iPhone Apps Development

iPhone Games App Development in the USA

IPhone Games app development

iPhone Games App Development

The market of iPhone games app development in the USA is flourishing swiftly, and the credit for its success goes to the efforts put by thousands of creative companies and individuals involved in developing games for iPhone platform. In this article, you will find that how individual programmers and developers can develop games and deploy them to the iPhone app store. iPhone game development has helped many creative and skilled developers to get rid of their monotonous day jobs and begin working on their own projects. If even one of your games reaches the top of the iPhone app store, you will be able to mint thousands of dollars per day. Developing an engaging and interesting game which connects with iPhone users can change your life drastically. Moreover, one doesn’t even need to be a hardcore programmer for iPhone games app development in the USA.

When you have a crystal clear idea of the type of game you are planning to develop, you can train yourself to transform your idea into a game for iPhone. Below are some of the tips for iPhone game app development.

Get the Appropriate kind of PC, get to Know the iPhone SDK

In order to build games for iPhone, you will need a PC with an Intel Processor and MacOS X. You will also need to have a good internet connection and knowledge to use the iPhone SDK. Your PC does not require being an expensive monster; a simple PC with a fine internet connection is sufficient. You can easily download the iPhone SDK from internet for free. It will include everything that is required to develop and test your game like development environment Xcode, interface builder, reference library, iPhone simulator etc.

Learn Objective C

One cannot start his/her journey as an iPhone game developer until he/she doesn’t have a good command over objective C. If you’re good at C/C++, all you will need to do is to get familiar with the API’s of iPhone. You can find all the other information and assistance easily through internet. If you are at the initial steps of the development, you can easily learn programming by introductory books and Objective C tutorials. Don’t get stuck up on theory, just start making a program using Objective C and get as much practical experience as you can.

Join iPhone Developer Program

Once you get the right idea for iPhone Games App Development in your mind, you will need to develop a strong skill base to convert your idea into an engaging iPhone game. Join the iPhone Developer Program. Just sign up for this program and agree to the terms and conditions of Apple to put up your developed game in the app store. Even if you are yet to finish your iPhone game app development project, you will still have to register for the program to get access to code testing on actual iPhone. The development process can last from 2 months to a year depending the complexity of your app.

Submit Your Game and Begin Marketing

Once you are done with the final version of your iPhone game, you will have to submit it to the app store. If you finish the process without making any errors, the game will be published. And remember that you will not start making great sales in the first few days; you will need to market your game and make it popular among the users. Introducing a free ‘Lite’ version can be an excellent way of making your game loved and popular.


iPhone Apps Development

iOS 9 Applications Development for the USA

iOS 9 Applications Development

iOS 9 Applications Development

Dexterous in the sphere of iPhone app development, especially iOS 9 applications development for the USA, AppSquadz Technologies offer the quality-rich iOS 9 application development services on the ground of clients’ special project requirements. Being a global service provider, AppSquadz have employed 80+ skilled developers to meet the bespoke clients’ specific requirements. With the successful delivery of 400+ projects, they have become a praiseworthy web and mobile app development company in the USA by rendering incredible services.

Having catered an extensive array of high-quality and sophisticated services, AppSquadz Technologies has become a preferred choice of many clients for all sorts of iOS/iPhone app development solutions. The objective of our their services is on quality along with the on-time project delivery. They allow you to direct your business towards success with the help of goal-oriented services that appropriately strengthen your business. AppSquadz is an iPhone/iOS app development company, that lives up to mark to execute your complex requirements easily and competently. For any iOS 9 Applications Development for the USA, AppSquadz is the most preferred choice.

Service Offered by AppSquadz for iOS 9

iOS 9 Game Development

Optimum utilization of advanced framework to build the multifarious games which can enhance the business and optimize different essential skills.

Education Application Development

Veteran and qualified in building native education apps for all the iOS platforms to ensure better and easier experience in learning.

Financial & E-Commerce Mobile Application

Features capabilities in building iOS 9 app which can streamline the financial management and online shopping efficiently and effectively.

IPod/IPad Music Application

Offers the next level of experience in playing music with excellently designed iPod and iPad compatible music app.

Social/Chat Applications

Connecting people and simplifying socialization with marvelously developed chat applications which can run on iPhone platforms.

Travel Applications

Travel app to abridge travel based business and widening the gateway for the business to improve revenue.

