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Encrypted Video Google Drive Solution

Google Drive Encryption to Video Content

At AppSquadz, we feel pride in empowering our clients to utilize and unlock the power of their data without any kind of doubt. Now anywhere the data stored or shared it getting a new feature of Google Drive Encryption Video Solution. As Google’s recognized and recommended encryption partner, authorized to introduce the new protection features to your video files. AppSquadz is providing a strong protection layer on the top of the G suite’s native security capabilities and sharing features to help the organizations. The potential of google drive is compliant, private, and controlled Google Drive Encryption Video sharing and processing workflows.

Our extensive capabilities to provide top-class access control and data-centric protection using email integration to lock google drive file sharing and storage workflows. AppSquadz for Google drive encryption, allows companies to store and broadcast videos including files like including PDFs; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents; .png and .jpeg image files; and .txt files their encryption on upload. Sort of Encrypted Video Google Drive, saves video from piracy, watermarking, resharing, etc. to prevent unauthorized access or claim. The complete secure system allows broadcasting and sharing on encryption and password-based process in between clients, partners, and collaborators. Along with sharing, broadcasting, and processing you can also convert and edit the video under the G Suite ecosystem.

Organizations stay tensed about their data security and confidentiality to win the market competition. This digital world has the most relevant content is video now. Encrypted Google Drive Video Solution provides compliant and private regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, CJIS, ITAR CCPA, and more. Encrypted Video Google Drive solution enforces protection by designing specific folders as well as on its encryption on every particular video restricting screenshots.

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Cloud Encryption Software to Protect Your Privacy

encrypt files in the cloud

Encrypt Files in The Cloud

When you store your critical files within Google Drive, AppSquadz provides an added layer of security to all of the data you data you upload to your account. AppSquadz's easy to use AES-256 file encryption software and seamless patent key management.

give permission

Give Permission

Give permission to the users for the entire course, subject or Videos in a click. Also update content everyday with multiple. Permission for non-stop offline viewing of latest videos while. Simultaneously ensuring your data always stay safe and remains impenetrable.

share encrypted file

Share Encrypted Files

Once your data has been encrypted, you can securely share and collaborate with your students by creating in Google Drive for privately managing and monitoring multiple files. Define your terms for encrypted file/ folder access.

Why Choose Our Encryption Software ?

Can handle drives of any size: From 1 TB to 128 TB (Current limit of windows).

Runs on a winder range of platform: From windows XP to windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit.

Can create a recovery key: you can choose to have a spare key.

Keeps your sensitive file safe: use industry standard AES encryption.

Easy to use: user friendly interface

Enterprise ready: From coaching to school or enterprise.

Runs on any windows computer: laptop, desktop

Features of Encryption Software



Provides you with AES-256 bit Encryption for video lectures.

data update

Data Update

You can update the content in Real time.

screen recording

Screen Recording

Screen recording/mirroring Entirely disabled.

single device

Single Device

It works only on the registered device can not work on other device if video is captured by third party.

player control

Player Controls

We built customized player for controlling speed of videos.



Watermark displayed on screen helps to detect source.

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