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Strengthen Your Preparation To Crack Engineering Exam by Made Easy using AWS Cloud Services

Made Easy is an e-learning application shaping the minds of students and giving them better career opportunities.

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How AppSquadz and AWS Cloud Services Are Beneficial for Made Easy?

All EdTech platforms now have a deep impact by providing easy learning. Made Easy is also one such platform that uses AWS cloud services to provide a flawless experience to thousands of aspirants every year. It has an online platform to boost its reach. However, its website was not helping them require a few additional features.

AppSquadz, helped them to attain the milestone of providing marvellous services to all its end-users using the AWS cloud services. These services were vital to making a feature-rich Made Easy website and their Android, Windows & iOS application. Moreover, they are able to stream their video with optimum security through the crucial AWS media services.

Various AWS services helped them with a new website & application to function properly and flawlessly. Along with this, AppSquadz ensured that its ROI should always remain positive through its marvellous services.

On discussing the relevance of the study material provided, we promise that the content available for your perusal is well researched and reliable. The pause and zoom facility of the app will help one to prepare notes from the video itself. Extremely smooth, the app is worth a try. Bugs, performance, and speed issues are looked after regularly by the developer. Android users can download the app from the play store, where regular updates are also provided.

About Customer: Made Easy

Made Easy performed as expected after its inception in 2001. For more than 2 decades, Made Easy has been considered a pioneer institute for ESE, GATE, and PSUs exam preparations. Thousands of engineering graduates cleared and got placed in GoI and its PSUs through the exceptional coaching services of Made Easy.

Made Easy has been working with a vision to provide sound academic knowledge and teaching to many engineering students. Made Easy had a website, but it was not functioning as expected. To increase its outreach, Made Easy took the AppSquadz app and web development service.

Challenges Faced By Made Easy

Made Easy had several problems, a major one being an inability to provide a quality education through videos. Therefore, they require exceptional live streaming services. It was not able to offer a notable UI and UX to the students. They had another major concern in which they wanted to provide an unmatchable customer experience (CX), but they were unable to do so due to the absence of the latest technology.

Moreover, their official website was not performing up to the mark, and it was slow as well. In short, the Made Easy website is not working correctly due to the decreased operations rate of their website. Therefore, they want a fresh website to support live streaming and a feature-rich mobile Android, Windows, and iOS app.


Made Easy was facing a lot of problems in its operations, and AWS cloud service was required by them. It was not an easy goal to accomplish the target of providing a flawless UI and UX. Therefore, choosing AWS was the need of the hour for Made Easy. AWS has 200+ cloud-based services available at an affordable cost.

Made Easy used AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Amazon CloudFront, AWS EC2, Amazon S3, and other AWS services to boost its operations. In addition, the pay-as-you-go pricing model was also crucial for the proper management of the AWS budget of Made Easy.

Why Made Easy chose AppSquadz

It was necessary for Made Easy to make an informed decision while choosing the AWS services. AppSquadz ensured that Made Easy should be aware of this and provided them with the information Made Easy required. Seeing the expertise of AppSquadz, Made Easy chose it to get all the relevant services of AWS to boost its live streaming.

In addition, AppSquadz was able to provide the necessary AWS cloud services at an affordable price. Being one of the advanced AWS consultants, Made Easy developed its state-of-the-art website and mobile app at a reasonable price.

After viewing the expertise of AppSquadz, Made Easy chose AppSquadz. Here, the special features of AppSquadz 24/7 technical support and cost optimization were also beneficial for Made Easy.

AppSquadz Solutions For Made Easy

AppSquadz helped Made Easy by enabling it to provide impeccable performance. These solutions were advantageous for Made Easy to resolve its problems of providing flawless experience to its users. AppSquadz developed a marvellous website and iOS, Android, and Windows mobile application.

Additionally, all AWS services, including AWS CloudFront (CDN), AWS MediaConvert, and AWS MediaLive, were prudently applied by AWS. These services assisted Made Easy in offering a fantastic platform to provide EdTech services flawlessly.

Results and Benefits Achieved

The implementation of the AWS services by AppSquadz was undeniably beneficial for the growth of Made Easy. It allows them to live stream their videos flawlessly. They can easily broadcast HD-quality videos without worrying about its piracy. This has increased the ROI of Made Easy by improving the performance of its website. Moreover, the content quality of the educational videos offered by Made Easy was also high, which has created a positive impact on the performance of this EdTech platform.

About AppSquadz - AWS Partner Who Helped Made Easy To Grow

AppSquadz is a leading mobile and web app development company that is working continuously to revolutionize the IT industry worldwide. It is renowned for being an advanced AWS consulting partner to provide effective AWS cloud services. With a team of 200+ professionals, AppSquadz has developed 850+ applications. It has a team of experts with the capability to resolve technical problems easily using their skills.

What our Clients say?

I feel glad that I hired AppSquadz for my project. The entire team is very dedicated and supportive. I did not expect this but they delivered my work on time and amazing results beyond my expectations. I am surely satisfied with the rhythm of their workflow.

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Why go for Made Easy Live app?

Wide range of courses

Here in the app there are lots of uncountable different free and paid courses helpful for studying well according to the capability and stage of the student is. A different course is matched up with different co tent and course study

Announcement section

The announcement part of the app gives regular notification about the date of the filled application form, date of changes in registration if required, the launch of admit card, and date exam, etc. the section prevents a student from missing any important event related to preparation.

Live class

The camera integration is available in the app to allow students to learn online by live class access. It said that the main element leading better scholastic results is the live interaction of students with teachers, and online learning has excelled in this by video access.

Custom setting

The personalized and custom setting features enable users to make required changes in the app according to its convenience. The setting section has various points and changes that can help to improve user experience as required.

Email integration

The user can log in to the app by entering its mail and contact number after complete authentication with OTP. This allows the user to use the app securely in a protected way. And this saves your progress and courses for future reference to access on any device with email.

Support section

The forum part is included with a section where students can enter it complain issue, doubt, query, or feedback about the course and application. The direct contact facility makes the app very liked on the play store.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology



  • PM: Vishal Deep

  • UI/UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Shubham Keshari

  • iOS Development: Satish Thakur

  • Android Development: Ayush Jain

  • Backend Development: Mohit Chaudhary

  • QA: Santosh Prajapati

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