Online Booking Applications

Familiar with online booking applications development technology which can smoothen the online booking system and streamline the enterprise.

Application Social Media Integration

Receptive to varied techniques and strategies to code advanced business apps that come with Social media functionality.

Maintenance & Back-End Support

The support and maintenance team is active all the time to help the clients in managing and deploying the iPhone app flawlessly.


iPhone Apps Development

Make Money With iPhone App Development USA

iPhone App Development USA

iPhone App Development USA

We are sure you have read and heard a lot about the “Internet Revolution”. We won’t be listing the myriad ways in which it has changed and influenced everything. Professionals capable of working creatively and independently have benefited the most from the vastness of the internet.There are numerous ways by which you can showcase your talent to the world: you can pen a novel and self-publish it over Amazon. If people like it, you can easily mint money or you can post an interesting video over YouTube (or make you own ‘Channel’), and using your skills and ingenuity, you can find fame and fortune; or simply you can use your iPhone app development USA skills, sell your app(s) in the App Store, and earn a whooping amount of money!

More than 2 billion applications are downloaded from the App Store every year, and as the sales of iPhone continues to grow and more people start using this device, the demand for iPhone apps will surely rise. iPhone applications are persistently making the news and they are one of the primary reasons for the success of iPhone. Earlier many experts sated that Smartphones offering all the facilities of internet will replace laptops and PCs. Applications are the things which make it easier for the users to use their Smartphones instead of computers: the market for applications is vast and expanding rapidly.

There are many school students who are making serious money by developing iPhone applications and selling them on the App Store. If you think you have the app idea of the decade, you can also make fortune. You don’t need o have to have a scientific and technical mind to become successful at iPhone app development USA; All you need is an idea and the vision to transform it into reality.

There are numerous free tutorials and SDKs available on the Internet; you can download them for free and can learn how to develop iPhone based applications. You may require to invest some time to study how to build the best applications, and then how to promote them over the internet.

If you think that you are not good at math and logic; and you also think that programming is just not your cup of tea, you can still make a lot of money just with your remarkable “IDEA”. You can take help from professional iPhone Developers and pay them to develop an application based on your idea. If your idea is really engaging and interesting, you may try to convince them to work for royalty from the sales of the application. And in case your idea is exceptionally brilliant and you are sure that your app is going to sell like hot cakes, its best to pay the developers upfront and enjoy complete control over the profits of your iPhone application.

Once the application is ready, you just need to practice the simple guidelines of the iPhone app store to list your app. However, as there are millions of applications on the app store, so you will need to publicize for your application. You can promote your app on social websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and many similar social websites. You just need to market your app wherever possible.

AppSquadz Technologies is a well-known iPhone App Development USA, which lets you hire developers to work on your projects.


iPhone Apps Development

Things to Remember while Designing iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

According to Statistic, as of June 2016 Apple’s App Store has over two million apps available to download, making it the second largest application store in the world. And as you read this, thousand other application ideas are either being conceived or in pipeline ready to be launched on the store. Designing and executing an application are two crucial phases in iPhone apps, wherein both are inter-dependent. So unless your design is solid, shaping up your application can give you sleepless nights. Don’t worry; this blog has got you covered to start-off with your iPhone apps.

Here is a list of essential elements to remember while designing an iPhone Apps:

Maturity of the platform

3D touch, multi-tasking, new fonts, auto layout, stack views and adaptive layouts are some of your handy tools and techniques for an advanced and perfectly compatible iPhone application. Make sure to use them wisely while setting up the base design of your application.

Points & Pixels

The device iPhone has primarily four resolutions- 320 x 480 pt(iPhone 4), 320 x 568 pt (iPhone 5), 375 x 667 pt (iPhone 7) and 414 x 736 pt (iPhone 7 Plus). While designing the application for iPhone, it should be remembered that the layout doesn’t scale itself but expands based on the assigned resolution. Additionally, elements inside it remain intact. So, a design should be such that it transcends and adapts to the screen resolution for which the points and pixels are of utmost importance.

App Icon

The branding of the app is fulfilled by the app’s icon and so is an indispensable element while designing an iPhone Application. Since it’s the first thing that your users will see, it should be convincing enough about what your application is. Plus, it appears on multiple places like Home Screen, the App Store, in spotlight and in settings. So it is advisable to work ardently on its icon design, icon grid, colors and shape.

