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A highly customized mobile app with
cross-platform compatibility

An educational application providing the best possible support to the newbie’s of Stock Market trading

  •   5.0/5.0 on Clutch Review
  •   5.0/5.0 on GoodFirms Review

About Sunil Minglani

Sunil Minglani app is a customized app of Sunil Minglani, a successful stock market psychologist with 18+ years of experience in this field. He got this app developed by us with a motive of increasing his loyal fan base. In return, he got the same response from the users as he was anticipating. With his SM app, he shared his in-depth knowledge of the stock market to make people understand about the share market.

This app is compatible on all the devices with excellent features. Downloading this application consisting of high-level features, you can book offline courses (Workshops). You can also book online courses, plus content viewing anytime or anywhere, in the form of videos and PDF handouts. This app also has a uniquely created calculator by Mr. Sunil Minglani to present the much potential support and check levels with the greatest efficiency. Additionally, it consists of more than 200 videos and visuals of successful events. You can watch premium Videos and Premium Webinar in the SM secret room for students. If you also desire an app similar to this, you can connect with us, and help us to know your requirements and what you are expecting from the app.

AWS Media Package Includes

Amazon CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that let the client distribute content globally through a network of proxy servers.

Amazon S3

AWS EC2 is secure, resizable compute in the cloud, offering the broadest choice of processor, storage, networking, OS, and purchase model.

AWS MediaLive

Amazon Simple Storage Service let clients store content online. Amazon S3 is a scalable storage infrastructure that offer performance too.

AWS Media Live

The AWS Elemental Media Live allow the client to broadcast live videos in adaptive qualities. It is fast and simple to use.

What our Clients say?

I approached AppSquadz to help me design and build my new mobile app and website. The company has experts in different mobile and website development platforms, so you will have a wide range of options to choose from depending on your time and technical constraints. People here are knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and just amazing to work with.

Sunil Minglani



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Why users prefer this app?

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The SM app is compatible with all the devices, and responsive enough on the platforms, be it on Android devices or iOS devices.

Multi-lingual support

This application has a feature of multi-lingual support by which users around the globe can change the language and read as per their convenient.

Register and Login

One can readily register and log in to the app and avail the services offered by the application effortlessly.

Versatile in features

The features in the Sunil Minglani application are excellent. The online courses offered, along with videos, and exclusive episodes are impressive.

Secure Payments

The payment gateways with this application are safe and secure. You can make payments without being bothered about the insecure payments.


If any doubtful case while trading, you can directly consult with professionals and experts to make your understanding more clear and factual.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology



  • PM: Divyanshi Chaudhary

  • UI/ UX Design: Shubham Singh

  • Frontend Designer: Ranjeet Singh

  • iOS Development: Sunil Singh

  • Android Development: Nimesh Saini

  • Backend Development: Harish Kumar

  • QA: Divyanshi Chaudhary

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