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UPI Payment Gateway: The Future of Online Payment

UPI Payment Gateway

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, which was launched earlier this week with 29 banks. The new payment means designed by NPCI, National Payment Corporation of India is intended to bring about a change in the way online transactions are done in India. The payment architecture will allow users to make transactions effectively without needing to disclose account details and IFSC codes through aliases. Also, this allows pull-based payments. UPI Payment Gateway architecture enables users to send and receive money as well as make payments with merchants.



Android is as Safe as its Opponent iPhone


Since very long, Android was being criticised for lack of security. Even after the deployment of patches directly by Google every month, the sluggishness of intermediaries such as OEMs and carriers has put the entire platform in a position of ambiguity, particularly when compare with the more vertically integrated iOS platform.

In a security conference which was held in Manhattan yesterday, the lead engineer for Android security at Google, Adrian Ludwig stated advancement of Google in protecting its mobile platform, and placing it in direct competition with its opponent.

One of the questions that was raised was about direct face-off of Google’s new Pixel with the iPhone, and when questioned whether the both are equivalent when it is about security, Adrian Ludwig answered “for sure”. And in fact, he also stated that Android will soon “be better”, according to the report.

According to Adrian Ludwig, “In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place,” nothing was revealed about the statement. He did mentioned about Android’s built-in security product named “Safety Net”, although, saying that the service scans around 400 million devices and more than 6 billion applications every single day.

The results of these tests matched with the safety measures already provided into the OS ensure that a very small amount of devices is left out and hence possibly subject of malware — or, as per Google’s words, PHAs, (Potentially Harmful Applications). As per a graph shown by Adrian Ludwig at the conference, less than 1% of Android devices resulted affected.

To discussed the point further, he stated about previous year’s much-talked ‘Stagefright security breach’ into the discussion, claiming that even after the detection of numerous critical bugs, a real-life hack is yet to be noticed on an Android device. With mentioning that, he also said that this doesn’t mean that there isn’t nothing much left to do.

Well there is still time to see whether the plans of Google will be fruitful as per its expectation or not. It will be beneficial for both users and the company if the security issue is enhanced.




No More Worry for Passwords With ‘Everykey’


If you are worried about your bank, social media, or any other accounts getting hacked, then you must be. In last couple of years most of the people have reported issues related to identity theft. With so much increase in the number of attempted hacks every day, it will not be wrong to say that you could be the next victim of identity theft. If you’re really looking for a solution that is sure-shot and defend your accounts from getting hacked, or your identity getting stolen, or you are fed up of remembering password, then you have come to the right place. The one stop solution for all your password worries is named as Everykey.

Everykey is a small bluetooth device which offers virtually unbreakable password security for all your online accounts and Bluetooth enabled devices. It is said that this technology is also used for the military use to secure their top secret information.

What Does Everykey Do?

This potent tiny device works like your personal digital master key. It is surely going to be the future of access control!

  • Everykey works by creating very complex, impossible-to-remember passwords for password protected website and Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • The device features a military grade AES 128-bit encryption to protect those complex passwords – making identity thieves and hackers virtually immobilized.
  • The device automatically logs you into websites and devices when you’re nearby. As you walk away, the device logs you out and locks them automatically.

With this device by your side, you will never ever have to worry about, creating, or remembering those complex passwords again.

What Else Can Everykey Do?

Although, there are many other products offering such features but most of them are either partly successful or very expensive, whereas Everykey is compatible with both password protected websites and Bluetooth accessed devices. Moreover, the device easily works with multiple devices such as websites and phone, simultaneously.

In case you Lose this Device

In case your Everykey gets misplaced, stolen or is lost, you can easily lock it down right from your phone using their application or you can even call Everykey to block it for you.

Cost of this Device

According to reports, this impeccable little device is available for $128 with free shipping. If you are looking to but two Everykeys you will need to pay $115 and in case of four Everykeys you will need to pay $109. You can buy the device from the the official site of Everykey

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Google Play Introduced New System to Bust Developers Using Illegal Ways to Rank their Apps High

Google Play

Google Play Introduced New System to Bust Developers

On 31st October 2016, Google today announced that it is introducing a new detection and filtering system for the Play Store to bust those developers who use unethical ways to promote the ranking of their applications in the top charts of Google Play Store. The company stated that this will mainly have an effect on applications which practices means such as fake reviews, fraudulent installs, and incentivized ratings.