Sketch it up

Visualizing pre-hand and sketching up the layout of the app is very useful while execution comes into picture. Pictures and jot on the paper as how the app would look like, what information it would present, the interface it is going to provide and the flow of information, images, text, etc. Sketching will make your task easy and you’ll be right on your schedule too.

So, there you go. Get started with your application. Good luck!


iPhone Apps Development

Award Winning iPhone App Development Company USA

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development Company

AppSquadz Technologies provide award winning iPhone application development services in the USA. They design and develop next-gen, real-life problem solving solutions on iOS platforms for devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and wearable devices. Their fervent team craft applications that get featured over App Store. And this is why AppSquadz Technologies is regarded as the top iPhone app development company in the USA.

AppSquadz Technologies delivers secure and scalable iOS based apps for varied verticals including start-ups, SMEs and enterprise clients all across the world. They help carve and deliver clients’ business model and enterprise app to powerful ROI focused solutions. To bring the best for their clients’ specific project requirements and objectives, the company offer app consultation, solution architecture, UI/UX design, development and server-side support & maintenance services for iOS powered platform.


Their team includes industry’s some of the top-notch creative designers, who carve sophistication and dynamics from their experience into the clients’ proposed products. With transparent understanding of focused audience, the team design user experience that embraces them for greater and superior engagement.


Utilizing the immense power of C, Objective C and Swift native development technologies and APIs, the iPad and iPhone app developers of AppSquadz Technologies render applications with secure and scalable performance, robust architecture and clean code that makes sure one-shot approval on App Store.


Not just designing and development, AppSquadz Technologies also offer services to maintain the app post deployment over App Store. They help keep the applications updated with latest iOS features introduced by Apple and maintain compatibility with new devices’ hardware at the earliest.

With on-board team of iOS app developers who persistently research, evaluate and code on Apples’ latest application features, they solve real-life flaws and replace conventional business processes on iPhone and iPad devices with responsive, industry customary code, and extremely-usable solutions as iOS applications.

AppSquadz Technologies designs user-friendly UI/UX impressed for clients’ aimed end-user. They develop potent functionalities, test applications for code quality and features. And as a result, they deliver innovative and robust iPhone/iPad applications. With result-driven project management process they follow rational approach to craft cutting-edge business-centric iOS application solutions along with on-time project delivery. With this reliable and revolutionary approach, AppSquadz Technologies is considered a top iPhone App Development Company in the USA.


iPhone Apps Development

Hire Best iPhone App Development Company in the UK

iphone app development company

iPhone App Development Company in the  UK

“Smart Gadgets used by Smart People”. Our life has become incomplete without using gadgets, especially Smartphone and in Smartphone iPhone is considered one of the most preferred choices. Undoubtedly iPhone is really a Smartphone that makes its presence felt strongly among other brands. The makers of iPhone are always trying to enhance its new generation intensively in order to attract new and existing customer’s faith. Though most of the competitors of Apple try to imitate the design and functions of the iPhone, but still fails to match the potential and dominance of APPLE. One of the best things about the Apple is that they enhance and upgrades its operating system regularly and frequently. Apple has recently released a new programming language named as swift for developing iPhone applications. Previously, it was Objective-C that people had to learn in order to build applications. This consequently raised a question from beginners on which language they should learn. Swift because it’s easier to learn for beginners. Well, there is one company AppSquadz Technologies that houses iOS experts who are well versed with every inch of an iOS operating system. AppSquadz is regarded as the top iPhone app development company in the UK.

Apple offers you an enormous opportunity to develop and market your application to the millions of users worldwide. The iPhone SDK allocates all the necessary tools to developers for iPhone application development. iPhone applications are quite popular and users use these applications for various purposes such as fun, entertainment, business purpose etc. iPhone app programmers have good experience and information in iPhone application development using iPhone and iPhone-supported technologies, and all the inbuilt features including accelerometers, location service, and Multi-Touch interface. The talented team of AppSquadz utilizes the power of iOS to the fullest and thus brings remarkable iOS application in the UK and worldwide.  iPhone applications are mainly developed by using following interfaces:

