How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Taxi Booking App Like, Ola Or Uber

Taxi booking app

Travelling by shared or rental cab has become the more convenient way of commuting for thousands of people these days. Technology is advancing and so is the pressure to develop high quality functioning apps which can serve many people. Taxi booking applications are one such vertical where millions of people engage to book taxis for their commute. If you want to develop a similar application like OLA or Uber, how much will it cost you in terms of amount and time? How much investment should you make to gain maximum returns, what is the least amount in which you can engage most customers and develop a fully functional taxi booking app. We have the just the right kind of support that you may need.

Having a diversified portfolio in developing various iOS and android mobile applications like Taxi for sure, Grab taxi, lift India, Pool my car etc. for taxi booking & ride sharing, we have a good level of expertise in this field. Thus we will be able to give a good idea as to how much it will cost for developing an OLA or UBER like application.

The architecture of OLA is not very complex. It is divided into certain segments as follows:

Driver App:

The driver’s app will contain separate profiles of the drivers with a login and signup. This segment will include options for the driver to accept, request or cancel a ride. This app will also give information to the driver about their daily goals, incentives achieved etc.

Passenger App:

The passenger application will consist of an option for booking and cancelling rides, an option to contact the driver, location services to track the ride and payment methods. This application must include in app payments to make the experience of the customer easier.

To develop these two application segments, there are many necessary aspects you will have to look into to reach a definitive cost estimate.


This will involve the designing of your logo, mockup designs, app prototyping and finally graphic designing which will enhance the UI and UX of your application. UI & UX designing of mobile applications plays a major role in deciding the fate of the application.

Team : 1-2 designers

Time : 2-3 weeks

Cost : 3000 – 6000 USD

Read here to know the importance of designing in mobile applications

API Development:

This is a compulsory feature for interfacing of to and fro communication between the driver and passenger application and the people who supervise it.

Team : 1-2 developer

Time : 3-4 weeks

Cost : 6000 – 10000 USD

iOS, Android or web app development:

This determines the platform you c hose for development of your app and it can vary greatly depending on the features you chose to incorporate into your application.

Team : 1-2developer

Time : 3-4 weeks

Cost : 8000-15000 USD

Here is a list of some of the basic features your taxi booking application should have:


Time: 20-25 hours

Cost: 1000-1500 USD

In app messaging and communication between passengers and drivers:

Time: 20-25 hours

Cost: 1000-1500 USD

Location and coverage:

Time: 40-50 hours

Cost: 2000-2500 USD

Rating and feedback:

Time: 10-15 hours

Cost: 700-1200 USD

Summing Up:

So upon calculating with our odds in mind, we can say that developing an application like OLA or UBER will cost approximately 30,000-35,000 USD in a time frame of 45-60 days!

The given costs are an estimate and can vary depending on your platform and preferences. While there are many app development companies who provide for such services, you’ll still have to formulate a criteria for choosing the best ones which have flexible business engagement models to provide you with both quality and economical work.

If you have more questions about developing an application similar to OLA, please let us know at [email protected]  and we will help you navigate from start to end!

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