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Encrypted Video Streaming

Video Encryption & Security Android App

Protect your lecture videos, meeting and conferences by unauthorized viewing, it would be best if you convert your video files in an encrypted format. Live video streaming platform can be converted to encryption and security. So, Video encryption in the android app is becoming the right choice among the companies, Educational Institutes, Schools, Colleges, & Universities. Through the video encryption feature, you can keep your video safe and secrecy is important in businesses. Words “encryption” and “video encryption” have is being used in different scenarios, and we will briefly understand that.

As far as the Term encryption is concerned, it is associated with protecting data. The data hidden is protected via numerous tools, passwords, coding, patterns, etc. to keep it safe and secure. Privacy is the topmost concern of any business as of now; accordingly, these businesses secure the content in the high level of security standards. The industry which needs to protect their data employs encrypted video streaming which in turn works for the safeguarding of the content. Encrypted video streaming app development save from get cheated and win the market competition.

Data breaches, unauthorized data theft and illegal distribution of data at risk for the owner have grown these days. Video encryption in Android app secures your video from these data thefts and data breaches. Since it uses a specific algorithm, login id, passwords, coding, it becomes challenging to decode such high standard security for the live video streaming platform. If you're an educational institute or coaching center, it is essential to have Video security features to survive in the competitive world and safeguard your interest from competitors.

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Video Encryption Software

In the present scenario, digital education plays a vital role, and no one can deny this fact. Educational Institutions are parting knowledge to the students digitally via digital modes within a short span. Encrypted video streaming app is considered suitable video protection software in terms of security. Encrypted video streaming software can be used by coaching classes, tutorials & educational institutes as it facilitates encryption of the video files that contain vital information. For securing your video files from unauthorized or illegal usage, Video encryption software (encryption technique) is being used.

Video encryption software has demonstrated itself as very useful for individuals and business organizations both. The encryption method has some protective techniques such as user id, passwords, some coding which secures the vital content that is present in the video files. Numerous video encryption software is available in the market, but not every video encryption software proved themselves as a reliable one. Encrypted video streaming app development uses mainly two types of encryption protocols as of now, advanced 256-bit AES and 128-bit AES. 256 bits are superior to 128; therefore, it is widely used by the top-grade institutes and coaching centers.

Benefits of using Video Encryption

No requirement of a dedicated workforce for monotonous work since it is fully automated.

You can play the video offline as well. Internet connection is not mandatory for playing the video.

You have the option to manage user playback time topic wise. Also, you can block users at any time.

Our videos can steal the eyes of your viewers. We build everything from on-location testimonials to animations to vox pops.

You can track the IP along with that you can also see the duration of play for every video.

Real-Time records of playback in tabular format can be obtained at any time. You need to click it once for exporting it into Excel, PDF, Word, and Print.

A mobile-friendly mock test facility is available with an advanced Website CMS Panel.

Features of the Video Encryption Software

Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

The video encryption software encrypts your video's content and lets you distribute the video to your authorized target users securely. The encryption system provides 256-bit AES encryption which ensures that it has strong encryption capabilities and can't be decoded by cybercriminals.ls.

Video Playback Attributes

Due to this feature, you can configure the Video Playback Time, how many times the video has been opened and when it will lapse.

Video Playback Attribute


Activation can be done through different communication channels such as via Messaging, Online, and Email also.

Screen Capture Protection

This feature prevents the recording of the ongoing session via Screen Capture or Video Recording Software running in the background. Additionally, it also blocks the sharing of the screen via tools like Skype, Team Viewer, and others.

Screen Capture Protection

Distribution of the encrypted file

Encrypted videos can be securely shared with the target audience on a USB Pen drive, DVD or Cloud, which are useful in the educational domain

Video Analytics

You have the option to keep a check on which video was played and when it was played. Not only this, but you can also see the video playback time and the expiry date of the video.

Video Analytics


The Watermarking technique lets us trace out if any unauthorized practice of your videos across the internet. In short, it safeguards your video files from illegal or unofficial use.

Single Screen Restriction

This feature restricts video to a single screen, i.e., the primary screen only.

Single Screen Restriction

Who all can make use of Video Encryption Technology?

Professors & lecturers of educational institutions or colleges, the institutes, and colleges themselves can use this technology. Instructors, Trainers, Gurus, and Business persons can use the Video encryption technology to distribute their message to the authorized target audience. You can sell your video files on a USB Pen drive, DVD, and even on Cloud to provide a better experience to your users.


Educational Institutions

The professors, teachers, and lecturers can record the video of the classroom in real-time. They can offer these lecture videos in the form of a USB Pen drive, DVD, or via Cloud to the students that are encrypted and secured.

Training Institutes

Training Institutes

The Instructors and Trainers can record the videos and can sell the pre-recorded sessions to the students in the interests of the institutes and students both. These pre-recorded sessions are encrypted, thus can’t be used by an unauthorized person.


Event Promotions

From road shows to online advertising, the creative masterminds here can build the right platform for your company to showcase its services and products and know-how to communicate the right messages to your audience.



Say, for example, if an agent wants to convey some message to the boss and can't contact the boss, or your agent got some information that can be helpful. In that case, he can send the encrypted video message so that no unauthorized person can see the video.

Production House

Production House

Since films have huge making budget, the crew members must safeguard the movie from piracy. Video encryption will help the filmmakers to protect their interest and protect short films and movie videos from piracy.

News or Advertising Agency

News or Advertising Agency

In the world of News and Advertising, the most important thing is to deliver the information first. All the rival agencies try to break the news first, so the News or Advertising Agency must incorporate the Video encryption software.

Business Owners

Business Owners

Through the USB Pen drive, DVD, or via Cloud, the business owners can distribute the critical messages to the target audience securely.

AWS Cloud Front Pricing for Video

Duration Bandwidth Price in Rs.
1 Year 10 TB Rs.8.44/GB
1 Year 100 TB Rs.7.84/GB
1 Year 1000 TB Rs.6.00/GB
2 Year 10 TB Rs.7.84/GB
2 Year 100 TB Rs.7.02/GB
2 Year 1000 TB Rs.5.80/GB


  • Video Encrypted Solution

  • Video Storage

  • Dynamic Watermarking

  • Domain Restriction/ Authentication

  • Multiple Bitrate

  • Video Indexing

  • DRM Protected

  • White Label Player

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