, and qualities. You can likewise consider the potential blunders and issues that can emerge and should be resolved about those issues. 

You can consider the arrangement or improve the Android app variant. Back-end independences, app porting cycle, instruments, and structures must be checked profoundly for similarity. 

Valuation and Execution of Plan 

You have to assess all the specialized issues with the code, libraries, and outsider administrations. Presently, pick the correct tech stack to make app porting exact and less-an an ideal opportunity to burn-through and at last start the development. 

The app development or building up an app without any preparation time relies on the kind of the app that you need to change over, and by and large, changing over the iOS app to Android or we can say one stage to another is very like building up a solitary android app, so you shouldn’t anticipate that it should be finished in seven days. 

It contains highlights and material plan change by creating Android-explicit UX and usefulness, setting up the back-end, and adaptation apparatuses. 

Testing the App and Releasing 

Like any app development measure, quality affirmation is critical to change over iOS app to Android or Android and iOS applications. You can utilize genuine Android gadgets or imitating apparatuses for testing, contingent upon the acts of the iPhone app development company that you have recruited for your change necessity. 

Aside from this, you can likewise go with various types of versatile app testing, including load testing, approval, user acknowledgment testing, and beta testing. Once, it appears fine to you, you can present the application to the Google Play Store, and begin promoting your app. 


Thus, these are the customized steps that any expert iOS app development company named AppSquadz software will follow the changeover iPhone app to Android over OnDemand. Instead of picking any instant apparatus or iOS to android converter, you can examine your app engineering prerequisites with any veteran Android app designers’ group and get the correct arrangement.


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How the Kotlin language excelled the Android App Development industry?

kotlin app development

By May 2017, Google announced support for the all-new programming language Kotlin in the android mobile app development industry. Kotlin is a statically types programming language based over Java Virtual Machine expected to be a revolution in the Android app programming domain. It was not being used widely but google announced the official support to Kotlin. And the support turned its first-class android mobile app development language in 2017.

So, we will discuss in this latest blog post that, what is the world of Kotlin and how it excelled in the Android app development industry?

Kotlin Programming Language: Brief History & Overview

We know that Kotlin is called the future of android app development due to the power a smoothness introduced to the programmers they call it safer and to create reliable code. The Kotlin ensures to take less time in creating code and a developer would save time on repetitive code. With Kotlin language developer does not waste time in quality assurance and bug testing. Kotlin is highly capable of building bugs and crash-free reliable apps.

As we know that, Kotlin was created in 2011 by JetBrains – a Czech-based development company that develops IDE solutions for project managers and developers, and officially released in 2016. Initially, JetBrains wanted to solve its internal development problems in a conceptualized way that is why they made Kotlin public through open-source platforms. JetBrains team was looking for a java based modish language for android app development.

Java includes a huge amount of repetitive code to write simple tasks. It is very difficult to Understand the code what it is trying to explain and achieve. JetBrains decided to remove the inherent verbosity issue through Kotlin. More than 70% of the products from JetBrains are developed of java programming language, so it became very important to replace it and introduce a new language compatible with java with all modern features.

Developers ware very practical toward Kotlin before google announced official support to it. They thought about risks and other things. If Google changed the way of the android system, all apps written in unsupported language will not be functional. But google opened up the doors for Kotlin in May 2017 and raised the demand for Kotlin android developers globally.

Now, official support from JetBrains and google, Kotlin is widely adopted as a primary development language in android globally. Leading brands in the industry like, Pinterest, Basecamp, Uber, Evernote, and Pivotal are using Kotlin for android development and easy benefits.

Kotlin: Use Case & Applications

Numerous coders, programmers, and developers adopted Kotlin worldwide in their startups because of the ease and compatibility with java. So that developer does not have to learn from the start they can merge and match it with java. The most amazing thing is Kotlin is not used in Android only, it can be used to develop the software that runs smoothly on laptop and PC also.