  • Swift
  • Xcode IDE &iOS SDK
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Graphics & Animation – Core Animation, Open GL ES, Core Image, Quartz 2D, PDF rendering
  • UIKit Dynamics & Motion effects
  • Socket Programming
  • Location Based Services (LBS) – Location services (Core Location) & Maps (Map Kit)
  • Enhancing user’s experience of Location – iBeacon, GPS, and Navigation system
  • Gesture Recognition – Pinch, Tap, rotation, flick, swipe, zoom in-out, multi-touch
  • Communication – Core Bluetooth, AirDrop, Pass Kit, iCloud
  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics
  • SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP
  • UIAccelerometer& Core Motion
  • Audio & video Technologies – Audio (Media Player, AV Foundation, Open Al & Core Audio), Video (Core Media, AirPlay)
  • Database Management- SQLite, Core Data, XML/JSON, SOAP, Rest API etc.
  • IMPS (Wireless Village 1.3)

In conclusion, the popularity of the iPhone is growing constantly. Apple releases a new line of its Smartphone every year impressing its customers with different radical innovations.

If you have any inventive idea for an iPhone app and looking for an iPhone App Development Company in the UK, AppSquadz Technologies is the place where your search ends.


iPhone Apps Development

Get Top Services for iOS 8 Application Development in the UK

iOS 8 Application Development

Make your iOS applications come to the reality with iOS 8 from AppSquadz Technologies. Allow our team to convert your vision into an engaging mobile experience. We would help you build applications from scratch easily and efficiently. We at AppSquadz Technologies, offer remarkable services for iOS 8 application development in the UK. With integrity and innovation, we help our customers do remarkable and exciting things with their devices. The company houses an incredible tea of iOS developers who are well versed with all the hottest and latest version of iOS including the earlier versions such iOS 8. Our company is known for offering –

  • Robust app interface which offers competitive edge over others
  • Customized applications for enhanced business growth
  • Trending applications designs for iWatch/iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • World-class applications delivered within time and within budget

Grow Your Business Growing with iOS 8 Application Development in the UK from AppSquadz Technologies

The well popular Apple iOS 8 app developments brought spectacular capabilities to support iPhone, iPad, iPod and wearable application to meet business objectives efficiently and effectively. As Apple confirmed about easy sharing of data with introduction of iOS 8. It helped users have easy access to other applications, with addition to acknowledgement of eliminating all barriers to assist developers.  The iOS 8 turned out to be the market trend during its peak.

AppSquadz Technologies is into mobile application development since many years and the company has worked with great innovative experts who put their refreshing ideas to render productive applications for clients located all over the world. Mobile app development is not a simple sip of tea; on the contrary, it calls for a distinct and fresh idea to begin from the scratch. Moreover, it requires a dedicated team of expert to execute the plan thoroughly and successfully. Team of AppSquadz Technologies has sufficient number of developers, who keep their focus on iOS driven application – from development to testing. In addition to it, the dedicated team is capable of building robust and scalable applications for almost everything.

So, why wait and simply hire the best services for the iOS 8 Application Development in UK from AppSquadz Technologies. With our services you can always be assured of a remarkable app coming your way.


iOS Trends, iPhone Apps Development

Super Mario Run is Available on iOS Store, Android Users Will Need to Wait

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Brings Back the Fun

Nintendo’s much-awaited title Super Mario Run was released yesterday. The one-handed playable is now available for download on the Apple’s iPhone and iPad. As announced earlier, the Super Mario comes with a $10 price tag, although Nintendo will be making a few levels available as a preview of an end-of-world castle downloadable for free.

Earlier the game avoided the mobile platform in favor of its own hardware. In September, the creator of Mario Shigeru Miyamoto announced the Smartphone debut of Mario at the stage of iPhone 7 event in San Francisco.

The Super Mario Run game provides an interesting take on the much loved format, designed to play with a single hand (portrait mode). As the title of the game itself suggests, Mario runs automatically from left to right. And as he runs, he will jump over certain enemies, vault over low obstructions, and make some surfaces on his own. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to make him jump. The longer you tap, the higher he is going to jump. This is basically a key to achieve high scores.

In further levels, you will find blocks which will change Mario’s direction, and others which will start and stop him with accurate timing. However, the target remains simple: accumulate as many coins as you can, and get to that classic flag pole at the end of the level before you run out of time.

In addition to the classic Mario gameplay, Nintendo has introduced a multiplayer battle mode titled Toad Rally. The first thing you will need to do in this mode is to select an opponent – for example, one of your friends – from a list. Then you will simply need to beat their high score.

Moreover, the battle mode will only let you play against your friends, but also players from all across the world. Winner is judged on the number of coins you collect and also the number of toads you impress. In addition, you will not find any flag pole in battle mode.

