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Best Platform to Prepare Online for All Competitive Exams

Made Easy Prime is an e-learning application shaping the minds of students and giving them better career opportunities.

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Enhance Your Competitive Exam Preparation with MADE EASY PRIME

MADE EASY is a renowned name in providing eLearning services to enhance the preparation of ESE, GATE, and PSU exams. Moreover, it has a team of experts to assist its students in clearing the SSC-JE with expert faculty.

MADE EASY group launched MADE EASY PRIME to impart the best quality education to its students preparing to clear the ESE, GATE, SSC-JE, and PSUs examinations. MADE EASY PRIME is the one-stop destination to meet the requirement of every student preparing for the competitive examination. Get a comprehensive study design to assist students in attaining their goals. Moreover, the online learning portal of MADE EASY PRIME is also a notable one to provide quality education.

About Customer: Made Easy

Made Easy is the well-known eLearning platform to prepare for ESE, GATE, and PSUs exams. Founded in 2001, MADE EASY group has transformed many careers with exemplary teaching. MADE EASY PRIME was created by the MADE EASY group to support its wide pool of high-quality online courses, faculties, and well-trained team.

After seeing the performance of the MADE EASY website and app, MADE EASY PRIME was developed. The MADE EASY group chose AppSquadz to complete the development and maintenance of their new website and application. MADE EASY PRIME has been a premium platform well-known as a synonym for quality online education.

Challenges Faced

The MADE EASY group encountered a severe problem in which they could not stream properly and complete their primary task. It was an obstacle to their goal to provide online education in real-time to all. Therefore, they want to develop a feature-rich platform to complete their live-streaming goal. Moreover, they don’t have a proper communication channel to support live interaction among teachers, students, and parents.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

MADE EASY group has a dedicated streaming platform. But, the streaming was difficult for them to handle due to the lack of new and improved features. Therefore, they chose AWS and use its cloud-based services. MADE EASY PRIME platform uses Amazon CloudFront, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, and Amazon S3. All these AWS cloud-based services help them to make live streaming easy and more useful.

Made Easy used AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Amazon CloudFront, AWS EC2, Amazon S3, and other AWS services to boost its operations. In addition, the pay-as-you-go pricing model was also crucial for the proper management of the AWS budget of Made Easy.

Why MADE EASY Chose AppSquadz

With the successful performance of the MADE EASY app and website, an idea to develop a MADE EASY PRIME application took place. AppSquadz understood the requirements of the MADE EASY group and told them about the usage of AWS cloud services. These services accelerated the performance of the MADE EASY PRIME application and website. Moreover, they have received 24/7 technical support from the expert team of AppSquadz to resolve any technical problem in the operations of MADE EASY PRIME online resources.

Solutions Offered

The MADE EASY PRIME application was developed by AppSquadz. Moreover, the application of the AWS media services by the expert developers of AppSquadz, also ensured that the MADE EASY PRIME app always remains functional and became what is expected from this MADE EASY brand. All the developers of AppSquadz worked hard to make a successful application that can work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Results & Benefits

MADE EASY PRIME application can work on both iOS and Android OS efficiently. Moreover, it provides a live streaming service to give real-time education to the students preparing for ESE, PSUs, and GATE examinations. In addition, the performance of the MADE EASY PRIME website and application was notable, with a great quality of providing a flawless UI and UX.

About AppSquadz

AppSquadz is a notable mobile and web application development company. It offers its exclusive services for developing a simple yet effective feature-rich mobile app. AppSquadz develops applications at an affordable price and ensures high-quality mobile apps. Since 2014, AppSquadz has been working continuously to revolutionize the world with digital transformation.

What our Clients say?

I feel glad that I hired AppSquadz for my project. The entire team is very dedicated and supportive. I did not expect this but they delivered my work on time and amazing results beyond my expectations. I am surely satisfied with the rhythm of their workflow.

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Why to go with Made Easy Prime App?

Wide scope of courses

Here in the application there are bunches of uncountable distinctive free and paid courses accommodating for concentrating admirably as indicated by the ability and phase of the understudy is. An alternate course is coordinated with various co tent and course study.

Announcement area

The declaration part of the application gives a customary warning about the date of the filled application structure, date of changes in enlistment whenever required, the dispatch of concede card, and date test, and so forth the segment keeps an understudy from missing any significant occasion identified with the arrangement.

Live class

The camera joining is accessible in the application to permit understudies to learn online by live class get to. It said that the primary component driving better educational outcomes is the live association of understudies with educators, and web-based learning has exceeded expectations in this by video get to.

Custom setting

The customized and custom setting highlights empower clients to roll out required improvements in the application as indicated by its accommodation. The setting segment has different focuses and changes that can assist with improving client experience as required.

Email incorporation

The client can sign in to the application by entering its mail and contact number after complete confirmation with OTP. This permits the client to utilize the application safely in an ensured manner. What's more, this spares your advancement and courses for future reference to access on any gadget with email.

Help segment

The discussion part is incorporated with a segment where understudies can enter its gripe issue, uncertainty, question, or criticism about the course and application. The immediate contact office makes the application enjoyed on the play store.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology



  • PM: Ankur Khendelwal

  • UI/UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Shubham Keshari

  • iOS Development: Pankaj Kumar

  • Android Development: Ayush Jain

  • Backend Development: Surendra Kumar

  • QA: Sonam Gusain

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