Jetstream invested a huge amount in making Kotlin a main programming language and released numerous tools to help develop to translate Kotlin code into such form making it iOS friendly. This means apps developed using Kotlin are efficiently functional with iOS. Kotlin is going to lead the future app development industry.

Companies successfully using Kotlin for Android App Development

Pinterest: Introduced Kotlin and is being used by 150 million people every month

Uber: Uses Kotlin to build powerful internal tools

Corda: An open-source distributed ledger platform completely developed in Kotlin

Gradle: Using Kotlin to write build scripts

Evernote: Integrated Kotlin language into Android application

Advantages of Using Kotlin

The Kotlin offers a huge number of advantages for you as a developer. A portion of the generalist benefits that Kotlin offers include:

  • Complete Java Compatibility:

Java and Kotlin can be bury worked. Kotlin is viable with all Java devices and systems making it simpler to relocate from Java to Kotlin. Additionally, the all-encompassing development condition Java and Kotlin guarantee together can grow the extent of programming in a solitary undertaking.

  • Automatic Java to Kotlin Conversion:

JetBrains built up a total Java-Kotlin converter that was incorporated into IntelliJ to spare developer’s time. This spares time during movement and recoveries the problem of retyping enormous measures of code.

  • Increases Productivity:

Kotlin was created to take out the verbosity of Java language. This implies not, at this point a coder needs to manage a tremendous measure of dreary coding. With a brief, natural, and reduced coding sentence structure, Kotlin spares coding time and affixes the entire arrangement measure. for example, When App Lock mobile app was changed over from Java to Kotlin, there was a 30% decrease in incomplete lines of code. This shows Kotlin can diminish coding and sending time, incredibly.

  • Promises Safer, Reliable, and Better Apps with Reduced Bugs:

Kotlin’s codebase is substantially smaller and clearer contrasted with Java. This leaves less space for mistakes and stable code. Additionally, the Kotlin compiler distinguishes mistakes at the accumulate time itself and not run time, making the last app considerably more steady and solid.


Level of perfection introduced in android mobile app development by developers at the company. Services in Kotlin language for Microsoft, iOS and android are available at best cost. Vast level resources available from the world class skilled team. Contact us now.


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Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

Android 11

In the operating system environment, the android 10 was a huge shift and has impacted a lot in past years. With Android 10, Google has brought its operating system all behind the halt and has created its new segments in the mobile application streams. The android 10 has a testament towards its growth and maturity graph which will be carried away and will impact the mobile app market in numerous ways. The same kind of principles is being carried away for the android 11 developers now and that has made mobile application services a seamless growth in the market.

All this has set an edge of their seats every time and has announced that somewhere in the mid of May a new version of android will be launched soon.Well, we all away from the final battle for having android 11 away, the sufficient peak where Google needs to take the operating system locked more. With every new update, it is not only the android app developers who are excited about it but also the stakeholder on the other side of app owners is excited too.

New feature set of Android 11

Before we dive into the ways how android 11 will change the app domain for the startup companies or the app development company who owns android application development, let us have a look at the new feature set of Android 11 as below:

1. One time permission

If we look back to the android 10, one of the difficult ways to handle it was to take app permissions can resolve. Hence, android 10 has given a lot many users control over the applications and what else they could do for it and the android 11 is still kept on the rolling train. Whenever the mobile applications ask for intrusion permission and they grant it for one time basis that they might require using when you have it on mobile application.

2. Preparation of 5G

We all have been hearing about the making of the 5G network since last year (in the mid of the year) and that will be blown away in 2020. But, due to coronavirus pandemic that has affected several industries and business along with the huge number of technologies, the requirements for 5G adoption has grown in the world. Therefore to assist android 11 it has supplemented a very important role to help in smoothing processes.

3. Built-in Screen Recorder

This is another powerful feature that android 11 will have in the coming days that are the built-in screen recorder and provide the chances to anyone that they might require it regularly. It will show a very slim screen recorder that will accomplish the functions in very pretty ways and will polish the user interface and toggle for the recording section and the audio that will be played in touching the screen.

