What is AWS and What are its Essential Services?

Amazon Web Services AWS & its Important Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a globally recognized SaaS-based cloud-computing platform that provides media streaming features from its data centers. Many companies use this technology to boost their streaming services. It includes fast-growing start-ups, large enterprises, and even some government agencies. They all use AWS as it is available at a lower cost to allow many businesses to use it.

AWS is an evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It is well-known for providing helpful tools such as compute power, content delivery services, and database storage. However, many companies want to use this platform to make an effective presence around the globe, but they do not know what Amazon web services are and how to use them?

But, the AWS services are not limited to the businesses mentioned above; even educational institutes and NPOs use this on a massive scale. Therefore, this article will learn many important aspects of Amazon web services (AWS).

So, let’s get started!

What do Amazon web services provide?

Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2002 with limited services; however, it now provides more than 200 services or technologies offered by AWS services. These services are substantial to let a business grow in this competitive world where most things are digital. Undoubtedly, every service which AWS offers is worthwhile. But, a few of the valuable services are given below.

AWS Elemental Media

A business can encode live videos and allow streaming to any device using the AWS Elemental Media service. It has a unique feature that facilitates the creation of high-quality streaming. After this, streams are eligible for delivery to all internet-connected multi-screen devices. This service encodes the live video streams by compressing the stream sources for distribution to its viewers.

One of the most significant benefits of using Amazon web services is that it permits your viewers to get an incredible experience. AWS Elemental Media is famous as it manages resources across many availability zones. Currently, 84 availability zones are present in the world. Along with management, this service automatically monitors the health of the live stream to detect and resolve potential issues without creating any obstacles in the live feed.

AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is the global content delivery network that safely transfers content, including videos and software, to its clients. This transfer is usually completed at a high transfer speed. In addition, it improves the access speed for securely downloading the content. This service operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. Therefore, it offers benefits to cache your content in edge locations and decrease the workload. This mainly results in the high availability of applications.

This CDN uses HTTP or HTTPS protocol to ensure quick delivery of content. Businesses worldwide use this service provided by AWS Company at a significant level. This is due to the feature that it is available at a low price because it only charges money for the transfer of data. CloudFront works when a client accesses a website to request a download, and the edge location (nearest to that area) allows AWS CloudFront to get the requested file to serve the user.


Amazon Elastic Computer or EC2 offers a secure and resizable compute facility to access reliable and scalable infrastructure on demand. We are an AWS cloud platform helping any business to match the requirements of its workload. EC2 powers all the users with complete control over the geographical locations to permit latency optimization. It has a great feature called AWS security groups which is a virtual firewall to control traffic to your EC2 instance.

All of the services that are mentioned above are crucial for a business, especially when they are using media services at a high level. These businesses get a lot of benefits, mainly from CloudFront, to deliver their content globally. Using Cloud services and solutions is indeed crucial for a company to let it grow in the online world. This is especially true when they focus more on the security of their content and smooth delivery. In addition, it provides one the significant advantages to a business by enhancing its UI and UX.

How do we use AWS Media Package to boost Online Education?

AppSquadz used the AWS Media Package in the Drishti IAS application. This mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and uses AWS resources to boost online education. Drishti IAS can use flawless lecture streaming through AWS Elemental Link and AWS Media Convert. With AWS EC2, this app can store data on the cloud without any requirement to have dedicated hardware.

We allow Drishti IAS to offer the AWS services of cloud computing to all its learners. Moreover, a user of this app can safely transfer data using CloudFront, which is the global content delivery network. Amazon S3 provides scalability and Security to this application. Therefore, this application is operating perfectly with a robust AWS Media Package.

In addition to Drishti IAS, we have also worked for EDUTERIA, Sanskriti IAS, SpringBoard IAS, Physics Galaxy, SJC, and Fast Education and provided them with the benefits of AWS Media Package (AWS CloudFront, AWS EC2 Server, S3 Storage, AWS Media Convert, and AWS Media Live).

This package enables them with flawless streaming of their online education videos and guest lectures. They can complete their eLearning with the best eLearning media streaming backed with the valuable resources of AWS.

