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UPI Payment Gateway: The Future of Online Payment

UPI Payment Gateway

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, which was launched earlier this week with 29 banks. The new payment means designed by NPCI, National Payment Corporation of India is intended to bring about a change in the way online transactions are done in India. The payment architecture will allow users to make transactions effectively without needing to disclose account details and IFSC codes through aliases. Also, this allows pull-based payments. UPI Payment Gateway architecture enables users to send and receive money as well as make payments with merchants.

What is UPI Payment Gateway and How Does It Work?

UPI payment Gateway is a kind of online payment interface that allows all bank holders to send and receive money through their Smartphones. With the payment interface, users don’t require to provide account information or net banking user ID/password.

It is easy to use the interface. First of all, users need to download UPI app such as iMobile (for ICICI Bank customers). As the installation is finished, you are asked to create your own Virtual Payment Address known as VPA such as xyz@pockets or xyz@icici to start using UPI. The payment architecture can be used to make payment directly to merchants as well as send and receive money from other individuals.

What Should You Know About UPI Payment Gateway?

This payment architecture has drastically changed the payment system. High level of security, ease to use and swift responses are some of the prominent features that make the UPI Payment Gateway the most popular of all online payment means in India. Here is a list of some essential things you need to consider:

  • Payment architecture from the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), Unified Payment Interface allows easy and fast transactions via aliases. It enables pull-based payments and you do not need to provide account details
  • With UPI, there is no need for payment gateways to maintain relationships with each bank for settlement or to have a relationship with the NPCI
  • Allows merchants to have an alias to facilitate payments
  • No need of wallet or net banking for payment

UPI Payment Gateway enables users to pay and receive payments across all accounts without needing to give account details. Merchants can too build up aliases to facilitate payments. In addition, there are much more advantages of using UPI Payment Gateway for both individuals and merchants as well. UPI is now publicly available. Check if your bank has released an updated mobile app with UPI support already.

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iPad Apps Development

Top iPad App Development Company Saudi Arabia at Affordable Cost

iPad App Development Company Saudi Arabia

iPad App Development Company

With the launch of affordable iPhone with impeccable features, more and more people are looking to own a phone. The trend of owning an iPhone is more dominant among business class. This means building a mobile app for iOS is the best way to target ever increasing audience with high spending potential. The process of development is very complex and intricate and requires advanced acumen in the same field. So hire the best iPad app development company Saudi Arabia that provides not only flawless coding but also design the app in a way that best suits your business requirements.

Build a Pool of Loyal Audience with a Mobile App

Completion has increased across the world, pushing businesses to change or improvise the way they function.  The swift and accurate response is a factor that plays a vital role in the operation of a business. It is by far the best way to build a pool of loyal audiences. Building a mobile app will allow you to do this with little effort. The best iPad application development in Saudi Arabia aims at developing apps that work wonders in all respects. Be interacting with an audience over social networking sites or sending them a newsletter or educate them about a product or service or with apps you can do that entire thing in the fastest and effective manner.

Top iPad application development in Saudi Arabia focuses on building iPhone applications with a robust interface that provides super smooth and convenient user experience.  User experience is the most crucial factor that you must keep in mind while planning for building an iPhone application. Providing a greater convenience and pleasant experience to users help build loyal customer to your products or services. Thus spending an iPhone application with cutting-edge features is a great investment that brings the best role over a long period of time in a multitude of ways.

Advantages of Hiring the Best iPad App Development Company Saudi Arabia

Time is the most important factor in the business world. As an entrepreneur, you must understand the importance of time. Will you want to waste your precious time over doing the same thing again and again? No, not at all is your answer. And that is why the top iPad application development in Saudi Arabia is most sought after by businesses of all sizes looking to build a mobile app for iOS enabled devices. Have a look below at some prominent benefits:

  • Reduce cost on project
  • On time completion
  • Easy integration
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Super smooth operation

In addition, there are much more benefits, says a senior coder at AppSquadz, a leading fast growing application development firm providing cutting-edge iPad App Development Company  Saudi Arabia and for other major platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.


