All About AWS MediaConvert Vs AWS Elemental MediaLive

AWS MediaConvert Vs AWS Elemental MediaLive

At present, video streaming is leading the world, and every business is looking forward to accepting it. However, not all companies can use this to expand their activities. The lack of encoded videos creates many problems; therefore, they require AWS Elemental MediaLive. Moreover, the absence of video file processing and on-demand videos also creates many hurdles.

Is your business also struggling due to improper video streaming? As an entrepreneur, you might need the services of both AWS Elemental MediaConvert and media live. It will enhance the performance of a business in streaming high-quality videos, live/ online streaming, encrypted videos, etc.

Before moving further, we need to see the definitions of both of these AWS services.

What is AWS Elemental MediaConvert?

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a transcoding service offering broadcast-grade features. It is an exclusive AWS service to generate Video-on-demand (VOD) content. Moreover, it helps your business to distribute multimedia content at scale. With pay-as-you-go pricing, MediaConvert is wholly reliable and easy to manage.

To encrypt video content, your business might require AWS Elemental MediaConvert DRM. Digital Rights Management (DRM) provides keys to the AWS MediaConvert service to provide content encryption. DRM is among the three options to implement with AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

What is AWS Elemental MediaLive?

AWS Elemental MediaLive is a valuable video processing service helpful for creating high-quality video streams. This full AWS service works by encoding live/ online video streams. Moreover, it is beneficial for your business to compress the video size into smaller versions for adequate distribution. It can help you to set up and run live streams or 24/7/365 channels.

Nowadays, technology is increasing continuously and evolving to become better. Similarly, video streaming has also increased a lot in 2022. Now, AWS Elemental MediaLive RTSP is available for your business. This Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) now supports the AWS media live service.

Now, let’s know the difference between AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

AWS MediaConvertAWS MediaLive
Process live video for broadcastEncode the live video for broadcast and live stream
Tools IntegrationAWS MediaLiveAWS Elemental MediaPackageAWS MediaStoreAWS MediaConvertAWS MediaTailorAWS Elemental MediaPackage
Facility ProvidedCreate video-on-demand (VOD) for broadcasting and multi-screen content deliveryFacilitate live streaming and other internet-connected devices
Purpose ServedHave more focus on delivering compelling media contentAlways focus on building a compelling live video experience

To understand it better, let’s check out the description of the differences.

Primary Objective

It is one of the significant ways to define the difference between these two AWS services. AWS Elemental MediaLive helps to encode live/ online videos for broadcast-grade live video processing services. However, AWS MediaConvert is a transcoding service to effectively create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcasting and multi-screen content delivery at scale.

Tools Integration

Integrating tools with AWS MediaLive and AWS MediaConvert augments the functionality of these services. It helps stream live/ online videos flawlessly. Moreover, it improves the purposes of using these AWS services. In AWS Elemental MediaConvert, these tools can be integrated with:

  1. AWS Elemental  MediaLive
  2. AWS Elemental  MediaStore
  3. AWS Elemental  MediaPackage
  4. AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Similarly, AWS Elemental MediaLive can also be integrated with the following tools:

  1. AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  2. AWS Elemental  MediaPackage
  3. AWS Elemental MediaTailor
  4. AWS Elemental  MediaStore

Facility Provided

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. It facilitates the creation of on-demand videos or VOD. Here, no multimedia content creator is required to worry about the difficulty of developing a video processing infrastructure. Additionally, AWS MediaLive is one of the most excellent video processing services. It facilitates live streaming and other devices connected to the Internet.

Purpose Served

Today, it is not possible for your business to focus on multiple things simultaneously. Therefore, various AWS services achieve different video content creation targets. Here, AWS MediaLive helps you to focus more on developing compelling video content. On the other hand, AWS MediaConvert helps to deliver effective multimedia content without any requirement to create a separate video processing infrastructure.

Bonus Point for you!!

One significant difference between AWS MediaConvert and AWS MediaLive lies in their work.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert works in real-time video compression into high-quality streams. It transforms multiple-input videos into multiple output formats to support viewing from many devices. Moreover, MediaConvert is a unique software service that doesn’t need any particular setup, management, or maintenance.

AWS Elemental MediaLive is a live video processing service for creating HD-quality video streams. It converts redundant live inputs into two streams of compressed outputs. It helps to create a compelling live video experience for all the viewers. In addition, this software doesn’t require a high price and increases efficiency.


Overall, various AWS services are necessary for flawless live/ online streaming. From encoding a video to compressing it to facilitate distribution, AWS is helpful for it. In addition, AWS Elemental MediaConvert and media live are beneficial in providing a perfect streaming solution.
Whether you have a high-speed website or a feature-rich application, your business still needs improvement. Here, using the magnificent AWS services will help you. However, you can’t decide between AWS MediaConvert or Elemental MediaLive to expedite video streaming. Instead, your video streaming becomes flawless using both of them.

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