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About Drishti IAS

Drishti The Vision Foundation, popularly known as ''Drishti IAS'' was founded on November 1, 1999, for proving education specifically to civil service aspirants. Their branches are in Delhi, Jaipur, and Prayagraj. Drishti, the vision foundation is being successfully running for years and has reached many milestones of success. This prestigious institution has launched its android application with the name "Drishti Learning App". This app is easy to use and has a smooth interface, providing an efficient eLearning experience. The aspirants and renowned teachers can communicate effortlessly through the app and even access the class notes, syllabus, practice questions, and lecture videos online or offline.

Drishti Learning App is available in google play store for free, where any civil service competitor can download it and find learning material that can assist him in preparing for the examinations. The application has an interactive and dazzling design. The app is bug-free with regular updates and has a smooth integration that functions skillfully with the android operating system. The app is bug-free with regular updates and has a smooth integration that functions skillfully with android OS. Moreover, the app is integrated with the AWS media package that includes elemental benefits to provide users with an immersive experience of AWS media content.

AWS Media Package Includes

AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that let the client distribute content globally through a network of proxy servers.

AWS EC2 Server

AWS EC2 is secure, resizable compute in the cloud, offering the broadest choice of processor, storage, networking, OS, and purchase model.

S3 Storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service let clients store content online. Amazon S3 is a scalable storage infrastructure that offer performance too.

AWS Media Live

The AWS Elemental Media Live allow the client to broadcast live videos in adaptive qualities. It is fast and simple to use.

The online classes on the app are available directly from the Drishti IAS, Delhi, Jaipur. With the application, students can study from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the online eLearning material can be accessed from the application in the form of AWS media content. Furthermore, the students can access the practice tests to keep a check on how much they have learned.

The application is also integrated with the discussion sessions where doubts and ideas are exchanged throughout with other learners and instructors. The app is available on Playstore with the name Drishti IAS and can be used smoothly on any android device. Amazon Web Services are the most comprehensive and broadly accepted cloud platform. Every organization fulfills its necessary services from AWS. Moreover, the application is integrated with AWS servers that enable safe video lecture streaming. Here, the students can save their activity for further reference while learning and preparing.

AWS Server Integration Instills in the App:

  • Large storage
  • Performance analysis
  • Save activity
  • Secured streaming
  • High quality content

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Why to go for Drishti IAS App?

Test Series

For every serious aspirant, the Drishti IAS exam series has become an important tool. The app comes up with countless test series that provide an ample amount of practice to the student. Hence their speed of attempting questions increases automatically, which boosts their confidence.

Offline Learning

Students can easily download the study material through the app by downloading it on their Secure Digital (SD) card or a pen drive, which can be a blessing in disguise for those unlikely to have continuous internet connectivity. In addition, this offline learning feature is a two-way sync between the student and the mobile application, ensuring that the offline progress is updated on the mobile app.

Live Classes

Virtual classrooms are quickly becoming one of the most necessary components of today's educational platform. Drishti learning app provides live interactive classes that explain all concepts visually where students can ask their doubts through the chatbox. This tool allows you to do everything from lead and attend live sessions to watch recordings of previous lessons.

Magazines and books

The application provides a special section where the students can read numerous books and magazines according to their syllabus. General knowledge is one of the hardest to clear any competitive exam; thus, reading these magazines and books is the best option to excel in the examinations.

Email integration

The Email integrational support in the app help student to get regular updates, of course, syllabus, tests, class notes and others through email so that the student receives notified even if they are not active on the app or website.

Push Notification

The app features a notification area useful for periodical pop-ups about the newest changes and news about the exam, such as the test date, admission card release, application form, and others, so that students don't miss out on important exams alerts.

Wide range of courses

Drishti learning app has got every civil services aspirant covered. The app is a one-stop destination where the students have access to every critical topic in passing the examinations with flying colors.

Help and Support section

The help and support section in the app assists students in getting support directly from the Drishti institute, where they can get their queries sorted out and give feedback about the classes, courses, or the mobile application.

Language integration

The app's content is available in Hindi and English, allowing users to learn in the language they are most comfortable with. Usually, students residing in North India are more comfortable in Hindi, whereas South Indian students prefer English.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

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  • PM: Satya Prakash Malhotra

  • UI/ UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Devasheesh Mishra

  • iOS Development: NA

  • Android Development: Bhumesh Kumar

  • Backend Development: Mohit Chaudhary

  • QA: Santosh Prajapati

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