4. Multiple improvements for messaging

If you look at the android app development latest new features, there is a lot of things that need o to be improved for users messaging experience on android applications that will give an immersive experience to users. The new upgrades that have been introduced in android 11 are chat bubbles that hide all the ongoing conversation in the form of bubbles on the side of the screen. In this way, if the user wants to reveal the specific conversation, then they can tap around the bubbles.  Android 11 has also introduced a dedicated conversation section in the shaded form of notification that makes the process of getting messages in real-time.

5. Adaption on different screen types

If there is any space where people can say that an android app development company has taken place, it is in foldable devices. The years 2020 is going to witness the lots of new addition in the building foldable device for large screen mobile applications that have turned the entire market to run on a different screen and sizes resolution. The operating system 11 has been developed to run those foldable devices in no effort and thus market out the time to start working on foldable mobile app development in the coming future.

What does it mean migrating apps to Android 11?

If you have ever looked at the preview documentation of any android app developer, then you might find that it is summarized into 3 different categories such as behavior changes, privacy features, and the new features & APIs. All these 3 categories have different aspects in different modules to carry out the impact on the application’s performance. Let us have a look at changes that makes migrating apps to the android app means for your android app as below:

1. User’s Restriction

Android 11 will impute the discourage for the repeated request for every single permission, therefore, if the user clicks on the button of “deny” twice when asked to deny or allow for the specific permission, then it will imply the “don’t ask again” option in front of users. There are some of the methods that can help you to ruin your marketing tactics and can help your mobile application to grow more.

2. Stats to be private

In android 11 the betterment of your mobile application techniques can help you to keep private and other credentials in more fascinating way. Hence, until certain coding functions are not performed, neither the app nor the system can get access to your data.

3. Lowers data redundancy

The mobile applications might sometimes want to use the same dataset even if the media playback or the machine learning process involves the same situations. In earlier android 10, you and other applications have to download the different or can say separate copy for each dataset. But with android 11 it is not required, it will lower the data redundancy by own.

4. Greater clarity on apps

The android 11 has covered many new features which can report to carrying the reasons for recent nations that can generate data to be able to gather around crash diagnostics and whether a process has been terminated even due to any reason such as memory issue or anything else, this is considered as one of the most demanding features of android 11.

5. Infrastructure benefit to 5G

Numerous benefits give huge advantages to 5G and thus bring mobile applications a vulnerable change. With android 11 that extend to full support towards technology, the organizations can now take advantage of greater streaming speed, zero latency, heightened user experience and more.


We all know that our android developers have already started persuading the android 11 developers and hence will gain huge popularity in terms of experimenting to test applications. Let us see what happens in the coming near future for android 11 and how will it impact your mobile applications or mobile app development company.


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Android Q All You Need to Know About Google’s Next Mobile OS

Android Q

The launch of Android Q Beta Operating system by Google was an overwhelming revelation for the Android users. In this advanced update, there are various more useful features you can suspect from ease-of-use to the security. We have incorporated all the fundamental features/elements and aspects of Android Q here.

Android Q release date

On July 10, 2019, the Android Q Beta 5 update was launched still; the date for the release of the final version is yet to be announced by Google. It is contemplated that the complete version will release in August this year. This latest version update is available for Google Pixel devices at present.

Android Q features

As of now, that we have studied the date of release and the compatible devices now let’s have a sight at the vital feature of Android Q this update carries:

Smart reply for messaging apps

Maybe you have used this characteristic already in the apps launched by Google. The current update ensures all the messaging apps on your smartphone gets loaded with Smart Reply- suggested response feature. It means while you are on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other similar messaging apps, you will get suggested responses. Smart reply ensures that better responses can be sent to the receiver apart from saving your time.

