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OTT Platform App Development Company

World-class OTT streaming platform reinforcing the entertainment industry with a rich and engaging viewing experience.

  • DRM integration
  • Video monetization
  • Analytics & marketing
  • Multi Devices Support

AppSquadz Standing out as Exclusive OTT Platform Development Company

Technological transformation is introducing a new face of entertainment far from the radios and cinema century. Now content producers can reach an expanded audience in lesser efforts by OTT platforms India. The geographical region had been no more concern with televisions now cover regional audience as well with your content. Deliver your content with complete security and earn the highest ever ROI.

The people living in metropolitan cities have a very hectic schedule, they find OTT a plus point in time utilization. Whether they are traveling by metros, waiting on the platform, or having breaks, People of different age groups and locations can directly reach your content (like movies, TV shows, videos, web series, serials, short films, documentaries, etc.) on OTT live streaming platforms. OTT development companies India also introduce OTT music streaming apps.

AppSquadz is one of the best content delivery and OTT streaming service providers with complete video encryption. We are introducing the OTT Platform loaded with high-quality graphics and a feature-rich interface. Our high-end OTT app development solutions are inspired by the most innovative trends. We build and customize a secure stream OTT app that indeed meets your business requirements. Get a competitive user interface that can lead your Market towards a robust customer base. As top OTT app development company, we have a well-built team of skilled professionals who originate a new set of innovative ideas every day.

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Highlights of OTT App Development Solutions

Here are the significant benefits that startups and businesses will get from the development of Video on Demand OTT video streaming services. First, it clearly shows a top-level standard and uniqueness of the services we introduce.

OTT Highlights

Video Marketing

OTT app development solution that raises your video content to gear up marketing and popularity on high efficiency.

  • Metadata Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Replace Video, Not the Link
  • Social Media Integration
  • Recommendation Engine
OTT Highlights

Video Monetization

A best and vast range of video monetization options drives a high return on investment by the content produced.

  • Subscription VOD
  • Transactional VOD
  • Advertising VOD
  • Third-Party Ad Integration
  • Server-Side Ad Insertion
OTT Highlights

DRM & Security

High-end protection to the video OTT platforms with anti-capture and anti-recording security protocols.

  • Geo-blocking
  • Exhaustive Access Control
  • DRM System
  • AES Encryption
  • Screenshot Prevention
OTT Highlights

Video Analytics

OTT software is smart at tracking and analyzing the streaming performance to scale up the business’s success.

  • Audience Timeline
  • Engagement Graph
  • Live Dashboard Report
  • 3rd Party Analytics Integration
  • Custom Metrics
OTT Highlights

Robust Video CMS

Entire video content management system in single Software gives you centralized and robust access control.

  • Multi-Screen Delivery
  • Offline Download
  • Unlimited Upload
  • Drag-And-Drop
  • Multiple Video Format Support
OTT Highlights

All Device Player

High-quality content streaming on Low latency to introduce a satisfactory viewing experience with zero interruption.

  • Player SDK for Android/iOS
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Subtitle Settings
  • HLS & Dash Adaptive
  • Faster Playback

Services Offered by AppSquadz under OTT TV App Development Solutions

The spectrum of features gathers and gives rise to a competitive market-ready Software. OTT video platform providers at AppSquadz introduce custom OTT app development services for a wide range of devices and platforms.

OTT App Development

Smart TV App Development

OTT streaming TV development solutions compact to versatile platforms, resolutions, and viewing environments. A flexible user interface fits all screen sizes. Innovative practices over various app segments, supporting content such as entertainment, media, gaming, and TV interaction on big screens.


Fire TV App Development

Amazon Fire TV app development services include constructing feature-rich applications customized to perform well with Amazon Fire TV. In addition, Amazon plugins and third-party OTT India streaming services are integrated into the application to improve the viewing experience.

app management

Apple TV App Development

Apple TV is famous for the development of user-centric viewing environments. We develop high-performance OTT and streaming apps using XCode and tvOS development tools. Apple OTT Platforms in the USA include a highly engaging user interface that directly targets iOS device users.

app testing

Roku TV App Development

We build the most brilliant OTT video streaming platform for different Roku TV forms and product variants in media and entertainment, such as Roku Premiere, Premiere Plus, Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Express Plus, and the all-new Roku Streaming Stick. Powered with Hotel and Dorm connect.

app navigation

Google Chromecast App Development

Custom OTT app development solutions for Google Chromecast introduce a fantastic viewing experience with features like automatic resolution adaptation, video thumbnail generation, automatic video trans-coding, etc. All developed by leveraging technologies in the bitrate system.


Video Chat & Conferencing System

Web conferencing and online meetings are conducted on OTT platforms in India, browser-based applications, session recording tools, webinar management applications, and more. Advanced feature integration gives rise to the next level of live interaction on the web or Software.

Highlights of OTT Video Platform

The Software we introduce at AppSquadz is highly incomparable and fully featured. Read further to know more.

OTT App Development


Get the customized Whitelabel Top OTT streaming services, and grow your business on a wide scale with a clean chit brand image in the market.

OTT App Development

Live Streaming

Stream your video live on OTT web or Software with incredible viewing experience and control comment access on your content.

OTT App Development

Cloud Transcoding

We make the range of viewing formats like MPEG-2, AV1, H.264, etc., available on any operating system or media player.

OTT App Development

Content Partner Portal

Collaborate with owners of the best OTT platforms and become the host of discrete content on your platform.

OTT App Development

Live to VOD

Record your live stream along with comments visible. It lets the on-demand viewers fulfill their real-time viewing needs.

