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E-Learning Mobile App Developer

In the last decade, a large community of users uses mobile phones to access e-learning content has been noticed. The increasing number of mobile users is unquestionably the reason behind this. Users like the E-learning platform as they find it more engaging and informative rather than attending classes. Unlike PCs or laptops, people use their handy devices, i.e., smartphones, to access e-learning content.

Ever since the growing days of an e-learning platform, the number of e-learning mobile app developers in the market keeps on increasing. To get a high-quality e-learning application, you need to hire e-learning mobile app developers who can accomplish the same for you. To supply informative and engaging content via your e-learning app, you have to get it developed from an experienced e-learning app development company.

The on-going industry trends play a crucial part in the development phase, so the e-learning app developers need to understand the latest industry trends and execute the development process accordingly. As an expert in the market, we deliver the most straightforward training supports and e-learning solutions complex business challenges. The development team behind a successful app follows a well-defined, well-structured system to make the app happen.

The e-learning applications developed by us have the friendliest user interface and user experience. We have rich knowledge of technologies, and we can drive value to your business. We can present your industry-specific learning apps, having higher interactivity.

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Our E-Learning Mobile App Development Solutions

Online e-Learning Solutions

Online e-Learning Solutions

Fully feature-loaded and thoroughly interactive education web portal development that will work to lessen the knowledge rift among the students and educational institutions.

Remote Learning Websites

Remote Learning Websites

Remote learning websites integrated with the most progressive learning tools that present end-users with a pleasanter learning experience with an option of live streaming & live chats.

Institute Management Software

Institute Management Software

Manage your education chain by empowering the team here to upgrade the means of storing records of attendance, curriculum, faculty, payrolls on a particular admin panel.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual classrooms allow you to reach a large number of students wherever and whenever they want.

Web application

Web Application / Portal

Feature-rich and highly personalized web application development solutions or portal development solutions for your schools, colleges, coaching centers, and likewise.

Online Examination

Online Examination Portal

Online Examination portal development that demands low maintenance and conducts at your end, accompanying greater built-in security and high-level features

Standard Features of our E-Learning Mobile Apps

Hiring us can be fruitful for you. If you hire e-learning mobile app developers from our company, you will get the full value for your investment.

Voting System: Put questions & creates polls, and let your users vote their chosen option.

Creating Surveys: Generate customized surveys to expand social awareness or trending topics amongst the students.

Scheduling: By this feature, users can schedule a classroom session as per their convenience.

Online Forums: Form or join an online forum so that you may promote your online learning apps and impart knowledge.

Custom Reporting: A fully-customized and detailed report of all the activities on your e-learning app.

Grading: Describe grading and permit your users to enhance their abilities by revealing higher grades.

Group Assignments: Design assignments & assign the e-learners group projects, making your e-learning app more interactive.

Enrollment Rules: Generating enrollment rules and memberships for students as well as teachers.

Branding: Transform your e-learning apps into a successful business employing branding & white labeling.

Community & Social Apps: Form a community instead or share your newly build e-learning app on social channels to spread brand awareness amongst the children and teachers.

Configurable Web Portal: A tailored and extremely configurable e-learning portal that manages the backend of your e-learning application.

Single Sign-in: Let the users sign-in via email, phone numbers, or other social media channels.

Advanced Features of Our E-learning Mobile Apps


Web Conferencing

Enable your e-learning system with web conferencing and video conferencing applying cutting-edge technologies so that the students & teachers may interact either individually or in a group securely and interactively.


Cloud-Powered LMS

Making use of highly guarded, reliable, and agile cloud computing technologies that furnish your learning management system with additional power and flexibility.



Get an e-learning mobile app loaded with interactive videos, graphics, puzzle games, quizzes, and more to keep the students engaged by making the session more interactive.

Multiple Language

Multiple Language Support

Get the content or videos in different languages and let the e-learners choose the language they prefer.

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Employing the most superior technologies to secure payment receiving for you. Integration of payment gateways by which users may pay with a Credit/Debit Card, Net banking, e-Wallet, PayPal, or other payment modes..

Back-end App

Back-end App

Back-end management is crucial for every app. We engage a team for such purpose as we want to risk the security of the app.

Message Boards

Message Boards

Your users need not visit other social accounts to interact with their audience because of the in-built social learning & message boards.

Certification TrackingE

Skills/Certification Tracking

Create certificates & grade your students based on their performance. You can create your certification template as you have a handful of predefined templates.

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