Although Google already implemented technology earlier to identify these types of illegal attempts, but the new system is a step ahead to make it more accurate. If an application moves up in the charts through illegitimate means, the system will filter it. And if the developers continue to engage in such practices the company will make their applications taken down from Play Store.

The company introduced the new system not only to stop such manipulations but also to safeguard other developers whose apps are worth to be top in the charts.

Monitoring its application store for spam and fraud is not something which is unique to Google Play Store. Even Apple has many times faced this issue in its iTunes App Store. Google suggested developers who take third-party marketing services to ensure that the service providers are engaged in lawful practices.

Google’s statement comes several months after Apple told iOS developers the company is going to clean out their App Store. The company already gave a chance to developers of neglected applications which were not longer updated or working to submit an updated version of the app, if not Apple would have all the rights to trash the apps from its app store.

There was one such case where the developer was alerted about the abandoned app in the App Store. The company gave a one month notice to the developer to submit an updated version. After the notice period was over, the app was trashed from the store.

And, recently, Apple canceled a developer’s account and discarded his applications from the store when the company came to know about the fraudulent reviews.

So, it seems if Android developers will take the Google’s action lightly, they may even have to face similar consequences.



Android is the Global Giant in Smartphone Market


A market research firm named – Strategy Analytics has revealed some statistics which proves that the global Smartphone market share of Android in the third quarter of 2016 are found to be at around 88 per cent which is 3.9 per cent more than the statistics recorded in the same period previous year. Last year the market share of Android were found to be at around 84.1 per cent. The numbers are not so significant but the figures surely indicate that Android is still expanding.

On the other side, Apple’s iOS now stands at 12.1 per cent which has dropped from the last year 13.6 percent market share. Talking about the Smartphone shipment numbers, Android Smartphones showed a growth of 10.3 per cent jumping from 298 million units last year to 328.6 million in present year. On the other hands iOS powered devices experienced a decline of 5.2 per cent which has drop from last year’s 48 million to 45.5 million in the current year.

The Executive Director at Strategy Analytics – Neil Mawston stated that the dominance of Android’s global Smartphone shipments remained firm in the third quarter of 2016, with a record 88 % of all Smartphones now running Google’s OS. Android made growth after competing every major rival platform in the arena. Apple’s iOS couldn’t stand to Google’s OS and dropped to 12 percent share globally in third quarter of 2016, because of the dull performance in Chinese and African market. BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Phone seems to be nowhere in the picture, whereas Tizen and other budding platforms were powerless due to limited product portfolios and limited developer support.

In addition to it the Director at Strategy Analytics Woody Oh added that at the moment the leadership of Android seems to be indisputable. Its user-friendliness and low-cost services makes it attractive to hardware engineers, operators and users all over the world.

However, there are numerous challenges that still Google need to come over. As the Android platform is getting overcrowded with manufacturers day by day, only a few Android device vendors make profits, and moreover Google’s own new Pixel range is penetrating its own hardware allies that made brought Android so far.


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Samsung will Invest Rs. 1970 Crore in Noida Plant


The recent disaster of Galaxy Note 7 has not made Samsung lose its morale. The mobile giant is trying to turn around the situation by bringing the Galaxy Note 7 features to S7 series. In addition to it, new investment news has been confirmed for the India market. The company is going to invest a whopping amount of Rs 1,970 Crore with the aim to double the capacity of their Noida plant in Uttar Pradesh by before the beginning 2020.

The announcement seems to be inline with Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ vision. As per reports CEO and President of Samsung India C Hong, accentuated on the same and discussed that how the investment will help provide better and robust manufacturing facility. The UP Govt also nodded to the investment to transform Noida into an electronics hub.

The Noida plant was established in 1996 and is known to have around 4,000 people. As per reports, the total number of employees which Samsung has in India is 40,000. This plant is already known for washing machines and mobile phones manufacturing, and soon this capacity will be doubled with the upcoming investment.

According to the sources, the manufacturing of phone will rise drastically from 6 million to 12 million units per month, in a frame of three-year time.

It seems that Samsung India is trying to target on one of the world’s biggest markets and that too not only in terms of mobile phones but also in terms other Samsung products. This gives a hint that the investment is the plan of something big which will go beyond the phones and washing machines.

With such a huge investment, Samsung is perhaps planning to stay ahead of the game by giving India a head start at becoming a hub of export. Regardless of the recent fiasco, Samsung still considered a highly regarded Electronic brand in India, and the company would surely don’t want to lose the grip in one of its most favorable markets.

Moreover, recently Samsung’s rival in the phone arena, Huawei, also revealed their plan to start production of mobile phones in India. Only time will tell what is actually cooking in the mind of Samsung.