You will need to keep running, jumping, and collecting coins and other items until time runs out fully. As you run, you may also encounter a little sticker of Mario, which will be showing what your opponents did during their run. The matches you will win in this mode, the toads which you would have gathered will be reflected in your Mushroom Kingdom.

Another great feature in the game is that you will be able to expand your Mushroom Kingdom using the coins you collect.

When the battle mode ends, Toadette comes to reveal who won. It is really going to be huge hit in the coming future. The game is available on iPhone, iPod and Tablet but Android users will need to wait a bit.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/15/super-mario-run-review/


iPhone Apps Development

Hire Top iPhone Application Development Company UK

iPhone app

iPhone Application Development Company

IOS applications development has redefined the concept of mobile application development standard all around the world since its inception. And, AppSquadz has made its mark in offering world-class and distinct iPhone application development services globally. Being an abode to talented minds, this iPhone Application Development Company in the UK has catered wide range of iOS applications for various devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, and wearable. Along with the flexible workflow and remarkable knowledge base, AppSquadz Technologies offers comprehensive iPhone applications which can automate every sort of job related to professional and personal lifestyle.

The company employs a dedicated team of iOS app designers and developers, who leverage proven methods and technical expertise in rendering out-of-the-box iOS mobile applications. Our team members are well-versed with different iOS technologies including Objective C, iPhone SDK, Webkit programming, Swift Programming, Xcode IDE, and others. Their programmers have the ability to understand the exact requirement of the client and deliver the envisioned applications efficiently and effectively.

The company’s developers asses every perspective of an app in order to plan and execute effective strategy which leads them to code and business the business-centric apps that can meet the demand of today’s customers adequately.

If you have any idea that you think is perfect for an iOS application! Without thinking a lot, just drop an email or reach to AppSquadz and share your idea with them. The company has been in this industry for years and has successfully met every requirement of iOS applications for the clients all over the world.

The workflow at AppSquadz has been designed to cater all sorts of businesses prolifically and effectively. In addition, it empowers the clients to work with them without any major worries. Being a premier iPhone Application Development Company in the UK, they do their best to ensure that the clients receive finest application in minimum duration and minimum budget.

AppSquadz Technologies always believes in maintaining quality and standard. And, this is the reason that the company tend to develop iPhone applications which are flawless, engaging, entertaining, and interactive in performance and interface.

Get your idea discussed with AppSquadz Technologies via E-mail – sales@appsquadz.com or can visit their website at https://www.appsquadz.co.uk



iPhone Apps Development

Hire Dedicated iOS Developers London, UK

iOS Developers

Our dedicated team of iPhone developers are always there for bringing the best iOS mobile app development solution. Our dedicated iOS developers in the UK are capable of crafting high quality applications as per your requirements, and you can get the update on the process by keeping in touch with them through email, phone, Skype etc. Our talented developers and programmers will be more than devoted to provide you a customized solution as per requirements. Reach us out now and hire dedicated iOS developers in the UK from AppSquadz Technologies.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated iOS Developers in the UK from AppSquadz Technologies

Our skilled dedicated iPhone/iPad app developers are always geared to craft high quality apps of any category in order to meet the expectation of client expectations. The advantages of hiring iOS developers from AppSquadz Technologies are –

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of iOS platform
  • On-time delivery of applications
  • Flexible hiring options
  • Offers complete control over project process
  • Minimized IT infrastructure costs
  • Frequent updates and reporting

Expertise of AppSquadz Technologies

When you Hire Dedicated iOS Developers in the UK from AppSquadz, you can be assured of high quality customized application for your project. Our pools of experienced iOS developers are well-versed with all the new tools and technologies. Their ultimate aim is to bring the best solution for your iOS application.

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Internet and multimedia applications
  • App based on GPS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Entertainment and recreation apps
  • Gaming
  • Business and networking apps

Why Hire Dedicated iOS Developers in the UK from AppSquadz Technologies

  • Competitive Prices
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • High-Quality Code
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Moreover, our support team is available all round the clock. With 24/7 support, our aim is to resolve the issues faced by our clients asap. At the end of the day, client’s satisfaction is what inspire us move and strive for perfection. At AppSquadz Technologies, we try to exceed our client’s expectation and offer more than just app development and always try hard to provide reliable and reasonable services which make clients and users completely satisfied.