OTT App Development

Progressive Web App

Flexible UI/UX by finest app developers introducing high-quality streaming experience on all types of devices.

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What do you Get in Admin Panel under OTT Platform Features?

Video content producers and managers will have complete access control on the entire process inspired by security and management.

User profile

Powerful Admin Panel

We design and customize a robust OTT streaming India to give you complete control over user account, content, and interface.


Videos, Category and Users Management

Admin can categorize the video content to make a highly scalable and user-friendly environment on the OTT platform.

in app purchase

Multiple Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateways allow a large number of users to subscribe feasibly. As a result, it is an excellent trigger for higher revenue.

wish list

User Management

Admin can monitor the user activity on its video content and then periodically analyze viewers' trends and choices.

screen mirroring

SEO Friendly Design

We design an SEO-friendly OTT platform that simplifies your content's marketing strategies and audience reach.

social feature

Records and Statistics

You can track and analyze the app performance through the reports generated in a particular interval of time.

How can you Scale your Business by OTT Streaming Services in India at a Comprehensive Level?

Real-time OTT online video platforms for content performance management, marketing, and measurement.


  • Bulk Upload: Import a massive amount of video content to the OTT streaming apps library in just a single shot.
  • Drag & Drop: Present your content in any format on OTT directly from your device.
  • Video Scheduling: Enterprise OTT content management system to plan, schedule, & publish videos.
  • Subtitles: Adjust subtitle settings over video like allow, disable, language control, etc.
  • Multiple Video Format Support: Upload and stream videos in various format combinations on OTT.

OTT Video Marketing

  • Metadata Management: Optimized meta tags for video marketing, making them search-friendly.
  • Recommendation Engine: Suggest content to users by AI-powered algorithms on OTT solution.
  • Social Publishing: Social media platforms integrated for direct content delivery to a broader audience.
  • Lead Capture Forms: Conduct inquiries and generate leads easily using your video content on OTT.
  • Replace video, not Link: OTT ensures to replace pre-published videos without changing the link.

OTT Video Analytics

  • Live Dashboard Report: Analyze user activity like behavior, watch duration, and selections.
  • 3rd Party Analytics Integration: 3rd party tools like Google or Microsoft analytics to track traffic on OTT.
  • Custom Metrics: Generate and collect critical insights to evaluate the OTT platform performance.
  • Audience Timeline: Real-time automatic statistics and demo graphs on OTT for quick captures.
  • Engagement Graph: Follow the measurable metrics number of views, page per session, etc.

Shield Your Content with Security Protocols in the OTT Platform

Strong Encryption

Multi DRM Solution

DRM is integrated to protect rich content copyrights by prohibiting unauthorized violations.

Video Playback Attribute

AES Encryption

128-bit cryptographic keys in Live OTT streaming software help to secure audio/video content.


Password Protection

The password-based security system increases OTT platform streaming protection.

Screen Capture Protection

Screen Capture Prevention

OTT app is secured by sturdy shield techniques to protect your content integrity.

Features of OTT App Introduced by AppSquadz

Fully Customized: Custom design and development according to your business theme and ideas.

SaaS or Saab: Enjoy using Software as a service or product on a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Support: Get complete support after deployment regarding OTT streaming server updates & maintenance.

User Management by CMS: Manage your video content library and track user activity on the content management system.

Multi-Device Platforms: Highly engaging development by OTT Companies functional on all devices and OS.

Video Monetization Model: Earn high revenue from your video content by various VOD monetization models.

Deep Analytics and Insights: Get the data analysis and stats to analyze the content preference by the audience.

Digital Rights Management (DRM): Protect your content with the Video Multi DRM solution integrated on the OTT app.

Social Sharing: Social media API to enhance audience reach leading to the vastest customer base.

IT Infrastructure: IT base infrastructure for the fastest and smoothest end-to-end content delivery.

Built-In Video Marketing Solutions: Market your Video in your OTT streaming devices, app, and on search engines directly.

Payment Gateways: Multi payment gateways to ensure a large number of subscribers.


Benefits of Contacting AppSquadz for OTT App Development Solutions

Custom UI/UX
admin panel
Robust admin panel
Dedicated team
Dedicated team
On-time delivery
On-time delivery
Prompt support
Prompt support
High security
High security
Agile infrastructure

Industry-Specific OTT App Development Solutions

We tailor future-ready OTT Solution infrastructure for the niche you are willing to target

Media & Broadcast: Report real-time news, podcasts, events, etc., directly to your audience.

Filmmakers: Stream your exclusive content on your own OTT and earn higher revenue.

Sports: OTT sports streaming live from all remote areas easily in the most convenient way.

Education: Online live classes and recorded video lectures for successful distance learning.

Fitness: Useful OTT interface for feasible training sessions for fitness trainers.

Religious: Organizations willing to conduct religious events, Lectures, recitations, discourses, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you wondering about OTT vs. Streaming? It's all about engagement after content. The greater it is engaging more significant the audience will be. We at AppSquadz, the top-rated OTT streaming platform development company, are very promising for world-class services. Reach us to experience the best design and development solutions along with highly secure service interoperation.
Over the top platform abbreviated as OTT is a video streaming platform like Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Hotstar, etc.
OTT service providers are major content production companies, and OTT owners produce and upload video content on OTT apps. For example, owners are considered OTT service providers for Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Hotstar, etc.
OTT platforms are a great way to earn revenue. Content uploaded on them is viewable on decided cost, this is how it works.
Roughly cost depends on the type of interface and functionalities you are going for.

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