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SD Card Education Solution

classrom fingertips

Education Software SD Card Solution

We are introducing a facility that you have not thought of yet. Your small SD card can become your classroom. Ever wondered how it would be if the classroom turns into a small chip from the great set of technological devices. Preparing a setup of educational assistances like PC, audio support, webcam, and other necessary devices like converters, microphones, etc. our SD Card Solution come up with a unique concept of successful and comfortable remote learning. Thinking of an educational idea that is handy and safe also then it automatically comes to a device that should be smaller and easy to keep secure tends to be brought in to use.

AppSquadz always tries to give its clients something new and amazing. The extraordinary efforts from the entire developer team lead to all new beneficiary ideas to the educational sector. eLearning can be more engaging with the better concept of education. AppSquadz is the most trusted award-winning educational software development company that brought you the present of SD Card educational solution. your eLearning startup is going to be easier and low cost.

We would love to provide the best SD Card software solution. Our team has reached this solution after long-term research. SD card is the best form of the portable educational classroom. In the SD Card Solution, you get a large number of versatile features with amazing UI/UX handcrafted by the developer especially for your project with your watermark. A wide range of different components of our services includes topic-wise descriptions, classified concepts, virtual aspects of difficult topics, etc. we have understood your expectation and are dedicated to your satisfaction. You can get in touch with our experts to enhance your educational relevance.

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SD Card Solution Classroom in Your Fists

classrom fingertips

Manage Classroom on Fingertips

When you are about to begin your start-up in the educational field then better is to do a thing with relevance coming through portability. SD card software solution is the best methodology to eject on software or in tab and manage the recorded lectures and eContent.

remote learning

Portability For
Remote Learning

SD cards can be put anywhere as well as it is easy to keep safe inside. It is easily accessible to any card reader. It is very smooth to take care of, distance learning from anywhere and anytime let us study in free time to utilize leisure hours.

share educational

Easy Share
Educational Content

Once your data has been stored in the SD card, you can securely share and collaborate with your students by getting SD Card Solution, this lets you download, cut, paste, and store. The entire software is designed in a compressed form.

Why Choose Our SD Card Solution ?

Runs on a wider range of platforms: From windows XP to Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit.

Runs on any Windows computer: laptop, desktop

Easy to use: user-friendly interface

Runs on any Windows computer: laptop, desktop

Can handle drives of any size: From 1 TB to 128 TB (Current limit of windows).

Can create a recovery key: you can choose to have a spare key.

Keeps your sensitive file safe: use industry-standard AES encryption.

Enterprise-ready: From coaching to school or enterprise.

Features of SD Card Solution

easy storage

Easy Storage

SD cards can be designed from minimum to maximum memory.

data update

Data Update

You can update the content in Real-time.

screen recording

Recorded Lectures

Recorded lectures are easily accessible on the SD card.

single device

Single Device

A single chip can be your classroom in your hands.

player control

Player Controls

We built a customized player for controlling the speed of videos.



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