List Of Top 10 Trusted iPhone App Development Companies in the World

Iphone App Development Company in the USA

India is becoming the fertile landmass for the app development having more than 50 thousands app development companies having more than 300 thousands of mobile app developers. After US,India has the largest community of Android Developers across the globe. Here are also  Top 10 Mobile application for your android device. As per survey it will be the single largest hub for developers across the map by 2017.

iPhone is still a leading name and one of the most trusted brands in mobile across the world, particularly in the USA. According to studies, in the year of 2015, the number of iPhone users in the USA reached to 1 million. And this will continue to grow in the years to come, show other studies. Put simply, the brand has 42.9 percent share of USA Smartphone market. And on an average, the users spend on apps 35 dollars, of which 71 percent go for mobile game apps. 395 iPhones are sold every second on an average. With people increasingly moving to iPhone to meet their Smartphone needs, the demand for iPhone app development has gone up rapidly and so has the demand for a reliable iPhone app development company.

So, as per my my research, I have come with some iPhone app development companies identified as “the best” on reviewers, writers, clients, and also employees. These top iphone application development companies are ranked in terms of cost, project timeline, quality and regular communication.

The List Of Top 10 iPhone App Development Companies 2017


Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a leading web and mobile app development company with teams in India, UK, USA, Canada and more countries. Hyperlink Infosystem is considered as on the Top App Development Companies of the world.

They are a group of 150+  expert developers, they take your success as their primary goal. As their client, you will get their complete attention. You will nevermore feel like a number in a large sea of clients. Actually, they will never put your project behind their self-promotion.

If we talk about their iPhone app developers, they are really a genius. Their skills and out of the box thought level will take the show of creativity, dedication, and support. They have built 2000+ mobile application for global clients.


Fueled is an awarded mobile app design & app development company. Their team has got different awards and built numerous applications for startups and large sized companies. They have a team of techies, designers, developers, and business analyst who take satisfaction to deliver quality products They can export your product quickly taking care of each thing – design, development, testing, deployment & marketing. Their relationship with clients, employees and communities are covered within them as company’s vision & mission.

Appsquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd.

AppSquadz Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a lined up unit of adept mobile application developers, designers & traffickers pledged to expand the enterprises, trade and networked investment across the globe to make an impeccable and lasting impact in applications & technological advancement. The organization is rigged with an involvement of a decade in industrial experience of mobile application and technological advancement. The company has delivered more than 350 applications gratifying different concerns of clients from Augmented Reality to Logistics.


We can say, Mobomo is a trusted mobile app development company. They have great experience to create useful,large-scale,engaging mobile & responsive web designs. Their process helps to reveal the features of users by learning about  their requirements & limitations.

They Understand and research all the important details & needs of clients application and discover perfectly where Mobomo can help.

Their data & research guide them to develop the best application which satisfies clients’s need and fulfills their user’s requirement.


At Raizlabs, they believe in improving experiences through technology & design. They look for companies & products that will make a huge difference and join with their vision. They design & develops custom apps, web platforms, and other cutting-edge software. They have earned the trust & respect of a huge range of companies from fast-moving startups.

They specialize in iOS, Android & web apps. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, Raizlabs drove itself in design & development of good apps.

Worry Free Labs

Worry Free Labs, a part of mobility Solutions, gives a digital strategy, design, development, and management services for startups & enterprises worldwide. They have great experience to develop compelling digital experiences, they help companies over a kind of enterprises grow in a mobile-dominated, app-focused world – growing market share, driving profits, streamlining processes, and promoting customer satisfaction.

Their Development Solutions ensure to develop perfectly in the first time, and with a fast time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership than facing technologies.


Intecllesoft is one of the top app development company which established in 2007. Since their beginning, they have formed with one purpose that is to make the best Quality. The Quality that gets displayed in their Work. Their team is made up of over 200+ developers, designers, and testers who are skilled in a wide range of application development.

They offer the best service in more than 15 countries and have developed a strong relationship with the big industries. To have Quality as their Core value, they try to deploy high-quality, cost-effective Solutions.


