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Business Engagement Models

A Flexible Business Approach for Application Development

Business Engagement Models Approach For Application Development

We understand your needs and evolve our development process to suit your business. A flexible approach sans rigidity is what keeps an organisation going. Our squad works for you the way you like it and deliver a quality service for the upliftment of your business. Choose from a ariety of business models what suits best for your requirement.


We are a squad of seasoned designers, developers, strategists and marketers. With a collaborative industry experience of about 15+ years we have come to realise the importance of flexibility in doing business. Thus to accommodate your needs and fulfil your requirements we have come up with various engagement models for you to choose from. You can chose the model that suits your business value and client engagement best. You hire our people and get full benefits of our experienced professionals at your convenience.

We understand your needs and evolve our development process to suit your business. A flexible approach sans rigidity is what keeps an organisation going. Our squad works for you the way you like it and deliver a quality service for the upliftment of your business. Choose from a variety of business models what suits best for your requirement.

Overview of Engagment Model

12+ years worth of experience in providing top web & mobile app design & development solutions to the world, we ensure that your needs are met with in a timely and qualitative manner. AppSquadz Software Pvt. Ltd. offers efficacious engagement models personalized for your business requirements. Constantly changing marketplace is increasing the business complexities. Traditional rigid models are no more efficient. Today you need flexible and customized approach for successful project execution and business value. Performance engineering delivers its servics in different engagement models that best fit customer needs. You hire our people to work on your porjects. You get al the benefits of experienced and skilled developers and managers without involved in things like hiring them, managing attention and paying allowance ang benefits.

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Why Join Hands With us?

You must consider becoming our allies because we believe in growing together. We have been one of the top Android & iOS apps and web application design , development & marketing companies in India since the past 10 Years but we do not wish to pull our competitors and move forward. Our results have been consistent and the work has been appreciated time and again. We have a family of experienced professionals work through projects of almost 30 countries all over the world and hold up a strong and diverse clientele which includes partners, investors, vendors and all stakeholders. Over a span of 10 years, we have developed a strong partnership with various mobile and web application development firms and software development companies. Our work is top notch and we have always received positive feedback. We look forward to hosting you as our partners soon.

Fixed Time Engagement Model

In this model both time and money are decided upfront. At the beginning of the process the time for delivery and the cost for the project are determined and the company works in the stipulated time for delivery of the final application. So the firm desiring an application hires our resources to build a project.

In Our Opinion, This is the Model You Must Opt for If

1) You wish to receive a final product without getting directly involved with the development process as our coordinators assist you along the way.
2) You are clear about what you want and when you want it.
3) You are satisfied with a phase wise delivery of the product.


  • Finalising of requirements and drafting of proposal
  • Drawing project estimates.
  • Negotiation of time required and cost rendered
  • Team allocated and work stared.
  • Client updated about the project progress regularly on milestone basis.

Time & Material Engagement Model

In this model you pay for our services on an hourly basis. This model is optimum when there is no set barrier on time or specific design instated in the client’s mind. The project is flexible and can be kicked off much earlier without the specified research as there is no rigidity and requirements can be discussed and worked on along the way. This is a highly accommodating model with great scope for improvisations. You can hire our resources ar per your requirement(solo or multiple) and pay the company for each resource on an hourly basis. The client is kept in the loop about the time dedicated by each resource and progress of project using various techniques like PMS reports and real time tracking methods like Hubstaf.

You Must Opt for This Model When

1) Your idea or plan is dynamic and has no set requirements.
2) Require flexibility and continuous changes throughout development process.
3) Intend to be throughly involved in the process of development.

What Our Client Says
  • client profile
    Richard Hurkmans
    Deltacost, Founder

    " The mobile app has struggled commercially but, FourthScreen Labs has responded quickly and precisely to any updates or modifications requested, which earned positive results. The team's extensive knowledge was instrumental to the success of the project."

  • client profile
    Himanshu Gautam
    Amar Ujala Group, Business Head

    " So far I am very much impressed with the kind of work they did on my project. Prompt response to all my mail, what every change suggested to them they did it on time, from my side 5 stars to AppSquadz."

  • client profile
    Ahmad Haleem
    Kwikard, Founder

    " Working With AppSquadz Was more fun than business. Their young yet experienced teamof designers and developers were quite adept at understanding my project requirements. Their efforts were really reflecting in the final output of application."

  • client profile
    Dipesh Karania
    Jet Airways (India) Ltd. , Manager

    " They are stick to their vision i.e. consistently delivering quality solutions. I will thoroughly recommend AppSquadz Technologies for mobile app development services."

