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Take Your First Step Towards Digital Transformation with Cloud Computing Services

Cloud is becoming an essential part of the rapid digital transformation worldwide. Cloud computing not only reduces the requirements of IT companies but also ensures them excellent resources. It provides high scalability with data encryption in a cost-effective way. With the help of cloud computing services, many companies got a boost in business operations on a large scale.

Leverage Better Scalability With Optimized Cloud Services

Cloud computing brought an amazing transformation in providing cutting-edge solutions to Ed-Tech and many more industries. There are excellent advantages of cloud computing such as encryption, data storage capacity, and computing power to support cloud infrastructure.

It works by saving the time and expenditure of the organizations by boosting their productivity with low maintenance costs. As it is very fascinating for the users as it can be scaled up or vice versa according to the requirements.

Step On Your Business With Industry Solution

As an AWS consultant, AppSquadz is the best stop for every solution you are looking for. We provide the best solutions for scaling up the business with an effective and efficient approach. We provide solutions related to scalability, data storage, and meeting requirements with up-to-date solutions in a cost-effective way.

As cloud computing helps you in accelerating the growth of the user’s application by providing them with the best experience at AppSquadz.

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What’s so great about the cloud?

Cloud computing provides magnificent benefits to users which leads to the upliftment of productivity. Through cloud computing, the data is easily accessible anywhere, anytime apart from this cloud also allows teams to collaborate by accessing data on multiple devices. There are 3 types of cloud computing named Public cloud, Private cloud, and Hybrid cloud. So, you can operate these services on your own or can also hire a private service provider like AppSquadz to make the most of it. Let’s take a look at the benefits of cloud computing:

Excellent accessibility

Businesses use cloud computing to access data instantly in any part of the world with the required credentials. As you can easily adjust the users to use the cloud.


Cloud computing spins the table by bringing every essential benefit to companies at a low cost and providing maximum services to the users for a better experience.

Data Encryption

Encrypting data before uploading it to the cloud is an amazing way for securing the data which is beneficial to secure data from hackers and other threats.

Cloud elasticity and scalability

Scalability mainly refers to increasing the workload size without affecting performance. Whereas, cloud elasticity boosts productivity by allowing the addition or removal of resources when required.

A Glimpse of Our Cloud Services

At AppSquadz, we follow a strategic approach using AWS cloud to provide exceptional services to businesses.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

AWS cloud computing focuses on a custom cloud strategy to meet the requirements and to uplift productivity as much as possible for a better user experience (UX).

Cloud Application Development

Through our cloud services, we always help clients to maximize their operations to achieve their business goals in a timely manner.

Cloud Migration

We provide swift and cost-effective cloud migration services to migrate to the cloud platform i.e., Amazon ensuring data privacy, interoperability, security, and integrity.

Cloud Security and Governance

It is the most essential feature of Cloud computing as it provides great monitoring services to control the costs and accelerate the growth of a business.

Cloud Management

As the name depicts, Cloud management refers to the management of Cloud products and services which are managed efficiently by cloud service providers like AppSquadz which provides excellent cloud services indeed.

Cloud AI

Deploying your applications to the cloud environment helps to extract enriched data by machine learning. For these outstanding services, you need AppSquadz, your cloud services provider which comes up with excellent benefits of cloud computing.

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Our Successful Projects

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Taste Of Bihar

Drishti is a premium institute for IAS aspirants to prepare for their exams. It has an app to provide course content for the learners preparing for IAS. Various services, such as content downloads, practice questions, online video classes, ebooks, distance learning programs, test series, etc..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

MADE EASY Prime is an e-learning platform offered by MADE EASY. It is productive to prepare for CSE, ESE, GATE, PSUs exams. Anyone preparing for SSC and Bank exams also uses this to get valuable details. Quality education will be provided to students through 24/7 accessible online lectures..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

With the NEXT IAS app, a UPSC CSE aspirant will receive live/online classes. It lowers the need to step out of home to learn from experts. This app brings the classroom home to attend the online/live classes. It makes learning easy with doubt clearing sessions and online study materials..

Education eLearning & eTraining
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ExamPur app is an official online learning platform that offers free live classes, daily current affairs, notes and many more. It bridges the gap between students and the outstanding teaching of ExamPur. Prepare for SSC CGL/CHSL/MTS, RRB, SBI, NTPC, UPSC, and state PSC exams with this app..

Study IQ
Education eLearning & eTraining
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Study IQ is an online educational platform in India to prepare for competitive exams. Its great app offers smart learning and is prepared with a primary focus on UPSC/CSE, SSC, IBPS PO, Insurance, DMRC, and other examinations. It offers high-quality and affordable education to all learners..

Parishkar World
eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Parishkar world is an eLearning app for aspirants preparing for government jobs that provide remote learning benefits. Interactive content presentation engages learners on preparation benefits. Its app supports exams like RAS, School Lecturer, Teacher Grade II & III, Accountant, etc..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Get ready to boost your preparation for the RAS and IAS examinations with a secured Android, iOS, and Web application of SpringBoard Academy designed and developed by AppSquadz with proper DRM security and AWS Media Services..

Career Point
Taste Of Bihar

Career Point is an eLearning app availed by the reputed institute of Kota, Rajasthan, the Career Point. The best and most trusted application to clean medical and engineering exams. Many types of crash courses, online classroom courses, video lectures, and notes are available in the app..

Gate Academy
Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Prepare for GATE and other state government examinations with Android and Web applications developed and maintained by AppSquadz by applying various AWS Media services, including AWS CloudFront, AWS S3, AWS EC2, and AWS WAF..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Mahendra’s app covers relevant aspects to encourage the preparation of competitive exams. It provides SSC CGL, CHSL, and MTS students with suitable e-learning materials. It also gives the education to crack NTPC or JE exams. Get free PDFs, vocabulary classes, the latest exams alerts, etc.

Our Strategy - Hire Cloud Computing App Developers

We have tailored the different business model to hire full stack Cloud Computing app developer based on fixed cost, T&M based and monthly.

Parameters Fixed cost Model T & M Model Monthly
Payment Based on Delivery Milestone Pay as you Go-Basis Payment on monthly basis
Duration of Project As per the Contract It may vary, if changes persists from the end of client As per the contract
Communication Effective communication throughout the app development Effective communication throughout the app development Effective communication throughout the app development
Advantage Cheaper than the other models Changes could be altered, if required Changes could be altered, if required
Work Evaluation of project at the end Tasks are separately evaluated Tasks are separately evaluated
Timing Fixed time for app project No fixed time decided Fixed time period allotted
Methodologies Agile methodologies along with the latest technologies Agile methodologies along with the latest technologies Agile methodologies along with the latest technologies

Industries we Cater

Over the years, our expertise in Android application development has allowed us to acquire prowess in the majority of industries. We put our best efforts to transform user experience and maximize the level of customer satisfaction for every industry. Some of the industries we cater are listed here.

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We Maintain 100% Transparency and Precision in every aspect with our Clients.



We adopt a customer-centric approach to work as per the specific needs of clients.


Motivation & Growth

We have been working for aiding our clients in gaining growth and maximum ROI.


Flexible Engagements

We operate our development using flexible engagement models.

Work efficiency

Work Efficiency

We have been working with adequate efficiency to deliver what our clients desires.

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

Our team provides 24*7 support and maintenance services to the clients globally.