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Live Class Software

Feature rich Live class software development services transforming the educational world and engaging learners with highly surpassing experience.

  • Smooth Integration
  • Easy Administration
  • Learn On-the-go
  • Record Live Lessons
  • Conversation Mode
  • Reliable Video & Audio
live education

What is Live Classes Software?

A Live Classes Software replicates traditional classrooms or training rooms or we can say like a digital school/ university. The live online class software is adopted for rendering interactive live classroom. With the help of this innovative solution, the teachers teach, and students learn in real-time via internet-enabled technology devices.

Face-to-face real-time interaction in the online video classes makes it advantageous for students as well as the institutes (schools, colleges, coaching centers, and training centers), highly required as Online Live Classes App in Kota. Smart learning patterns offered by the software ensures higher academic results. Due to the high dependency on digitization, the need for the advent of the live learning app was important for imparting education to the students through online class platform.

The live class offered by Online Live Classes Software in Delhi is the online collaboration that incorporates open discussion boards, polls, and multimedia content & social media along with a chat option, making the interaction more viable in real-time on it. Not only the educational institutions are grabbing its benefits, but also businesses are shifting to it, to provide training to their employees, saving their efforts and time.

The Best Online Classes App stands as a standalone Online Classes Application and works similarly in offering training to vendors, stakeholders, partners, and customers face-to-face in real-time. You can incorporate the software for online classes with your website, CMS, ERP or LMS using Online Classroom Software in Noida so that your learners can access the live sessions easily.

Learners are no more bound to four walls of the classroom or sticking to any one place. AppSquadz created a highly functional and feature-rich Online Class Software to use as a virtual classroom. A specialized team sitting at the company performs research over trends in technology. Latest API plugins are used to make a seamless online live classes experience. Entire management at educational institutions finds it comfortable to use as the software allows instructors to teach remotely.

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All the Features that Will be Collaborated Online

  • No Download Required: Your learners will have access to the online education platform from any internet browser via Online Class Software that is without downloading any heavy software or plugins such as Flash & Java.

  • Smooth Integration: The Online Classes App sleekly integrates live classroom platforms functionality within your existing website, CMS or LMS by implementing developer API & plugins.

  • Learn On-the-Go: The online class application lets learners’ access and attend live classes on-the-go through their smartphones & tablets (Android users can access via Android app, and iPhone users can access the app on iOS app).

  • Easy Administration: Online classes App platform allows you to schedule, manage and monitor live sessions. Also, you can extract automated reports for insights into the performances of the teachers, content, and learners.

  • Text Chat: To make writing and spelling practices simple, you have the alternative to make use of real-time chats.

Live Classes Softwarer
Live Classes Softwarer
  • Record Live Lessons: You may record the live classes (sessions) at online class application and share the same with your internal and external audience through email or social channels immediately after the class is ended.

  • Engage Your Learners: You can also boost your learner engagement with real-time audio & video, in-app messaging, interactive whiteboard, conducting polls and quizzes, profiting your e-learning business via our Live Online Classes Software.

  • Online Whiteboard: An option to draw, highlight and collaborate with students in real-time is also possible with the live classes’ software. Undoubtedly, it is a great feature provided by the online class app.

  • Conversation Mode: The learners can optimize the screen and video chat to concentrate on quality conversation.

  • Reliable Video & Audio: When slow connections are there, or internet connectivity is not good, the software automatically optimizes the video and audio so that they function smoothly.

  • Reporting: Both learners and teachers can track attendance, the session tenure, talk time, earlier classes & much more.

Feature Rich Tools Available With Our Live Classes Software

A rich set of collaboration tools powers your experience while using live class software. Teaching and training can be imparted with no difficulties just like in the case of a real classroom. The Best Online Class App exhibits easy to use built-in tools for offering the first-class experience to the users.

Crystal Clear Audio & Video

Crystal Clear Audio & Video

Because of the multiple speakers, you get an integrated audio-conferencing feature that presents echo-free voice quality for the best experience. You will experience unhindered interactive live online classes due to the high-quality and low-latency online video streaming. The learners do not need to pay any extra charge for audio conferencing for using Software for Online Classes.

Shared Interactive Whiteboards

Our Best Online Class App lets you open multiple shared whiteboards for drawing, illustrating, showing diagrams, uploading presentations/ slides, images, and playing videos hassle-free. Also, you have the alternative to use different colors from the color palette, making the online classroom catchier.

Interactive Whiteboards

PowerPoint’s, Files & Images

You can share PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, and other popular document types to the students via our live class software, making sessions more interactive. Moreover, you may use markup and annotation on the slides & pages. Also, you may launch files plus synchronously broadcast images.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

By sharing your full screen or merely a separate application, you can endeavor to offer more enhanced online Live Classes App software-based training classes experience to your learners. You can furnish your students with a choice where you can control the live lass session remotely.

Screen Sharing
Live Video Conferencing

Live Video Conferencing

You can improve your online live class software experience for the students by furnishing them with the features like group discussions and live video conferencing. So that, they experience unhindered interactive online Live Classes Software and bring in alive the traditional classroom experience.

Session Recording and Playback

You can let the learners record the live sessions and discussions over the online class app for quality control or archiving. You can post such recordings on your website to bring in more students or grant individual playback permissions.

Session Recordins
Text Chat

Text Chat & Session Notes

On-the-spot messaging / text, along with audio chat is possible for communication with our Online Live Class App Platform let learners share their doubts and opinions. The session conductors can enable or disable the text messaging features at any time as per their convenience.

Conduct Online Polls and Surveys

When talking about online classes or online education, the online polling feature stands must for making the session fun for the learners. You can arrange online polls with predefined answers and surveys with our Live Classes Software.

Online Polls and Surveys

API and Plugins

With our API and Plugins, you can integrate Live Online Classes Software functionality to your website and start presenting your live classes to the aspiring students via LMS/CMS, like Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Users can log in with a single ID and password to avoid password fatigue, and confusion and attend the live sessions from integrated class software.

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