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Virtual Classroom Software

  • Live Screen Sharing
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Polls, Surveys & Report
  • API & Plugins
  • Fluent HD Video/Audio/IM/Chat
  • Collaboration & Moderation
Android Video Encryption

About Virtual Classroom Software

Everyone is aware of traditional classrooms and training rooms since their childhood. When it comes to the virtual classroom, it gives completely similar to traditional and training classrooms but in a more convenient way. With the help of virtual teaching software devices, the mechanism carried out students and tutors with advanced virtual classroom software has changed and they can work in real-time segments as well. The major reason to use a virtual classroom is that it offers flexibility, simplicity, and convenience over the traditional classroom which helps users to learn in a better way get it at virtual classroom software Noida.

The major integral part of virtual teaching software is to provide users i.e. the live video session, learning management system and more to streamline the productivity of businesses. The only major difference that falls in between virtual classroom and traditional classroom is that online classroom uses technology for supporting the instructions and learning and it also offers more flexibility over traditional or training space. The virtual classroom software works in a more similar fashion for business by transforming and implementing the required thing for the learners. virtual classroom software India Helpful to train and to make the learners get learned to their session is quite easy in real-time. It also helps to assist teachers and the students to communicate, collaborate, interpret in better ways and hence explain their ideas more accurately.

The virtual classroom software works in a more similar fashion for business by transforming and implementing the required thing for the learners. Virtual classroom software development company in India enables smart learning and better development of education in the country. It also helps to assist teachers and the students to communicate, collaborate, interpret in better ways and hence explain their ideas more accurately.

In other words, we can also say that the live virtual classroom is the shared online space where the instructors and the learners work together in the same space and get the advantage. The interaction between the instructor and the tutor takes place through the video conferencing mechanism best at virtual classroom software development, Delhi.

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Features of Virtual Classroom Software

With AppSquadz, your experience will be beyond each level and is a rich set of online training tools that will help learners and tutors to work simultaneously in better ways. Let us have a look at some of the basics features of virtual classroom software as below

live session

Live Session

The live online classes software open source offers the live session mechanism which is the tool to hold synchronous online meetings and live sessions with video conferencing. In this category, we provide various integral tools such as live audio/video feature, sharing of screen segments, screen whiteboards and many more.

Smooth Integration

Smooth integration is one of the important features that virtual classroom software offers to its tutors as well as their learners. At AppSquadz, we assist our learners and tutors to understand the flexibility and functionality with the existing website through our online live classes software.

smooth integration

Engage your Learners

Engaging with your learners is another most important feature that AppSquadz offers with its live class software. We help to increase the engagement with learners with real-time audio-video and textual communication, polls, and quizzes and a lot more.

Breakout Rooms

We combine various tutors' methods in one live session and thus help to interact with all the participants with our virtual classroom software. You can also conduct small group activities and can assign an individual task in this breakout rooms.

breakout rooms

Session Templates

This is another best and popular feature of online live class software that we offer throughout live class software. We provide tutors to create, reuse and share the content templates with other tutors as well that will help them to save all learning resources in one place.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

We assist our learners and tutors to enhance their computer-based training classes by sharing their entire screen or just by single screen sharing and give remote control to the students and attendees as well.


Why Choose Us?

AppSquadz offers several comprehensive sets of features that make us one of the best live online classes software open source providers and the reason among users to choose us.

Secure live streaming

Secure Live Streaming

This is another best feature or a reason to choose AppSquadz for its live virtual classroom software service. We provide highly secured live streaming services to our learners or the tutors that will make them secured at anywhere and anytime. Hence, you can log in to your account and can start with the live streaming session at any time.

Video Conferencing

High Definition Video Conferencing

At AppSquadz, we collaborate for face to face video conferencing audio-video quality for the learners or students. This way the students can enjoy the unhindered interactive live online classes echo-free audio output for better outcomes and more. We provide live video streaming which is available for the students and tutors by default.

code editor

Collaborative Code Editor

We provide a collaborative code editor tool that users can use at any time even while at their live sessions to correct their code and work appropriately. This tool is mainly used by a live classes software company to save time and is easy to use.


Advanced Interactive Whiteboard

Our advanced online virtual classroom whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode that will help users to understand and learn in the larger screen in better ways. By using this feature, you can open multiple whiteboards to draw, illustrate, show diagram, images, presentation and more things in an effective manner.


Easy Administration

At AppSquadz, you can access the online live classes from any browser whether Mozilla, Chrome or Opera within no minutes. We make it easy for our learners and tutors as well to carry out the administration activities for their live session in an easy, flexible and seamless manner.

Server Side Recording

Server Side Recording

Our server-side recording feature works in the background when the class is streaming live and is highly captured directly in our server. This means that it does not require or consume your device computing resource. We have a recording feature available for the students or the learners which helps them to checkout or revise their session at any time through live virtual classroom.

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