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Video Multi-DRM Service

The Secured Experience that you Look for

Video content delivery platforms have transformed many industries. Over the top video apps give the access of video content on software, has assisted entertainment companies a lot. When an attractive content introducing versatility is easily accessible it attracts audience to great extent. Streaming platforms sustain high-profile events, new releases, Long-awaited blockbusters, the finale of various reality shows are launched on OTTs even before the time of telecast on channels. It does not take much time for customers to switch service on little dissatisfaction this is the reason you have to take care of high-end user experience with security.

Maximize Content Revenue

At AppSquadz Software we are introducing the high-end performance Video Multi-DRM solution centered on OTT content delivery platforms. Generating keys for encryption, creation of content accessibility rules, playback license issuance, etc. all are done from the end of this solution integration. The operational supervision, business reports, proactive monitoring help to scale the business budget and maintain mind peace in between management. Under the Video Multi-DRM Service, we are also responsible for improving the OTT experience, because if you are charging for a service then minor degradation in service can be harmful as loss of the customer.

Feature-rich Video Multi-DRM set for Swift like Secured Video Content Delivery

protection system

Protection System

It is important to integrate Video Multi-DRM Service to save video content from unauthorized viewing, as it may lead to piracy, and it’s a loss of millions. Our set supports all the OTTs smoothly to extract the content securely.

content encryption

Content Encryption

Our team at AppSquadz generate encryption keys and content protection policies, using different systems. Pre integrations of code are calculated under content packaging and securing solution.

streaming formate

Streaming Format

A defined streaming format manages the content playing on different devices, it decides whether the device is allowed or not. It comes in under-screen sizes, ensures the best coverage and viewing experience designed accordingly.

delivery method

Delivery Methodology

Distribution of content, and deciding where the ad has to be fixed is decided, ad its removal on the required time according to the transaction, subscription plan choice as well.

development model

Deployment Model

Flexible deployment models, ensuring the benefits like reliability, scalability, performance, and maintainability to the infrastructure ensures high security and identification if there is any flaw.

improve ux

Improved UX

As when you encrypt your content and charge for it, then you have to deliver a high performance and user experience. Because the user will not take a second in switching from one to another.

How the First-time Deployment of Video Multi-DRM Ieads to High Revenue?

Integration Simplicity

Security points are complex mostly, but under the Video Multi-DRM services, integration is very simple and compatible with the business models.

Security with Flexibility

End-to-end security creates a flexible pipeline, versatile content usage helps to boost revenue that needs flexibility in the software easy to build with business strategies.

Operational Excellence

Comprehensive support to the SLA dashboards, proactive monitoring, reporting tools, and 24×7 operational with the help of a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC).

Deployment in any Environment

Versatility is the major benefit of Video Multi-DRM it gets you an On-Premise Licensed Solution even in the installation of your own data for improved security.

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