Since 2009, Alty is software design & development company, focusing on mobile products. They help startups & enterprises to access the mobile space. Their experience is over 50 successful iOS applications for client and businesses, that have excellent user experience & popular design. They believe in growing their Borders and have fired off with the best Solutions and will update everyday.

Overall great user experience design and stylish visual design which gained development of technologies by app development.

Mobisoft Infotech

They think to combine business & technology to larger areas by innovation & pure creativity. Mobisoft is a product development & consulting services company. They partner with startups and companies of all sizes to develop, improve and compare products over platforms to hold a combined set of disruptive technologies.

They have worked 100+ global clients over six years with 100+ app developers. They always think to integrate business & technology to higher heights by deep addition.


Anadea established in 2000 and since then has developed into an international custom app development services provider with a team of about 100 skilled IT experts. Their customers become part of all team as they are strongly covered in the development process at every stage. The effect of our way and high skills are established by their exceptional credit and a variety of good Feedbacks.

They are constantly including the most effective platforms, programming languages, and frameworks and they focus on their technical skills.

The above-listed companies on the list are not my own recommendations. Actually, I have done great research to minimize work. I hope you find it bcan also check top 10 leading mobile app development companies in India.



Features of Your Smart phone That You Don’t Use

ios developer USA

As per prominent mobile Application Development Companies in India & USA Modern cell phones have plenty of functions: they allow you to reach someone at the other end of the world, send messages to all your friends in just a couple of seconds, and surf the Internet. However, this is hardly a complete list of what your device is actually capable of.

Just for you, we top apps developers  USA  at Bright Side found and tested 7 clever tricks that you probably didn’t know you could do with your smartphone.

      • Turning your cell phone into a listening device

      • Getting your phone locked forever

      • Turning your phone into a microscope

      • Taking underwater photos

      • Setting up Face Unlock

      • Making holograms

      • Extending the life of your smartphone

Turning your cell phone into a listening device

With just a few simple manipulations, you can turn your cell phone into the ultimate spy tool or a baby monitor. The device works very simply. In order to test it, place your cell phone in the desired location, then go to a remote area and call the handset you have set up as a listening device. It will answer automatically, and you will be able to hear what is happening where you have placed it. This thing isn’t just for spies!

Getting your phone locked forever

If your smartphone gets lost or stolen and you want to keep your personal data safe from prying eyes, this function can come in really handy. The thing is, for each SIM worldwide, a unique 15-digit number is assigned, called the IMEI. If your phone is no longer in your possession and there is little chance that you will see it again, just call the cell phone company and ask them to block your device using that number. By the way, if we all start using this trick, cell phone theft will become essentially meaningless! In order to find out your phone’s IMEI code, you just need to dial the combination *#06#. Take a moment to do this right away!

Turning your phone into a microscope

It may sound incredible, but you don’t actually need to splurge on expensive equipment in order to see objects that are too small to the naked eye. Using a small lens (which can be found in any laser pointer) and a cell phone, you can make a portable digital microscope that is just perfect for taking amazing magnified pictures and even for letting kids peer at the nuclei of cells. Find the instructions here.

Taking underwater photos

Not all smartphones that are produced today are waterproof. However, just because you have a mobile device that isn’t designed for underwater shooting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take it to the pool, sea, or ocean with you. “How is it possible?” you ask. You just need a case made of polyethylene that will take you less than two minutes to make.

Setting up Face Unlock

Android provides a plethora of ways to unlock your phone: a PIN, a password, a pattern gesture, or a typical insecure swipe. But there is one more unlocking method that most users simply ignore. In fact, the Face Unlock feature is much more secure than a simple password. To set it up, just go to Settings, scroll down to Security, tap Screen lock, and select the option you need.

Making holograms

Just like magic! With a little bit of creativity and patience, you will be able to make awesome 3D holograms straight from the future. The instructions are here.