Android Apps Development

Benefits of Android App Development USA

Android App Development USA

Android App Development USA

A lot of Android application developers have entered in the industry in the recent past. As a matter of fact, there are numerous strong reasons associated with this. Android is an open source platform that enables the developer to have an edge over his opponents. The community of developers is persistently working on different apps and feeds it with the latest technical and sophisticated advancements. This makes sure that the Android platform is less susceptible to breakdowns, apart from being free of bugs. We have mentioned a few benefits associated with Android app development USA.

Maximum Earnings with Minimum Budget

It is very affordable to invest in an Android powered system. Also, you can easily get an experienced Android app developer at cost effective rates. Android includes no licensing charges and you can easily develop advanced apps with least outlay. Loads of innovative apps are now being made with Android, used by millions of devices across the globe.


There is no restriction as far as developing apps for Android is concerned. Android application developer can craft numerous applications, without the need of license expenses. Apart from that, a simple SDK construction does not ask for more resources. You can provide multiple revisions to your clients. Alteration programs are easily and freely available, which will further minimize the costs of development. Businesses have garnered a lot of profits from Android based programs, particularly mobile phone suppliers and wifi workers.

Advanced Integration

Android app development is suitable for all sorts of inter-app integration. In a situation where you have numerous programs and wish to unite or cross-promote them, Android is undeniably a perfect platform. Android technology is ideal for every closely weaved connection between different software apps. A lot of developers have been using Android to innovate apps.

Better Syndication

You can make use of a lot of techniques when it’s about developing Android based apps. With Android, it is possible to disperse different sorts of retailers by using syndication programs. For example, clients can disband Google to personalize your offer and market your products or services. There are numerous solutions revolving around Android based apps, helping you build advanced Android applications.

As per your budget, you can hire Android application developer to develop innovative apps for your business. Before you hire a developer, you should make your own research in order to formulate the best Android app. Technology keeps on changing at a swift pace and it is very crucial to hire a developer who is well versed of such changes, so as to make sure better compliance of your Android based apps.

AppSquadz Technologies specializes with Android App Development USA. With years of experience, the company has assisted hundreds of clients across the globe by developing remarkable mobile applications as per their requirements.



Developing Work Culture in New Startup

Developing Work Culture

Every office has, and requires, its own specific work culture, regardless of the size of the company. And, new startup businesses are no exception to this fact. While company cultures do not build in a day, businesses that cover the globe or even a couple of countries have varied traditions to deal with. Developing work culture in a new startup takes a lot enough. Having employees of diverse customs interacting with each other can sometimes make bad things worse – but what about nestling new startup businesses?

“Company cultures” can have different meaning varying from company to company. Traditions of a business may influence the type of talent which is attracted to it, the company’s clients, the good or bad reputation the brand has developed, and even the reputation of its products/services – this is all comprised within the hood of ‘company culture’.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of new startups are established all around the world – and right from their outset the management or the business owners start to think of ways to go worldwide. Most of them will blur almost as soon as they are instituted. Some will survive to see international shores, but only a few will get themselves rid from the label of “new startup” and move to the other shores. The answer for this is in their cultural work traditions only. It unites the employees and the company together in one strand.

The companies which wish of going worldwide but fall short , more usually than not have a management for establishing company traditions – which is usually a combination of customs, ethics, and a way of life.

And, for companies which have gained success, the team that has been together from the start must scatter to other countries and set up branches of the company as a new startup on every new place. They take the culture of their company with them and adapt them to the new work environment without giving up on the core values of the company on which it was founded. This in itself is a task and very crucial to overcome.

While it is essential for a company, comprising a new startup, to have some specific traditions, ethics and a style of working, but these should not be carved in stone. It is equally imperative to have a flexible work culture. This will make it easy for new employees to adapt to. But, it best not to bend the core values of the company so much that they are violated.

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Mobile App Development

Hire Top Mobile App Development Company Saudi Arabia

Mobile App Development Company Saudi Arabia

Mobile App Development Company Saudi Arabia

Mobile applications have seen a huge increase in the demand across businesses throughout the Saudi Arabia. At the same, the numbers of app developers have increased many folds. No matter your business is in Jeddah or Mecca Region, you will find a company that provides mobile application development for businesses in diverse fields. But for a great app that works really wonderful, it is important to hire a top renowned mobile app development company Saudi Arabia.