Live caption

Google worked with the deaf community to create a feature that adds captions to video or audio played on your device. Live Caption feature will work on applications such as YouTube, Pocket Casts, Instagram, along with the video chat applications, namely Google Duo, and Skype. The best part of this feature is, you do not need the internet to leverage the support of this feature. Even in the offline mode, it relies on machine learning to operate flawlessly.

In order to enable this functionality, users have to turn this functionality on from accessibility settings of their smartphones.

Dark theme

For all those who are tech lovers, Dark Mode is the most impressive feature of this OS update that enables you to use the device in a low-light environment efficiently. The energy usage of smartphones is decreased significantly, though it differs by the screen technology of the phones. Due to this feature, users with weak vision or those with bright-light susceptibility will be benefitted the most. Furthermore, the theme can be applied to the apps working on the smartphone and the Android System User Interface.

Parental control

There is good news for all the parents who are always concerned regarding mobile usage by their kids as with this update; a built-in parental control feature is also there. Parents can examine everything their kids are using, and that too, with the duration of the usage. Through the Family Link feature, this functionality is made possible that lets parents to set the everyday screen time limits and allow app installs. Through this feature, additional time request can be demanded by children for using the apps, and the parents have the authority to accept or deny the same.

Gesture navigation

Locating the navigation drawer inside applications is enhanced with adding on more beneficial controls for the back gesture. There were glitches in this feature in the starting, and most of them are now fixed in Beta 5 release. It is challenging to swipe in diagonally from the lower right or left-hand corner for accessing Assistant.

Better support for foldable phones

Google has taken foldable phones as a serious matter of concern. It may be possible to pause/ stop the app by folding the app and resume the same when the phone is opened again. The strength of the app to be resized will also be viewed, something the potential users of Huawei X and Galaxy Fold will admire a lot.

What will Android Q not possess?

The NFC (Near-field Communication) peer-to-peer sharing method, which was the section of the previous version, will not be covered within this latest update. Google-authenticated that putting smartphones back-to-back will not result in data transfer in beta and final software both.

Android Q compatible devices

Various smartphones have compatibility with the developer preview of this update, and some of the same include:

  • Asus ZenFone 5Z
  • Nokia 8.1
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Essential Phone
  • LG G8
  • Oppo Reno
  • Vivo X27
  • One Plus 6T

Final words

The technological world keeps on altering itself for better and bringing something new for the world. Android Q is the one which will bring a change for the better. The features of this Google’s Android Q update testify that it is a revolutionary change from the realm of smartphones, not just a regular update. The features of the latest version will benefit many not only the users but also android application developers along with android app development company as well. It is suspected that other smartphone models have compatibility too with this update, and we wish the same happens.


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According to GoodFirms “AppSquadz Technologies Secures a Prominent Position amongst Top Android App Development Companies”

AppSquadz Technologies secures a prominent position amongst top android app development companies at GoodFirms.

AppSquadz Technologies is a prominent android mobile app and web development company with its headquarters in India. It also operates in the USA, UK, KSA, Thailand, UAE, and Latin America. The company has been ranked amongst the top android app development companies for excellent Android services it provides. Their developers work proficiently on Android and platforms.

About AppSquadz Technologies

AppSquadz Technologies, work productively and creatively in a mission to impact the entire world with the most economical and outstanding web & mobile app-based solutions.

A squad of experienced and talented developers, designers, and marketers efficiently work for the advancement of your app with the latest development tools and methodologies.

AppSquadz Technologies never compromise on quality and they have obtained maximum results in optimum time. They aim to utilize these tools to build a world where there is no gap between the concept and application of technology.

A combined network of more than 100 hardcore trained professionals consisting of business analysts, app developers, web developers, designers, testers, and sales executives have developed more than 650 Android and iOS applications. They also hold the experience of nurturing different sectors, including health, e-commerce, travel, education, food, lifestyle, entertainment and logistics among others.