  • client profile
    Ravi Yadav
    Taxi For Sure, India Head - Supply

    " Been a pleasure working with Chandrakant and the team, prompt response and always delivers quality product, looking forward to working with them in the near future."

  • client profile
    Durgesh Saxena
    Bluechips Microhouse Co. Ltd., Senior Engineer, Silcon Manufacturer

    " Overall our experience in working with AppSquadz has been great. They were able to deliver a complex app design with many intricate functions. We are very happy with the design of our app and the simplicity of its functionality."

  • client profile
    Abhinav Mathur
    News Buzz Pvt Ltd, Founder

    " AppSquadz Technologies successfully delivered and launched the mobile app on the Google Play Store. The design aspect could improve but, overall, the team exhibited superior personal commitment and attention throughout the project."

  • client profile
    Shubham Saxena
    Photo Editor, Founder

    " AppSquadz Software delivered the mobile application within the timeframe and exceeded the expected quality requirements. An improvement in the work strategy was needed however, the team demonstrated transparent transactions and guarantee of quality."

  • client profile
    Pankaj Panjwani
    Mindmates Technologies, Founder

    " The platform already has almost 30,000 mobile users. AppSquadz communicated effectively, produced timely results, and demonstrated a good understanding of the technology. The team provided value-added UI designs and delivered a live-streaming featured app."

  • client profile
    Appbulous Software Pvt. Ltd., Product Manager

    " The app was delivered on time without any deviation from the stated budget. The app has received a satisfactory level of downloads and it has been well rated by users."

  • client profile
    Pradeep Singh
    Dotvik Solution, Founder

    " They are good, and not very expensive. They provide continuous support and are always available."

  • client profile
    Mona Mathur
    Million Spark Foundation, Founder

    " The client is an educational platform that connects students, teachers and parents allowing them to communicate and to discover, access and share resources needed by the students. AppSquadz Software was involved in developing an Android application framework."

  • client profile

    " Its being a great experience working with team AppSquadz. The team is exceptionally talented in the way they have executed this project and delivered on time."

  • client profile
    Vishvendra Chaudhary
    Crossahead, Founder

    " It was a great time we spent partnering with Appsquadz Technologies. They have very amazing workforce and they are very cooperative and office environment is very positive. I am really looking forward to collaborate with them in future."

  • client profile
    Sachin Kumar
    Tupelo Life, CTO

    " Initially I had doubts about the capability of the AppSquadz Technologies, but as we get along and came to know each other's method of working, I was assured of a great app for my project."

  • client profile
    Sunny Jain
    Cash gain , Co-Founder

    " I was introduced to AppSquadz by one of my friends. As my friend has already experienced working with them, I simply hired AppSquadz for my project. I was highly impressed with their quality and timely delivery of my project."

  • client profile
    Maruthi Gowda
    cEdge, Manager

    " AppSquadz Technologies was very responsive and great to work with. They developed an Android App for me, which had its challenges, and their team worked through the problems in a very timely manner for a great finished product."

  • client profile
    Kavita Sharma
    Selfieria, Founder

    " The project was executed without any issues, and the application received positive reviews and feedback. Appsquadz assigned an excellent project manager and delivered everything on time while remaining cost competitive."

  • client profile
    Manoj Tyagi
    Aashtha TV, G.M. at Aastha Tv

    " Very patient and professional team. Gave me a lot of explanations during this project, and happily shared their knowledge and expertise to help me understand the technical concepts. Communicated well, and always very much available."

  • client profile
    Pradeep Dubey
    Spice Digital Ltd, Sr. General Manager

    " AppSquadz strength is their ability to understand the business value of the software they are developing. Their understanding of the project is highly appreciated. I will highly recommend AppSquadz."

  • client profile
    Sunil Minglani
    Stock Market Psychologist, Founder

    " I approached AppSquadz to help me design and build my new mobile app and website. The company has experts in different mobile and website development platforms, so you will have a wide range of options to choose from depending on your time and technical constraints. People here are knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and just amazing to work with."

  • client profile
    Manbir Singh
    Make My Exam, Founder

    " Congratulations, Team AppSquadz! I was overwhelmed by working with you guys. Make my Exam was accomplished extremely well due to your intense commitment to your work."

  • client profile
    Pramod Maheshwari
    Careerpoint Kota, CMD

    " The level of dedication and maintenance in the company is very high, their team has impelled trending features to my project. I felt very satisfied with their service and the time of delivery it was before the deadline even. The designing strategies were surely matching my purpose that made me happy."


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