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Nokia D1C: A Smartphone or A Tablet?

Nokia D1C

Nokia D1C

As per earlier reports, Nokia D1C was expected to one of the mid-range Smartphones from the Finnish Smartphone company. However, a new benchmark has unveiled that the new Nokia D1C is not a Smartphone but actually a giant tablet. Last week, the listing of Antutu confirmed that a Nokia branded gadget featuring Android 7.0 Nougat is in picture. Previously, as per the specs D1C was thought to be one of the midrange Smartphones but Nokia has something else going in the mind. It seems that with D1C, Nokia is perhaps trying to focus on an Android-based home entertainment gadget. The tablet seems to give a tough competition to Samsung’s 18.4-inch Galaxy tablet.

As per the the listing of GFXBench marked by Nokia Power User, the Nokia D1C is not just another tablet but it is an impressive device having a massive 13.8-inch display screen. According to the listing the tablet is going to be driven by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 CPU combined with Adreno 505 CPU. The tablet is also confirmed to be slotted with 3GB RAM and storage of 16GB with 9GB free for user.

The comeback of Nokia’s is being hyped as the next big thing in the world of Smartphones that has failed to introduce anything new to the table for a long time. As the deal between Nokia and Microsoft is going to end this year, the former has been reported to introduce two flagship Android 7 Nougat devices before the end of 2016.

Nokia D1C appears to run Z Launcher based Android Nougat. With Android 7, the D1C will feature added advantages of split view multitasking and enhanced doze mode. Nokia D1C will also provide SIM card support.

Moreover, as Nokia has already confirmed its tie-up with HMD Global, a Finnish mobile manufacturing company. Together they will build the next generation Android Smartphones. HMD Global is a startup by previous Nokia employees who reserves the rights to license Nokia brand for the next ten years and is promising to bring back the legacy and elegance of Nokia. The Nokia D1C will become the second tablet launched by the company after the not so successful release of Nokia N1 in January last year 2015.

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Google Has Taken the Lid off its Pixel Smartphones

On 4th October 2016 at Google’s “Made by Google” event, the company showcased how the search engine giant, which is generally associated with software, is now turning into crafting its own hardware devices. It was evident from the event that in coming year, more and more Android-powered devices will be seen with Google branding on the back. As to base the foundation of its future hardware world, Google has finally launched the long awaited two Pure Google Smartphones named Pixel and Pixel XL. As expected, the Pixel Smartphones will be available in two sizes, the standard 5-inch (having a 441ppi) and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL (with 534ppi). Both are encased with Gorilla Glass 4.

Pixel Camera

The backside of the device is a combo of metal and glass featuring a fingerprint reader in the center, with Google’s new “G” logo at the bottom. The company states that Pixel has got a stunning camera. The Pixel gained a striking 89 from DXOMark’s camera benchmarks. The device offers a 12.3MP rear camera (f/2.0 lens) and 8MP on the front.

Pixel Smartphones

Google boasted the Pixel’s ability to capture stills in low light conditions, assisted by its 1.55-micron pixels. The device also features Smartburst mode, which is designed to click several shots in quick succession. Moreover, the phone is also capable of taking 4K video at 30FPS. Those who go for Pixel will also enjoy unlimited storage on Google Photos. Plus, the new Quick Switch Adapter hardware makes it easier to transfer files from an old device.

The Pixel variant is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor, with 4GB of RAM and a 2770mAh battery that can fast charge up to 7 hours in fifteen minutes. On the other hand, the XL features a much juicier 3,450mAh battery. The Pixel comes with 32GB of standard storage standard, which is expandable up to 128GB.

Moreover, the Pixel will be the first Smartphone to feature Google Assistant AI. The new Google Assistant functioned notably during the given demo. The phone will also come pre-installed with Google’s new messaging app Duo and Allo. Both devices are the first to come with the latest version of Android Nougat (7.1), and not to forget, the company has also incorporated a customer support directly into the Pixel’s software by which the support executive can see your screen and help you with the issue accordingly.

The Pixel will be available in three colors named as –Quite Black, Very Silver, and a limited edition Really Blue.

Pixel Smartphones

The Pixel variant price starts at $649 for 32GB version and $749 for 128GB version. And, the XL is available at $769 for 32GB version and $869 for the 128GB. It will be interesting to see how these two Smartphones shape the future of the mobile world for Google and other brands.
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Hybrid Cloud Solutions are Perfect for Indian Enterprises

Hybrid Cloud

As companies all over the world are going for a secure and swift Cloud experience, Hybrid Cloud solutions seem to be the most preferred choice because of its improved productivity, efficiency, and cyber safety. How can then be Indian enterprises be left behind?