GoodFirms Research Methodology

GoodFirms, helps the service seekers find the most compatible partner with its legitimate research on the IT companies. Quality, Reliability, and Ability are the three most crucial factors on which GoodFirms research team evaluates several companies. Moreover, the research process includes exploration of customer satisfaction, market penetration, and the experience earned along with the Quality of deliverables.

In the same manner, GoodFirms also assessed the services of AppSquadz Technologies and found that the firm proves to be prominent in delivering remarkable mobile app development, complicated web design, and software development projects.

Acknowledged by GoodFirms

GoodFirms have acknowledged AppSquadz Technologies specifically for three categories.

1.    Android App Development Company

AppSquadz Technologies work on the vision of developing a custom-made mobile app. They offer solutions that are highly compatible with older and the latest versions of the operating system to address the complex processes of your businesses. The developers at AppSquadz are well trained and experienced with the latest versions of tools required in developing apps across several platforms, including iOS, Android PhoneGap, and Xamarin.

AppSquadz exceeds in android mobile app development and has been rated 50 out of 60 on the GoodFirms ScoreCard.

Whether it is about authorization, push messaging, augmented reality, social network integration, real-time navigation, user interaction, background processing, or data syncing, they have crafted applications which utilize and comprise all such features that prove to be useful for the clients.

Clients review about AppSquadz Technologies says it all-

AppSquadz Technologies is rated as one of the best Android app development company at GoodFirms. AppSquadz works on delivering Android apps that are time-efficient and cost-effective.

2.    Web Development

Being the pioneer Web Application Development Company in India, AppSquadz Technologies specialize in creating dynamic W3C standard websites that have high compatibility with all other devices. Their web developers work on keeping the functionality and security of the app as a top priority.

ScoreCard for Web development at GoodFirms-

They provide users with performance, usability, and flexibility, which gives satisfactory results to the clients.

We got you a client review to make this more clear-

3.    PHP Development

AppSquadz Technologies came out to be one of the top PHP Web App Development Company, engaging visitors from across the globe.

The ScoreCard for software development by GoodFirms-

They deliver reliable, swift, and flexible solutions that can serve the users worldwide. Their team of PHP developers offers stable and compelling solutions in accordance with the requirements of the customers. The team works on the combined principle of creativity and imagination to provide 100% user-friendly and custom rich web applications and solutions using PHP.

Have a look at one of the reviews by a satisfied customer on AppSquadz Technologies at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top Web development and Mobile app development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.


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Why Android Application Development is Best Option for Businesses?

Android Application

The popularity of Mobile applications is indisputable as the entire world is now running places by swiping fingers over the screen of smartphones, especially when talking about Android applications. There is a vast scope for mobile apps as there is an increased penetration of smartphones in the market. In recent years, Businesses are shifting to mobile apps to expand their strategies to tap a higher customer base due to an unfathomable growth of mobile users across the world. Mobile apps have become a vital portion of the lives of people. They now use mobile apps for an abundance of purposes such as entertainment, shopping, daily planning, booking movie tickets, etc. Not only for these purposes, but also these apps modernize the work process of industries too.

For a business, it’s essential to have an app, and Android applications remain at the top option among businesses as Android apps serve a variety of purposes. Also, Android app development offers enormous strategic and operational benefits to the enterprises and expected to surge even further in the coming years. Undoubtedly, the biggest community of people is using android apps. As mentioned above, mobile applications have completely transformed the scenario of the business processes. This blog aims to highlight why android app development is best for your business and how these apps help in accelerating your business growth.

Why should you look for android application development?

Android Operating System dominates the mobile app development market with over a share of 86.8%. Now in the epoch of intelligent work, as per the latest estimates, there are 3 million plus apps on Google Play Store, about 1 billion people use Google Play & download android applications at lightning speed. Also, these applications are generating revenue of $77 billion for their brands altogether. Due to the increased use of Android apps, there emerge vast opportunities for any Android Developers.

A business can merely hire android app developers to create an Android app with great features and functionalities, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to build up an app. Therefore despite the size of the business, businesses are leveraging android app development to foster their business and surge their revenues. Also, Android apps make it more comfortable for businesses to interact with the customers and reach out to a broader audience.