No dearth of companies providing web and mobile application designing services in Saudi Arabia! But it is really a trick job to find top mobile application development companies that have a track record of successfully turning an idea into a great robust mobile application. There are a few such companies out there with the right acumen and know-how coupled with significant experience in building mobile applications that best cater to needs of businesses across the country and provide a more sophisticated and effective way of interacting with their audience in the fastest manner.

There are many factors that play a vital role in building a mobile application that performs as desired. From coding, designing to graphics, a good mobile app is the confluence of the best. This is what makes it inevitable to hire a top Mobile App Development Company Saudi Arabia that has been providing superior quality solutions for mobile application development projects.

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed name that provides the most competitive yet affordable web & mobile app business solutions for a number of business organizations in the diverse fields. It has a pool of Google certified premium app developers who commit and demonstrate exceptional professionalism in building mobile applications.

With significant experience in the field, AppSquadz has successfully developed over 350 mobile apps, which reach to around five million potential users. It is among a few top app development companies in Saudi Arabia, which have achieved this feat in such a short span of time. The best thing about the company is that it has a pool of highly talented developers and designers who are updated with the latest trends and standards in application development on the regular basis. And thus they are more competent to build a mobile app that makes a great change in the way of doing a business. Trust AppSquadz for your next mobile app project and rip a number of impressive benefits for your business.


Web App Development

Benefits of PHP Application Development

PHP Application Development

With the widespread access of internet and the coming of a wide range of at affordable cost, the people are spending a chunk of time over their Smartphone. Be searching information or products or shopping goods, the internet has emerged as the single most convenient and effective tools for millions of people across the world. If you want to target those people using the Internet to meet more of their needs in daily life, it is a good idea to have a responsive website application. And that is what PHP is all about. Here is a crucial insight into some great advantages of PHP application development and how to find a company that can take on your project effectively.

Benefits of PHP application development

Comprising of a number of cutting-edge features, PHP provides plethora of benefits. Features like Easy LDAP communication, formation & manipulation of PDF, Adobe flash & image files and solid capabilities for parsing of strings and most importantly compatible with different data source systems make it a great platform widely used for building web applications that provide hosts of benefits. Look at some of the most prominent benefits below.

  • Affordable: it is the best choice for developers. Being open source, PHP costs nothing. If you have a low budget for your project, it is by far the best option for you. All you need to do is just check those top PHP application development companies providing world-class affordable solutions to businesses in diverse verticals across the USA.
  • Compatible: It is user-friendly and versatile and can work with a number of database management systems including My SQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL server, IBM DB2, and Poster SQL.
  • Responsive: Applications built using PHP is very responsive faster processing and quicker navigation as well as efficient page loading. With powerful output buffering, it increases the output flow.
  • Protected: Safety is what makes PHP one of the most widely used platforms for web application development. It is used to develop safe and secure applications that are well proven and tested through frameworks such as Cake PHP, Zend Framework, and symphony.
  • Flexible and SEO Friendly: The applications built on PHP are more flexible in terms of architecture. Also, the apps developed in PHP have more potential for customization.

So hire a PHP developer who has got the right acumen to build a robust highly responsive application that works across multiple databases effectively. If you want a great app for the competitive cost, AppSquadz Technology Pvt. Ltd. one of the fastest emerging top apps development companies in the USA with expertise in developing apps using all major platforms.



Mobile App UX Design Services in the USA

Mobile App UX Design

Mobile App UX Design USA

Every individual at AppSquadz Technologies is dedicated to produce state-of-the-art, functional applications while constantly improving their performance. We are a fervent service provider Mobile app UX design in the USA. We always keep in mind that design process is part of everything that affects an end user. We work hard to find solutions that fit perfectly according to our clients’ varied needs and we do that by creating user interfaces that are suitable, usable, desired – and meet clients’ defined budget.

AppSquadz believes in build a remarkable mobile experience and we persistently endeavor on it. We don’t just build a mobile app that looks great, but we also design mobile app UX or user experience that engage the user. We consult with the client’s business to get a clear idea of what client is expecting from a user of the app and build the app on the basis of that. Our enthusiastic team of designers and web developers work together to convert your need into a mobile solution that has high user experience & demand. Our mobile solutions are appropriate and aesthetically pleasing on many levels.

