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PPC Management Company

We leverage your market reach and lead generation at a higher pace and lesser effort on best pricing. Reach us out to experience rapid lead generation.

  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • 100% Transparency
  • Identification of Right Audience
  • Longer Existence - Better Experience

PPC Management Services Elevate Marketing Experience

There are a lot of opportunities nowadays to achieve your customers and prospects than ever before. But, at constant times, there's a lot of competition. Results pages and social media platforms are flooded with content. Immeasurable blogs, videos, and graphics are revealed every single minute. This data overload makes it more durable than ever to urge your message before of the folks that matter most.

For brand reputation unless you utilize paid search, PPC Management Services permit you to focus on your audiences (based on where they live, their interests, and more) and guarantee that your message hits its mark. The muse of our paid search campaigns is information. Apparently, before we even brainstorm a technique, we tend to pore through marketing research and get to know our clients' short and semipermanent goals. Then, once campaigns are launched, we tend to monitor results daily and modify methods once required to ensure our purchasers get the simplest doable come back.

Additionally, the AppSquadz team uses innovative technology and platforms to deliver spectacular results. However, typically, the technology we want to urge the duty done doesn't exist.

When we completed our multi-location, purchasers couldn't track cost-per-leads all the way down to the placement level. Therefore, we tend to develop PPC Management Services for a proprietary platform to create it doable. Due to this platform, we can modify paid campaigns at intervals at every location, support performance, trends, and more.

Data and technology are critical to any undefeated paid campaign. However, you'll ne'er get pleasure from semipermanent success if you don't have a partner endowed in your success.

At AppSquadz, we tend to pride ourselves on our attention to detail. As a result, our project management team responds to consumer requests at intervals. We all know time is cash – and that we hate to waste either of them for our purchasers.

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Advertising Mediums

What's Enclosed in Our PPC Services?

PPC advertising may be an efficient, prompt technique to realize a lot of website traffic, leads, and sales. For example, selecting us, you may get the below-stated services

A Digital Competitor Analysis, Including
  • Performing a market analysis of your service areas and industry.
  • Locating local opponents currently investing in PPC with higher ad positioning
  • Investigating search terms, monthly search volumes, and more in your market
  • Planning and setting revenue and cost-per-lead goals
Custom, Data-Driven Ads, Including
  • Examining keywords to observe what and how your customers are searching for your services
  • Creating an ad copy and creatives for high-performing ads
  • Split-testing ad copy and creatives
  • Conducting a rival study on ad copy and creatives
PPC Ad Tracking And Analytics, Including
  • Tracing average ad positions by campaign
  • Tracking click-through-rate
  • Tracking and optimizing cost-per-click
  • Tracking leads, calls, and sales
  • Attributing revenue to each paid campaign
PPC Campaign Management, Including
  • Managing and tweaking bids for each campaign
  • Monitoring keyword search queries and adjusting bidding
  • Controlling the average position, click-through-rate, and cost-per-click
  • And more optimizations for campaign improvement
Paid Search Campaigns, Including
  • Paid ads that target consumers based on their queries in search engines
  • PPC-ad-specific landing page optimizations
  • Coordinated paid search and SEO campaigns
  • Display advertisement campaigns
  • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns
PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms, Including
  • Paid social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more
  • YouTube advertising
  • Google Ads campaign management
  • Google Local Services ads management
  • Bing Ads campaign management

Pay Per Click Services

For getting satisfactory results, we follow the PPC process, which helps us in acquiring great results that too very fast.

  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Development
  • Tracking Installation & Testing
  • Monitor Performance
  • Analysis & Feedback
  • Ad Creation
  • Account Set Up
  • Campaigns Launch
  • Campaigns Assessment

Why Is PPC Beneficial To Your Business?


It’s a Cost-Effective way to Advertise

PPC is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business.


It Delivers Quick Results

Another reason to adopt a PPC campaign, the time it takes to deliver results is fantastic.


You Can Track Results

Subsequently, Tracking results is an essential part of any campaign, and with PPC, you'll be able to track results.


It's Hyper-Targeted

Another advantage of PPC Management Services is they're hyper-targeted. It's one of every of the foremost highly-targeted methods accessible.


It will Increase Revenue.

It will increase your revenue, thanks to the raised traffic to your website and the effectiveness of landing pages.

Our PPC( Pay Per Click) Packages

Starter Budget
Upto US $2000 One Time Set up Fee $ 400.00 Monthly Fee - 16% * of Budget
Lower Middle Budget
US $2000-US $4000 One Time Set up Fee $ 350.00 Monthly Fee - 15% * of Budget
Middle Budget
US $4000-US $6000 One Time Set up Fee $ 300.00 Monthly Fee - 14% * of Budget
Upper Middle Budget
US $6000-US $8000 One Time Set up Fee $ 250.00 Monthly Fee - 13% * of Budget
High Budget
US $8000-US $10000 One Time Set up Fee $ 200.00 Monthly Fee - 12% * of Budget
Upper High Budget
Above US $10000 One Time Set up Fee $ 150.00 Monthly Fee - 10% * of Budget
Upper High Budget check check check check check check
Landing Page Recommendation check check check check check check
Unlimited Keywords check check check check check check
Monthly Reporting check check check check check check
Conversion Tracking check check check check check check
Google Analytic Set-up check check check check check check
Daily Campaign Management check check check check check check
ROI Management check check check check check check
Remarketing Campaign check check check check check check
Custom Monthly Report check check check check check check
Email Support check check check check check check
Chat Support check check check check check check
Phone Support check check check check check check

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Virtually any quiet business will build PPC Management Services work for them. In addition, various digital promoting channels like search, display, social media promoting, and retargeting are primarily based on PPC.
Search Engine Advertising or SEM offers businesses the chance to seem within the sponsored listings of a groundwork results page. However, you must obtain it because it permits your business to appear right at the highest and grab the searcher's attention.
You should be ready to see a bearing in traffic from PPC Management Services reasonably quickly. However, seeing an approach in sales and revenue can take trial and error. It takes time to analyse for keywords, build a high-quality score, and like iterations of copy and landing pages.
PPC ads will be of various sorts - search, display, social media advertising, remarketing, Google looking, and mobile ads. They'll seem within the SERPs, follow you on social media, websites you are browsing, or appear in apps that you use.
Research closely on your competitor's activities - various tools online permit you to try and do that. Closely track the keywords. You'll be able to produce higher ads or place higher bids to be visible wherever your competitors are.

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