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Audience Response System

“Enhance proactive learning of students via Audience Response System/ Interactive Response System”

  • * A better way to learn
  • * Interactive learning
  • * Highly engaging
  • * High quality

ARS Get On-the-Spot Results in Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Meetings, and Seminars

Audience response system (ARS), also known as the voting system, clickers, and student response system, is a better way to create an interactive environment for the students and fun environment. Audience Response System is featured with high-quality and upgraded specifications for various areas of applications. It consolidates the response system interactively, customized presentation formative assessments, On-line reporting into a flawless solution. Not only it engages students’ participation and concentration in class but also contributes to their learning experiences by different activities and multi-directional interaction, resulting in building overall a great learning environment for the students due to its accessibility, immediateness, and continuous interaction. The usage of an Interactive Responsive System is not confined to study only, it is utilized in Lecture halls, Meetings, and while conducting seminars to get instant results.


  • Individual IRS remote to each participant/student.
  • The lecturer/teacher presents the question on the screen from the laptops.
  • Responses from participants/students would be shown directly in the form of statistics/charts or can be recorded or uploaded to the PC/Server
  • Saving data, analysis and evaluation
  • Get real-time responses
  • Inspires, motivates and empowers each student/participant.


  • Remotes work on radio frequency thereby eliminating the need for line-of-sight, from distance up to 25 meters.
  • Answer options available for each question are maximum 10nos.
  • Results can be ascertained 'participant-wise' or 'question-wise'
  • Light-weighted remotes
  • Various statistical and analytical reports
  • Teacher/ Master have the option to let the class see each participant's/ student's answers/opinions.
  • Multiple choice answers also available
  • System designed to engage all the participants/ students
  • Seamless integration with Windows XP/ Vista/7/8
  • Various functions and activities
  • High efficient
  • Teacher/ Master has the option to make the answers anonymous
  • Displays right/wrong feedback instantly

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