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Ecologically Sound On-Demand e-Scooter mobile app development: A perfect solution for entrepreneurs for a reliable commutation that can transform the experiences of millions of people. Make your planet a better place to live with one e-scooter app at a time.

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On-Demand e-Scooter Apps that Solve Physical World Problems

As far as technological advancement is concerned, AppSquadz has established itself as the fastest conversions adopting company. Known for developing apps that solve several issues and our portfolio as an electric scooter app development company speaks the same for us. E-scooters are now modes of commutation,and we have been developing applications that have given the end users and the environment a relief from a series of different problems. E-scooters are a blessing to the world, and with the introduction of e-scooter mobile apps, it's a double blast now for the users. Some of the privileges one can enjoy using an e-scooter application are listed below


Relief From Surge Pricing in Cabs


Reduces Traffic Congestion


No Carbon Emission


Assistance from Huge Commutation Cost


Cuts down Waiting Time

Integration of In-Sync Features in Our e-Scooter Mobile App that Addresses it More Trustworthy

Across the Globe, there are very few electric scooter mobile app development companies, and we are one of them. This demand segment has taken an instantaneous rise in the past few years. At AppSquadz, we house a team of high-technicians who specialize in the design and development of e-scooter apps as per the requirement following current trends and methods to offer an application with complete ease and understanding. Users love applications which are highly functional and have lots of features that are easily manageable, and we strive to deliver applications that satisfies the requirement of the end-users.

In-App Payment

To make it more convenient for the users, we have integrated payment options in the electric scooter mobile app that books the ride efficiently.



To check the availability of e-scooters, a feature of GPS is also imbibed that makes it possible for the riders to trace the location of the e-scooters available.


Social Media Integration

One can log in through social media accounts as well. There is a feature of social media integration through which one can log in into the electric scooter rental app in a single click.


Cross-Platform Ability

Our users can be on any device - Apple, Android, and Web. Knowing this, we make your dockless electric scooter app ready with cross-platform compatibility.


Reimbursement of Additional Charges

If any additional charges are charged on the rider while commutation, he can get the reimbursement of the other costs paid by him.


Choose From a Range E-Scooter

Feature of choosing your ride is also available in which one can choose from a variety of e-scooters which one he wants to ride.


Barcode Scanning

It's one of the essential features of the e-scooter mobile app. Barcode Scan plays a critical component for developing an e-scooter mobile app, and we are perfect in doing this.


Multi-Lingual Support

We know that all our customers don't understand a single language, and for this purpose, we prepare your app for broader demographics.

Electric Scooter Solution Introduction

The whole solution mainly includes Electric Scooter, IOT equipment and Operation system software and APP client.


A Brief Introduction to e-Scooter

The vehicle is fully electric, monitored by an extremely experienced team of engineers, developers, and analysts via GPS, providing a comfortable yet efficient ride to the drivers. With the highest pace of 15 miles per hour, this e-scooter will take the rider to their destination on time. For unlocking the vehicle, four-digit identification is put in between the handlebars. You can trace the location, vehicles' battery, and the status of the vehicle in our fleet at any time using your smartphones via accessing the app.You can trace the location, vehicles' battery, and the status of the vehicle in our fleet at any time using your smartphones via accessing the app making the riding experience more pleasant. E-scooter comprises of code table where the pace of the scooter will be visible. In the center, lies a QR Code Scanner which will scan the code and unlock the scooter for a smooth ride.


Vehicle is completely electric and provides a comfortable yet efficient ride. With a top speed of 15 miles per hour, the scooter will get the rider to their destination on time. The four-digit identification is located in between the handle bars.

Device Communications

  • Scooters are electric vehicles monitored by a highly skilled team of engineers and analysts via GPS.
  • We are able to track the location, vehicle battery, and status (in ride or ready to ride) of any vehicle in our fleet at any time. We created our own operations system to maintain the data on all vehicles and riders.
  • Riders use their smart phones to access our app and scooters. The vehicle “brain” communicates with the users account via blue tooth.

Operating System Software Relational Graph


Operating System Software Includes APP (IOS, Android)

  • Server programs and databases
  • Backstage management system

How does our E-Scooter App Work?

Every app has its functionalities and design, development, and testing process. E-scooters app solution is an Uber-like application that operates just like Uber, but in some ways, it's somewhat different from Uber. This is how this app will work on the devices of the users.

APP Client-Side

  • User login, registration, recharge (through mobile phone number registration, real name authentication is required).
  • Show all available scooters on the map (unused, unreserved scooters)
  • Click the scooter on the map to get the path planning from the user's current location to the location of the scooter
  • To reserve a scooter (the scooter cannot be unlocked by other users after the reservation), the reservation can be cancelled.
  • Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code or entering the scooter ID.
  • Finish the riding, stop charging after lock the scooter
  • View historical cycling records (including each cycling track, time, cost, etc. information)
  • Modify user basic information (profile picture, nickname, etc.)
  • Submit feedback information of scooter (problems of opening and locking of scooter, damage, dirt, etc.)

Server Program

  • User authentication, login information management
  • Scooter and lock device information storage management
  • Control instruction for processing and forwarding
  • Send scooter information, location request, unlock request, reservation request
  • Decrypts the active message sent by the IOT device and encrypts the processed result again to send the message to App.
  • Decrypt the phone client information and communicate with the IOT device.
  • Scooter information management, backend data management
  • Report the position of the abnormal scooter (such as low power, alarm, etc.) to the backend management system.
  • Share ride data to social platforms and recommend it to friends.

Service Background Management Procedures

  • View the location of all scooters on the map (select by conditions, such as low power, unlocked, etc.)
  • Control the status of the scooter, such as remote opening, locking, speed.
  • Obtain information of scooter, such as GSM information, battery capacity, switch and lock status, position coordinates, etc.
  • Count the use frequency of each scooter (such as open lock times/day, open lock times/month, etc.)
  • Calculate the scooter usage frequency of each user
  • Registered user management
  • User order management
  • Scooter Sub-regional management
  • Maintenance personnel authority management
  • Advertising, promotion function management



Built-in IOT


Hardware Interface Protocol

  • IOTAPP (Bluetooth communication protocol)
  • IOTServer (TCP SOCKET)

Customized Service (MOQ 500)

  • Color, Logo, QR code

Technical Support

  • System software, hardware, firmware, appearance, structure integration solution output
  • Once the project is launched, we will follow up the project and provide comprehensive support.
  • Provide training according to requirements.

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