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AWS Elemental Live L812AE

  • * Advanced video workflows
  • * Multiple output production
  • * Content monetization support
  • * Built-in automation and management
  • * 4K UHD, 1080P HD image support
  • * Amazon S3 support
  • * Dolby Audio with AC-3, EAC-3, AAC, MPEG-Layer II, & PCM
  • * Merge multiple sources to single output

What is AWS Elemental Live?

An AWS Elemental Live Encoder is a live video streaming unit that offers superior quality while streaming directly from the input source. While processing a video, an encoder compresses a live video stream and produces it to different broadcast channel with optimal quality. Though this task is complicated when working with pre-recorded video files as these files are difficult to process on a real-time basis. The encoder has to be powerful to produce exactly one second of video every second it runs without fail, this leads to an uninterrupted video stream.

AppSquadz as an AWS Consulting Partner for Elemental Live

AppSquadz is a certified partner with Amazon Web Services to provide AWS Elemental Live L812AE services. With AppSquadz, you can access AWS services at a relevantly cheaper price. An Elemental Live video broadcasting service allows the users to stream live videos to any broadcasting channel with the highest quality available.

These services are necessary for users like Teachers, Journalists, YouTubers, and other online content creators. They can stream any service live to the system without hampering the workflow. On a premise basis, the live video encoding needs to be on time and faster. This media processor unit formats your input source to different processing units like baseband SDI video sources, HD video sources, and others. These videos are then transferred to various broadcasting television and internet-connected device streaming.

The AWS Elemental Live streaming upgraded on a timely basis to optimize the delivery of high-quality videos with the latest features. It is capable to optimize video according to the screen standards and when the device change.

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How AWS Elemental Live L812AE Work?

Benefits of AWS Live Services

Video Industry Standard Protocols

Deploy Anywhere, Deliver Everywhere

AWS Elemental Live is a portable unit that can be attached to any camera to capture live videos and broadcast them to multiscreen, or live-to-VOD. With this hardware, anyone can deliver content from any studio or any remote location to any channel. Videos can be shared with AWS Elemental Media Services like AWS Elemental MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and AWS Elemental Media Package for processing, packaging, or keeping.

Deliver Great Quality

The AWS Elemental Live hardware comes with a built-in quality-defined variable bitrate control (QVBR) feature to adjust video quality. This unit is capable of determining the complexity level with each video frame and then optimizing video quality according to bandwidth. Moreover, it adds Graphics and Motion overlays for a professional look-and-feel to video streams for enhancing the viewing experience.

Video Sharing

Keep Innovating

With AWS Elemental Live you can update video workflows and build new services with advanced support of 4K UHD, HDR, and Graphical overlays. You can stay a step ahead in accordance with your industry standards for inputs and outputs formats and deliver outstanding experiences. With this unit, anyone can add an excellent experience for new screens and devices with high-quality videos.

Simplify Encoder Management

AWS Elemental Live encoder is easy to control that allows managing through a web interface or REST/XML APIs. This unit can integrate with an appliance, cloud-based, or virtualized deployment. You can also manage multiple encoders with AWS Elemental Conductor Live that can be set up on a premise.

Built-in security
Video Sharing

Gain Efficiencies, Reduce Costs

Multiple AWS Elemental Live encoders can also be managed easily via AWS Elemental Conductor Live. Moreover, with this service users can command and control video processing clusters from a single platform. This eventually reduces equipment costs and easily manages overhead services.

Maintain Resilient Video Services

Take advantage of AWS Live services for maintaining resilient video services. With AWS Elemental Conductor Live you can keep your services online and deliver content to viewers with support of N+1 and N+M node-based failover and recovery channels.

Built-in security

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