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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services are accomplished from two different testing processes and both have different powers. VAPT service is used for the risk analysis, security amendment, recommendation, security audit, forensic analysis, security monitoring and penetration testing. While performing the vulnerability analysis, tests have a different power to test thoroughly that strong the codes are.

AppSquadz Software proudly offers the high-end VAPT services, and focus on the major factors like security, stability, smoothness, etc. we especially serve in the educational field, for secured live class streaming, avoid unauthorized viewing, and many more. Vulnerability assessment includes a complete analysis of the code that whether there is any weakness or lacking to make easily breakable. Apart from this, penetration testing includes Source code review, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Memory Leakage Testing, Usability Testing, Authentication Testing, Authorization Testing, Data Validation Testing, etc. to protect the data and system of organization.

Major Security Assessments in VAPT

Mobile Security

  • Mobile App Security Testing service provides a detailed security analysis of your phone or tablet based app.
  • It helps you to identify vulnerabilities in your apps & also provide recommendations to ensure that an attacker does not abuse your application nor will be able to access your clients’ information
  • And any other mobile operating system app in addition to mobile security.
mobile security
application security

Application Security

  • Identification of assets like web pages, data, source code, and underlying structure for a web app.
  • Weak architecture can be malicious attack sensitive, so we substitute it with a stable infrastructure.
  • Website Content WritingWe take care of key-security objectives like cryptographic requirements, session and configuration management, etc.

Network Security

  • A thorough analysis of the ideal installed software and users on it.
  • Followed by exploitation analysis, information gathering, vulnerability analysis, threat modelling, etc.
  • We provide a checklist of activities to maximize your network security.
network security

Advantages of VAPT Services for your business

Manage & Control Risk Properly

The major benefit of conducting penetration testing in any company, it introduces a baseline on which the team works and check whether there is a risk, if found then they find an immediate solution for this.

Enhance Business Continuity

Continuity of business dynamics is a top-notch concern for growth. Many reasons cause failure in business continuity. Lack of security is the major reason that is enhanced with VAPT.

Cut down Client-side Attacks

VAPT is an effective way of making sure that client-side attacks that are faced most can be minimized. Being targeted from client-side have the risk of face value spoilage and being exploited by harmful websites.

Safeguard Clients, Partners & Third-parties

Whenever the security breach takes place it may not affect the organization but the associated client. This is also saved by the VAPT service for the organization where associated businesses also benefitted.

Featured benefits we introduce under our VAPT services

  • More comprehensive app evaluation and single test demand over the entire code are also done.
  • A more detailed view of threats from the problem to its reason, it enables the business to protect its system data from malicious attacks.
  • End to end security and management of the data at the system of organization.
  • It enables the IT teams to focus on migrating the problems after that discover an classify the new vulnerabilities.
  • There is no proper origin of the problem in the system it may be an intricate defect of the system or the outsider problem.
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services are very cost-effective.

We are specialized in cybersecurity services in major sectors



In the last few years, education has adopted technology as great assistance, and cyberattacks on the precious learning material also raised. We have a specialized team that ensures the secured live streaming of online classes their conservation from unauthorized viewing.



Confidentiality and security are a major part of government processes. Anyone can be a threat to the governance processes for their profit. We have world-class cybersecurity experts with over decades of experience to provide top-notch secured software functionality.

Banking and finance

Banking and finance

Banking apps, payment gateways, UPI portals, etc. are safety-seeking names naturally. Today's word is all about money and keeping the funds and assists of the customers are major responsibilities of the service providers. We are assisting in the same field for unbreakable shield safe from malicious attacks.



Property dealing online as people do not have time to visit everywhere this is the reason dealers are getting app put on the details and present them everything is sorted online. Expensive property and major deals lead to a threat to the seller or buyer that needs secured data storage and recommendation.

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