Extending the life of your smartphone

It’s absolutely normal that your phone’s power jack tends to collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time. But only a few people know that dust in the charging port may be one of the main causes of your device’s death. To avoid this, clean your smartphone regularly. Just take a syringe full of air, insert its needle into the power jack, and inject the air. This procedure will allow you to easily remove the dust from the charging port and extend the life of your smartphone.




A mobile application to help manage mental illness

mobile application development noida

A mobile application developed by scientist to help middle-aged and older adults to self manage their mental illness and other chronic diereses. This app covers topics such as stress vulnerability and illness, medication adherence and strategies, in 10 sessions with the period of 3 months.

This mobile application is remotely monitored by a physician to prevent or alter if any problem is detected and can provide telemedicine.

Patients with serious mental illness and other chronic health conditions are using this app and highly satisfiedalso the patients with less technical abilities could use this app reported by researchers at the Dortmund College in USA.

This mobile application also facilitates patient engagement in personalized and preventive care.

It is very important for both patient and physician to involve in the development of new technology to prevent illness and self management.




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Cloud and APIs for Easy Android Applications Development

Android Applications Development

Android Applications Development

A lot of developers prefer Apple’s iOS platform more compared to other OS. Also, a lot of iOS applications are missing Android equivalents. This is because android applications development requires more resources. Plus, developers need to develop applications for a wide range of hardware, OS versions, etc. In this topic we will talk about cloud and APIs for easy android applications development.


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Artificial Intelligence in the World of Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Mobile Application Development

With an intelligent assistance in your Smartphone all the time is just like a dream come true. Performing daily task using the intelligent applications is remarkable. Well AI feature of the application is not confined just to the digital assistance, but it is integrated with a range of security to eCommerce applications. Many companies are using AI with the modern mobile application technology for a more promising and efficient customer experience. AI in the world of mobile application development plays a crucial role. So what exactly is AI?



Truecaller Receives Major and Amazing Updates

Truecaller app

One of the most popular mobile applications – Truecaller which is a nuisance for the spammers everywhere, has now got some major updates in its functionality. The major feature in Truecaller 8 (Android) is a new SMS filtering functionality. Earlier True-messenger used to do this filtration has now been incorporated into the Truecaller interface only.



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be Re-Release to the Public

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The story of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to be creating a turning point. Samsung has announced that it is going to re-release its much-controversial Note 7 back into the game as refurbished model. The company last year announced that it is going to dispose of the Note 7 models safely. However, now the company has revealed its plans to launch them back to the market  in a newer and safer form. This move is seems to be taken after considering the vocal environmental concerns over its earlier plans to dump all the handsets at once.


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Is it Good to Hire an Offshore Mobile App Development Company in the USA?

Mobile App Development Company

Hire an Offshore Mobile App Development Company

The marketing world keeps on evolving always. Earlier, promotion of businesses was done through TV, newspaper, radio, banners, etc. But as the days passed and Internet came into the picture, the way of promoting a business also changed. Businesses comprehend the benefits of the World Wide Web and thus internet marketing techniques started emerging. While many business owners are still wondering whether is it good to hire an offshore mobile app development company in the USA, through this post we would like to let you know how offshore mobile app development company in the USA can be great help in promoting your business.


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Expand Your Business From Mobile-Friendly Website to A Mobile Application

Mobile App

Expand Your Business From Mobile-Friendly Web to Mobile App

Many enterprises have recently taken a big step towards securing their presence in the Internet market, after the announcement made by Google that no website is going to appear on the search engine result pages in the event of failing to have its compatibility to mobile-screen. As a matter of fact, no matter if a website is mobile-friendly, it cannot serve a large customer base. This means that you need to expand your business from mobile-friendly website to a mobile app.


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An Insight Into the Mobile Application Development in the Worldwide Market

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development in the Worldwide Market

The digitization is widening at the worldwide level, and the mobile app usage is also taking the growth to a superior extent. Moreover, there is constant rise in demand of the mobile apps from the industry. Numerous industries and enterprises are reliant on mobile apps for their business growth. And, implementation of modern technologies and BYOD policies is becoming more significant in current world. Here is an insight Into the mobile application development in the Worldwide market.