How can 5G benefit the Mobile App Development Industry?

Mobile App Development Industry

Today, we rely on the internet to complete even our daily tasks, even the basic ones. From searching for a grocery store nearby to ordering those groceries at home. Currently, everything is at our disposal because many things are available online. Here, we are using the internet to complete our daily work. Starting from the first generation internet or 1G, today, we have a 5G network. Indeed this is a remarkable achievement, especially in the mobile app development industry.


All About AWS MediaConvert Vs AWS Elemental MediaLive

AWS MediaConvert Vs AWS Elemental MediaLive

At present, video streaming is leading the world, and every business is looking forward to accepting it. However, not all companies can use this to expand their activities. The lack of encoded videos creates many problems; therefore, they require AWS Elemental MediaLive. Moreover, the absence of video file processing and on-demand videos also creates many hurdles.


How AWS and AppSquadz are making Educational App Development easy for EdTech?

Educational App Development

EdTech emerged as a new way of learning in 2022. We all are witness to the impact of COVID-19 on our education system. It is correctly said that necessity is the mother of invention. At that time, the whole education system shifted online. To go online, educational institutes choose live class software. This software helps them develop, manage, and schedule online classes easily.


10 Outstanding Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2022

mobile app development frameworks

There is a continuous expansion in the use of mobile phones as their users are increasing continuously. Therefore, developers use the best mobile app development framework to build robust apps. Therefore, a developer needs to have accurate information about the application development frameworks. First, however, we should look at more details of the app development framework through an example.


How much does a Mobile App Development Cost in the 2022?

Mobile App Development Cost

Presently, most businesses are planning to develop a mobile application as their potential customers are available there. At present, 2.87 million (approx.) Android apps are available on Google play. This makes it a business to invest heavily in the development of mobile apps. As billions have smartphones in which they can download mobile apps for the development of an application. However, they are concerned about the App development cost. For this, they are required to pay something as everything has a price tag.


Web Development Cycle of a Web Application

Web Development

With the revolution in information technology, many businesses shifted their offline business models to digital applications. Today, web development is considered the most effective solution for many brands to make their services reachable. Moreover, the difference in online presence comes in Native apps for mobile phones and web applications. Today, we all use a mobile application to make sales and purchases of more than one product and get them on time.