Let us start to make the query solved, explaining why Android applications are the best options for an enterprise/business:

More users

Due to an increased user base of Android apps, you get a great opportunity in the cutthroat competitive environment. You can easily create more visitors to your application and these visitors, in turn, will convert into your potential customers. If you want a successful business app, it should be apt as per the requirements of your target audience.

Target multiple platform

Android app development isn’t really, only restricted to Android, and businesses can target multiple platforms with Android app development. Using Java as a programming language for android business app development makes it easy to port an app to other operating systems like Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Symbian, etc.  This is one of the reasons why businesses choose Android development as you don’t only target the Android audience, but your app can operate on multiple platforms.

Open source platform

With no surprise, most businesses and developers are opting to build Android apps. When you have nothing to lose, you have a lot to win. The best thing about using android app development is that Google doesn’t charge a fee on the same. Not only it is free of cost, but it comprises a rich repository of SDK libraries that can be used in your app, without paying big licensing fees. And the icing on the cake is that it lowers barriers to entry into the mobile app development market.

Customization options

Android, being an open-source platform, offers potentialities for different customizations. If we compare, Android apps and its features can be more diverse than iOS and different operating systems. Customizations let your business be on the corresponding side that of the prevailing market trends which are remarkably beneficial for the growth of your marketing.

Powerful marketing tool

Mobile users are spending nearly 77% of their day and 90% of their free time on their favorite Android apps, so there is no better place to publicize your app. People depend on apps for reasons varying from research to reading reviews about brands, comparing prices, finding directions, making purchases, and varied other purposes. So having an android app makes sense.

High ROI with lower costs

The principal advantage of Android app development is the easy availability of the Android SDK as android app developers use the material design from these SDKs to build interactive apps. The developers are only required to pay a one-time registration fee for application administration, ensuring low investment and the enterprise gains a higher return on investment.

Faster deployment & scalability

Business apps have an agile development cycle that lasts for about a few hours. When talking about Scalability and Versatility, Android apps integrate with the entire Android ecosystem, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. One of the significant Android app benefits is that it makes Android Apps compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, and AR/ VR. Moreover, the versatility of the Android app platform allows mobile app development companies to build dynamic mobile applications that serve multiple purposes.

Final words:

To conclude, all you need is an android application for your business that has clean coding, excellent interface, and actionable analytics to highlight among the top. We already studied numerous advantages of android app development, also it helps businesses to address a higher range of audiences, and gain immense popularity. If you want a result-oriented android application that matches your business processes, hire us. We are a prominent Android application development company that has already built more than 350+ Android applications. Our mobile app developers understand the trends of the market, along with the requisites of the users. Android applications cost you nothing much but could give stupendous returns. Avail the business-friendly android app development services from an experienced IT firm like us. Know your audience, grab their attention, and flourish your business and sales. HURRY UP!


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Android Q vs. iOS 13-Which One Makes a Difference?

Android Q vs. iOS 13

The two most popular platforms, iOS, and Android are contesting ever since their genesis. Both the platforms are always in constant debate as and when new iOS and Android operating systems are launched every year by Apple and Google. None of them is in the shade due to the launch of a new feature in an opponent’s platform.

The consistent strife among the two platforms leads to the development of new features without fail, and their launch in the market makes it challenging for iOS and Android app development companies to figure out which is better. As per the latest trends and features prevalent in the market, there is similarity in the list of features found in both the apps developed by the iOS and Android app developers. The latest software updates of both, i.e., Android Q and iOS 13, which are in beta stage as of now launched by Google and Apple respectively, are currently in the market. The mobile phones are a slab of metal and glass without the operating systems that powers them.

