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Faqs - Ask Questions

Below you can find the list of Frequently Asked Questions about AppSquadz Software. If you have any related query please scroll below, and if you looking for something else than you may contact as soon as possible

Within a period of 15+ years, AppSquadz Software Pvt Ltd. has evolved as one of the leading & top Web & Mobile App Developers The exceptional assistance provided by 200+ dedicated Engineers, Managers & Leadership Squad has enabled us to engage visitors from India, US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

What is the Financial Model?

A cost summary shall be developed as an estimate of the costs associated with the proposed solution. These costs are a fixed price. Based on acceptance of this proposal, our team will work with you to develop a detailed list of requirements, develop your tailored solution, and provide a more focused and applicable cost estimate.

What other Quantifiable Goals are there?

AppSquadz Software Pvt Ltd. Possesses Strong Power of Users (5Million Users Base) which provides Us an Edge to Reach Every Application We develop to Maximum Users (Targeted by Client) in order to Guarantee Revenue (1K Downloads Instant Boost to Clients)

What are the Soft/Qualitative goals (e.g. Supporting a Certain Brand Image)?

Adaptive Agile Methodology for Software Development: Where we work on sprints (a sprint of 10 days) and you get to see the development progress with each day and get your feedback incorporated with the next sprint.
Multiple communication channels to communicate via Skype, phone and emails with daily team stand-up, weekly status call and a monthly management review call to make sure there are no loopholes during the complete effort.
Use proper Project management tool for setting up the milestones and bug tracking on Basecamp , JIRA and Unfuddle, to give access of dashboard to clients to view progress of work.

What Areas you are Specialize in and what is your Experience in Industry?

Commitment to Quality is in our DNA, we work to develop best apps for our client that helped us achieve big goals in less time. We are expertise in Mobile Application Development and we have 10 year of experienced Industry Managers and Team Leaders.

What is your Project Development Methodology?

Every project is unique and requires a fresh approach, but most projects pass through the following project development cycle:

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