A Hybrid Cloud is an integrated Cloud service leveraging both public and private Clouds to execute distinctive functions within the same institute. Enterprises all across the globe are shifting to Hybrid Cloud faster than the expectations. This fast shifting is occurring to support digital transformation, power business model innovation, and growth.

It has been estimated that the global Hybrid Cloud market will grow to about $91.74 billion by 2021 as compared to current $33.28 billion. This tremendous growth is estimated because Hybrid Cloud solutions are capable of providing you best of both the worlds. It offers you the great flexibility of a private server along with the benefits of public Cloud.

Some of the reasons behind adopting Hybrid Cloud solutions are minimized cost of ownership, innovation encouragement, improvising operational efficiencies and allowing them to more readily meet the expectations of the customer.

Like other countries, hybrid integration is the next stage in cloud adoption in India. Hybrid Cloud helps enhance the operations’ of an organization by means of superior agility and pace, more useful reallocation of internal resources and improved relation between IT departments and business. Companies who undertook Hybrid Cloud initiatives discovered that they now can easily expand into new industries, can generate new revenue sources and can create, support new business models.

If clients continue to harvest the benefits of amalgamating their on-prem infrastructure with the Cloud, It can be presumed that this will increase their investments in new workloads on public Clouds.

The type of technology and talent that India have and end-point security demand becoming a top priority, one can say that Indian enterprises are getting safer than earlier by moving towards more secure systems.

With the correct set of compliance standards, firewalls, gateways deployed, and secure connectivity, Cloud is an absolute secure extension to the on-prem deployment.

However, it is very important to choose cloud vendors with security and compliance expertise and focus. Cloud data centers placed in the country will enhance data security. It is necessary that the public cloud vendors abide by security compliance standards and be comprehensively audited by third-party security organizations of an in-house.

Safety of Hybrid Cloud Solutions India

Thoroughly built Hybrid Cloud architectures are as secure and safe as any other choices available to CIOs (Chief information officers). The important element to keep in mind is to interlace in the security strategy at the beginning and make sure that it is holistic in its build, spanning all layers as well as data.

At present, data security is dominant in India. It will be interesting to see the future of Hybrid cloud solutions for Indian enterprises in coming years.


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Need of Mobile App Development Company in India

The innovation is in its high pace now and always concocting most recent ways and developments. A standout among the most striking development domain companies is the Mobile App Development Company in India. Everyone knows the significance of specifically connecting with where your clients are and when they are getting the least demanding path with the mobile application, they can’t disregard such valuable part. The application insurgency began a couple of years earlier and this has officially had an extraordinary effect on the lives of people. This type of advertising is becoming immensely with each new method and doesn’t hint at any going down.

With the high choice of Mobile phones and tablets, companies are going to various open doors that will drastically change how they publicise and advertise their items or administrations. Alongside its use, the total number of mobile phones on the planet is more than the total number of tablets and desktops. There are different advantages that the companies are accomplishing through their mobile applications. In this profoundly focused world, to get a huge place in the business sector and in the brains of shoppers, application development has turned into a critical viewpoint for little scale associations.


Application Reduces the Time of Customers

Mobile application gives a much quicker contrasting option to mobile responsive destinations. Web skimming requires the clients to dispatch a web program, enter a URL and sit tight for the web page to stack. Though, mobile applications just take a second to work and complete the clients’ work.


Application Constantly Keeps Your Business in Prominence

At the point when your company’s application is put in clients’ mobiles, your business is before them at each minute. It always helps them to remember your business’ presence and stop them to take administration from some different business.


Application Reduces the Expenditure

Applications lessen the cost of other showcasing shapes. It streamlined the correspondence by in a flash and straightforwardly connecting with purchasers. It likewise diminishes the staff workload by the planned strategies.

The mobile application development companies in India are expanding in higher rates. The youthful eager experts are looking forward grasping a brilliant profession in this field. Since 10 years, the mobile app development companies in India have helped various associations to show conductive uses of their business. The master experts of mobile application development are cooking the remarkable needs of their customers through the prestigious platforms. Getting occupied with the field of mobile application for a while and in the wake of taking care of a few essential activities of every mobile platform the mobile application development company in India are enthusiastically holding up to bounce into the development of any sort of mobile application.