What are the essential Streaming Services offered by AWS?  

AWS services are essential for every business to complete the task of media streaming. In addition, streaming is necessary for various companies worldwide. Amazon web services offer this service using incredible technology. A few of the significant streaming services of AWS are given here.

AWS Elemental Link 

AWS Elemental Link is an important AWS service, a High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) encoding device well-known for connecting any live video source to AWS elemental media live. For example, it helps to link HD for 1080 HD video and Link UHD for 4K HDR video. AWS Elemental Link is known to improve the quality and reliability of your online video streams. In addition, it enables all businesses to reduce the cost and complexity of devices you require to operate.

AWS Elemental Media Live

Many businesses, including YouTube creators and coaching institutes, require Elemental Media Live to broadcast their live content. It allows you to generate high-quality video streams for smooth delivery to broadcast TVs and internet-connected multi-screen devices. Furthermore, it encodes the live video streams in real-time to give an outstanding experience to its viewers. This cloud service enables a business to create streams for both live events and channels operating 24/7.

AWS CloudFront

Indeed, CloudFront is vital to delivering media content through its excellent delivery networks. AWS CloudFront or CDN is an impressive service built for high performance and security. Any streaming business needs to increase its reach of viewers across the globe in less than a second. This makes Video on Demand VOD possible to attain using all its services. Employ integration of AWS Elemental Media Live and AWS Elemental Link to start streams quickly and play them consistently.

How are AWS services important?

Services provided by Amazon web services or AWS are undeniably important to ensure smooth streaming. Media houses and Educational Institutes also use them due to the flawless media streaming services offered. The three primary services provided by AWS are given here.

AWS Elemental Link

AWS Elemental Link is an exceptional service that many use to stream their content. It makes streaming smooth, reliable, and consistent for numerous businesses.

  • Cost-Efficient – AWS Media Service is popular due to its cost-efficient feature. It helps a business to transfer videos swiftly for its delivery to viewers. With easy set-up and management, AWS Elemental Link is efficient to operate.
  • HD Video Quality – AWS Elemental Link is known among streaming businesses to maximize the quality of HD or UHD videos. It uses an advanced video compression system that constantly delivers the best video under unpredictable network conditions.
  • Video Encoding – AWS Elemental Link encrypts a video and ensures flawless media streaming. Innumerable businesses are using that to make their streaming smoother. It also connects live video sources to AWS Elemental Media Live for content delivery.

AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is an exceptionally helpful technology to distribute media content worldwide. Globally, numerous businesses use this technique to support their live videos. Therefore, this Content Delivery Network or CDN is vital for media content delivery.

  • Low Content Latency – AWS CloudFront lowers the time a user makes a request and when he obtains it. This feature has great significance as it enhances the experience of a user.
  • Content Delivery Security – AWS CloudFront prevents the overloading of website servers with the help of content distribution. It is possible by using the edge servers (edge locations) for content distribution.
  • Improve Website Speed – AWS services enhance the speed of a website. This is feasible with Cloud Services to deliver content quickly. AWS uses S3 Container to store their data to retrieve that fast, and it is available before a user.


Undoubtedly, AWS services have a prominent position in accomplishing the streaming task. Businesses rely on this service to complete the task of Video on Demand or VOD service. AWS CloudFront is the backbone to let any business attain this task.

  • On-Demand Service – From online education institutes or e-commerce, on-demand service is essential. A business can get this done using the Elemental Media Service for live and online videos.
  • Cost-Effective – Video-on-demand (VOD) content is delivered to global audiences with AWS cloud. It is known for the lower cost of using CDN for international content delivery.
  • Simple Implementation – A business is required to upload the media content (videos), define job settings, and all videos will be encoded. It creates 2 Amazon S3 Storage buckets where video files are uploaded and a destination where encoded outputs are written.


Amazon web services (AWS) is a unique cloud-based platform popular for permitting media streaming. This service is indeed helpful to make sure that content streaming remains flawless and hassle-free. Amazon web services use top-notch technologies to make this thing happen. The most significant advantage of this is getting secured and high-quality video streaming.

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