The iOS 13 in its beta version is only available to developers yet with a dark mode for the whole system, better control on the privacy settings and scads of improvements made to make iPhone secure and convenient to use. In comparison, the Android Q also offers the dark mode along with an emphasis on the privacy issues with artificial intelligence enhancements. So the comparison is on the features that were revealed by Apple at the WWDC 2019 along with the features released by Google so far. A few of the most important features of both platforms are discussed below.

Privacy assurance

So far, the privacy is concerned; this has been the selling point of Apple for so many years. Apple declared at WWDC that since its business is not like that of Google that depends on the user data and targeted ads, it will provide its customers with better location permission services while using apps, that will allow the user to choose to share the location once and again ask the user next time whenever the location is required. Likewise, Apple’s new method to sign in will let the user sign in incognito to websites and apps without being trailed.

Whereas with Google, as its significant way to generate revenue is through ads that take into account the user search, for instance, what website they look for, etc. So in the Android Q, it has taken a significant step to enhance the privacy of the users by letting the users control what information they want to share via apps and various services.

Overall dark mode

The dark mode is favourable; the reason being it saves the battery life as it needs to light up fewer pixels along with reducing the strain on the eyes. The Android Q, unlike the previous update of Android Pie, has the dark mode evenly distributed on the mobile operating system and allows the user to switch between the bright white screen and the dark mode.

Apple, on the other hand, has a dark mode for its mobile operating system in iOS 13. The dark theme mode, as declared at the WWDC is available in wallpapers, notifications to widgets, calendar to messages offering a consistent dark experience for its users.

Photos- Editing and sharing

In Google’s photo service, there is everything that is required. With 15 GB of free online storage, the powerful editing tools along with effortless backup and photo sharing, Google offers a perfect photo editing tool. The night site also uplifts the scale to Android. Being a Google tool, it is easy to look for people and places on assigning the tags to the photo.

Apple, on the other hand, comes with a productive photo editing tool, and in iOS 13, the tool can adjust the portrait lighting with the help of the slider. With the ability to recognize faces, objects, and scenes, it helps the user to sort all the images along with the 5 GB of free iCloud storage space.

iMessages and Facetime or Google’s Duo and Hangouts

Apple offers its users end to end encrypted communication facilities via FaceTime and iMessage. The quality of video and text chat and seamless messaging among the iOS and macOS devices cannot be surpassed by any other platform so far.

Google provides messaging apps on Android like Duo, Hangouts for voice and video calling, Google Voice for voice calls again, Messages for chat or text message. Hangouts website offers to message on Mac or Windows devices along with the web version of the app.


The comparison between the leading platforms has displayed a picture of equal parts of positive points. Besides competing with each other on many features, they individually have many features that so far have not been surpassed by the other. Our Android and iOS app development company have skilled iOS and Android app developers to indulge in app development to extract the best out of the platform for the clients. Contact our android development company for your business app now.


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All About the Advanced Features of Android Studio 3.4

Android studio 3.4

On 17th April, tech giants launched Android Studio 3.4, which is now available to download on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. Being the latest version of an integrated development environment, it aids in the workflows of Android app developers in building an app and managing its resources.

The new version is backed up with many improvements at the performance level with bug fixes as a part of the Project Marble by the Android Studio Team. Though the release has a small set of new features these address the core issues faced by the developers in building applications and managing the resources as exclaimed by the product manager Jamal Eason.

The new R8 replaces the default obfuscator-Proguard which shrunk the code with a better project structure dialog along with a new resource management tool for the applications and the Android Emulator which is backed up by the Android Q Beta.

Let us look at the newly incorporated features in central areas of mobile app workflow:


Resource Manager

Earlier, it was challenging to manage navigation and asset on the Android Studio. It was hard and clumpy to operate when the complexity of the app increased. The new resource manager can visualize the layouts, colors, and drawables all together in the app. The new panel is capable of supporting the bulk asset with drag and drop options. The new attribute added to the tool will augment the usability of the application and provide an exceptional asset management experience.

