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Banking, Finance & Insurance App Development Company

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Banking, Finance & Insurance App Development

BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry is encountering digital disruptions which have now transformed the style this sector works. In this epoch, all tasks related to Banking, Finance, and Insurance are administered online with just a few clicks or taps on smart devices within a fraction of time. This convenience of performing all tasks related to BFSI has raised the demand for the applications for this domain. It is already cleared when talking about these types of applications, all a customer needs is an extremely secure and user-friendly application, and this can be a primary concern for mobile application development companies.

As a leading Banking, Finance, and Insurance app development company, we deliver immense value to your business with our proven industry expertise and business solution capabilities in banking & financial services. Our solutions are devised to rapidly address the market changes and secure new opportunities to outsmart the competitors. We cater to the requirements of banking institutions, finance businesses, and insurance companies to match the technology needs of the industry so that they become more efficient and effective. Our knack in leading technologies and end-to-end solutions will help you walk the extra mile in meeting the increased expectations of your customers, and parallelly overcoming the challenges in the BFSI sector.

Our financial apps help you to improve the management, control risk, and boost growth. Also, financial apps are adopted for administrative compliance, and to minimize compliance costs. Our Banking apps add value to your business with online payment systems, transaction processing, and mobile banking that aids you to transact smoothly & swiftly anytime or anywhere, and help them stay ahead of a changing marketplace. Insurance applications developed by us provide great user experiences and are adopted for Policy Administration, automate processes, Claims Management, Powerful Reporting, and so on.

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Secure Banking App that goes beyond in every Sense

The Android app developers, along with iPhone app developers, design personalized and proactive digital banking solutions for banks worldwide so that your customers stay connected with you and transact smoothly & swiftly anytime, anywhere without any geographical boundaries. We have taken the prospects of customer engagement and platform adoption to the next level by delivering disruptive banking mobile apps that are 30% faster than that of our competitors. Banking Applications complete multiple objectives; some of the purposes our banking app serves are:

Personalized, differentiated mobile banking experiences
Performance-oriented micro services architecture
User-driven, lean methodology
Security and compliance

A Financial/ Accounting App is More Apparent to handle your Financial Information

Nowadays, accounting mobile apps must be competent in managing more than just day-to-day financial transactions. Accounting mobility solutions by us are created to address essential financial matters that entrepreneurs & financial firms face by continuously helping them in improving administrative compliance, and cut down compliance costs. The solutions can be customized as per the unique business needs to manage a range of financial information like cash assets, liabilities, and immovable assets.

The apps developed by us can be on:

Automated invoicing
Tax prep and saving
Bank reconciliation
Manage multiple businesses

Insurance App for Customers and Agents

At AppSquadz, our tech ninjas help insurance companies in developing an all in one purpose insurance mobile application, which presents a more comprehensive experience for their customers, agents, partners, and employees in a single go. Our applications help insurers automate processes across the entire policy lifecycle with our event-driven structure and compelling workflow. Some of the inherent features of our Insurance application can help you in:

  • CRM and Lead Management

  • Premium amount generation, reminder, and payment

  • Report incidents, seek help, and file claims

  • Illustration and quote generation

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Challenges in Banking, Finance & Insurance


Managing Customer Data

Customer's data is very critical for this sector, so there emerges a requirement of sophisticated technology to manage and safeguard this data. Today, a lot of analytics insight and business intelligence are required to analyze, manage, and store the large amounts of customer data generated.

Accessibility & Customer Service

Smartphones are the safest way to reach the destination data and information, as well as they are remodeling our relationship with money. Safer access to data and information related to their finances is a rising concern for many informed customers. People with considerable financial backgrounds choose a more personalized and convenient way to manage their bank accounts and financing documents.



The rising regulatory requirements forces to comply with the rules and regulations imposed by the government, which impacts innovation and diversity that bankers strive to implement to cater to escalating demands. This turns out to be a barrier for institutions in tapping new opportunities, and the companies have to compromise with creativity in the Industry.

Technology Risk

However, this is another big challenge that banking, financing, and insurance groups face. Cyber-attacks have always remained a big threat to this sector, and this is because this sector faces issues to put the direct investment in the secured and digitally enhanced systems as well as this very reason prevents them from investing in technology.


Our Solutions


Net banking Portal

Get a sophisticated portal so that your customers can access their accounts. Our mobile app developers can develop highly secured net banking portals for your customers.


Banking Mobile Apps

We can develop Android, iPhone, and multi-platform banking applications that are extremely secured and highly performing to give your bank the independence of on-the-go accessibility.


Finance Management Software

With our Finance Management Solutions, you can manage the finances and transactions in your institution effortlessly, which help you in the growth of your business.


Data Management Solutions

Maintain your vast data without much effort. The data management solutions by AppSquadz stores your valuable data secured and make data processing considerable easier than before.


POS Solutions

We can develop Android or iOS apps that allow retail stores to accept mobile payments from customers. We have years of hands-on experience in the development of POS solutions.


Enterprise Application Integration

We provide Enterprise Application Integration solutions to streamline your operations and workflow. Also, we drive your organization with the power of technology to run more efficiently.


Customer Management

Every business wants to maintain a long term relationship with its customers. Our Customer Management Solutions will help you build and maintain a stronger bond with your customers.


e-Wallet App Development

It's the burgeoning trend in the industry, and our professionals are well-versed with the latest technologies to create a powerful e-Wallet app that surpasses the existing competition.


Credit Processing Solutions

Provide interactive platform to keep a review of their credit scores, and maintain track of the credit score of your esteemed customers with our Credit Processing Solutions.


Forex Apps

Our forex app development solutions help to address the latest technology to the forex sector and bring to you all the features of a full-fledged trading platform without any glitches.


Investment App Solutions

We create high-quality Investment applications for your customers that let customers control their expenditures, portfolio values, and also invest in mutual funds with just a few taps.


Crypto Currency App

Backed-up by the team of blockchain experts, we develop successful currency exchange apps and crypto currency wallet apps that allow the seamless transfer of multiple currencies.