Import Intentions

While working with the latest libraries like Jetpack and Firebase, the new updated version is intelligent enough to recognize the standard classes in the libraries. It will suggest necessary library based import and dependence statements with its import intentions and save the user’s time and assist them to stay updated with the code.

Refreshed layout properties panel

The new panel will help to refine and polish the product with a single pane that has collapsible sections for properties in which the errors and the warnings come in highlighted colors with a resource binding control for all the properties.



With the improvements in the project structure dialog, the users will be able to enjoy a new user interface front end that will allow the developers to arrange and manage the project at the module level and handle Gradle project files. New variations can be built using the new PSD to improve the configurations of the files.


Two years back, R8 was seen as a replacement of the Proguard. R8 helps to eliminate the unused code and reducing the size of an APK by combining three steps of design, desugaring, and shrinking in one step. Further, the actual code even does not take much space. So, it is a default code shrinker that can be built using Android studio 3.4 and Android Cradle plugin.


With the Android 3.4, the developers have also launched the device skins for Google Pixel 3XL and Google Pixel 3. So, it will be convenient for the users while app testing to download the images from Android Q Beta emulator system. Also, the users can make use of the Android Studio Canary along with the emulator on running the Android Q Beta program to receive the latest changes.


The latest version of Android studio 3.4 with its new features and properties to fix the bugs in the Android app development will deliver a new experience to the end users. The stable new release of the old version can be downloaded and used conveniently for a new experience. For developing your new business mobile app in Android studio 3.4 hire our skilled and experienced Android app developers now.


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Google’s Latest Launch Android Q Beta1 and Its Installation Process

Android Q Beta 1

Google has launched the first version of its Android new version called Android Q beta which will tell how the next Android OS will look. Google first released it on pixel devices and pixel 3 series.  With the release of the beta version of the Android Q, there are questions already in the market for the release of the stable version of Android Q. 

Android Q Beta has fantastic features for which it is in the hype in the year 2019. If not till now, you can update your pixel smartphone soon to the Android new version. Our Android app development company has integrated Android app development to Android Q beta 1 operating system.

Installation process

Various Android app development company recommend installed Android Q beta version on the smartphone using the following steps. Before installing the Android Q beta on the phone, it is recommended to back-up the phone.

First, in case if you have not enrolled your Pixel smartphone with Google Android, then visit and enroll the android Q beta program.

On enrollment, the own smartphone gets the notification that the phone is ready for the update.

Once the update is complete, there will be another notification seeking permission to install the setup. On installation of the setup the phone will automatically restart. The Android Q beta 1 version is all set.

Also, go to settings in your phone, and visit about the phone, then check if the build number begins with QPP, to make sure if the phone has the beta version running on its system.

Note: You can anytime opt out of the Android beta version by just visiting the same website and checking “opt out”. The smartphone will update to the previous Android public version in the next 24 hours.

Features and Functionalities of Android Q Beta1

Supports new foldable phones

Google supports Android devices with its latest update that provides more support with the battery life of the devices. Android app development services enable the android app developer to deliver services at low battery usage.

Resuming multiple apps

With Google Android Q Beta 1 version the Android app development delivers features in which the user can simultaneously use many applications. By just returning to the application will not put the other running applications to sleep or inactive mode. The user can any time switch to the application running in the background.

Dark mode

Though, the complete dark mode is not available in the Android Q1 beta version as of now. The Android app development services are working on it. But there is a battery saver mode that enables a darker theme, but it delays the notifications and other functionalities as it is meant to save the battery from being drained.

Better privacy

With this version of Android OS, the android app development users can choose whether to allow Google to access the location while using the app or not. Such a setting can be different for all the apps running currently on the phone.

Facial recognition

The Android Q beta 1 version comes with the facial recognition feature. The Android app developer with face recognition feature allows the user to make payments and use applications via face and other security options.


With the release of the Android Q beta 1, the above are few of the features of the version that have made a huge hype in the market. Enjoy the Android app development services with our Android application development company for your company on the new Android OS.