Designing Experiences

We understand that a meaningful and to the point content is important for an app’s success and a compelling imagery and layout is equally important to catch a user’s attention.

Crisp and Meaningful Design

At AppSquadz, we make sure that utmost care is taken to have a regular accumulation of the most interactive elements throughout the app.


Optimum utility and its use by customer is the main idea of any application. Here we can make it efficient, task-forced and mission-driven so that your users can achieve their goals with minimum time and effort.


It is important for a customer to first understand any application they first use here we simplify the complexity and significantly increase the pace of learning process of your web or mobile application. We ensure that your users can easily learn and accomplish basic tasks every time they meet the design.


We make it easier for you to win the hearts of your clients by making sure that user doesn’t face any hassle and feel empowered when using your app.


We keep the cost low as we have deep understanding of the process of Mobile App UX Design. It enables us to design apps that are highly functional since the beginning so that the cost of re-works can be avoided.



iPhone Apps Development

iPhone Games App Development in the USA

IPhone Games app development

iPhone Games App Development

The market of iPhone games app development in the USA is flourishing swiftly, and the credit for its success goes to the efforts put by thousands of creative companies and individuals involved in developing games for iPhone platform. In this article, you will find that how individual programmers and developers can develop games and deploy them to the iPhone app store. iPhone game development has helped many creative and skilled developers to get rid of their monotonous day jobs and begin working on their own projects. If even one of your games reaches the top of the iPhone app store, you will be able to mint thousands of dollars per day. Developing an engaging and interesting game which connects with iPhone users can change your life drastically. Moreover, one doesn’t even need to be a hardcore programmer for iPhone games app development in the USA.

When you have a crystal clear idea of the type of game you are planning to develop, you can train yourself to transform your idea into a game for iPhone. Below are some of the tips for iPhone game app development.

Get the Appropriate kind of PC, get to Know the iPhone SDK

In order to build games for iPhone, you will need a PC with an Intel Processor and MacOS X. You will also need to have a good internet connection and knowledge to use the iPhone SDK. Your PC does not require being an expensive monster; a simple PC with a fine internet connection is sufficient. You can easily download the iPhone SDK from internet for free. It will include everything that is required to develop and test your game like development environment Xcode, interface builder, reference library, iPhone simulator etc.

Learn Objective C

One cannot start his/her journey as an iPhone game developer until he/she doesn’t have a good command over objective C. If you’re good at C/C++, all you will need to do is to get familiar with the API’s of iPhone. You can find all the other information and assistance easily through internet. If you are at the initial steps of the development, you can easily learn programming by introductory books and Objective C tutorials. Don’t get stuck up on theory, just start making a program using Objective C and get as much practical experience as you can.

Join iPhone Developer Program

Once you get the right idea for iPhone Games App Development in your mind, you will need to develop a strong skill base to convert your idea into an engaging iPhone game. Join the iPhone Developer Program. Just sign up for this program and agree to the terms and conditions of Apple to put up your developed game in the app store. Even if you are yet to finish your iPhone game app development project, you will still have to register for the program to get access to code testing on actual iPhone. The development process can last from 2 months to a year depending the complexity of your app.

Submit Your Game and Begin Marketing

Once you are done with the final version of your iPhone game, you will have to submit it to the app store. If you finish the process without making any errors, the game will be published. And remember that you will not start making great sales in the first few days; you will need to market your game and make it popular among the users. Introducing a free ‘Lite’ version can be an excellent way of making your game loved and popular.


News & Events

Which is better – Corporate Job or Startup?

Corporate Job or Startup

With social startups and the Internet gaining attention in the media from the last couple of years, many people would think that joining a small business is the best career move. And, as there are plentiful benefits of working in a startup environment, big companies also offer a lot. So which is better- Corporate Job or Startup? Read below to know in detail.

Reasons to Work at a Startup-


Most startups are popular for having a laid-back, fun environment. You will rarely find a formal dress-code policy or thick book of employee manual. Startups generally offer casual dress codes, a fun atmosphere which often fades the line between fun and work, and plentiful of employee morale encouraging activities. However, never let the casual dress code make you think that everything is fun and game. Successful startups employ people who are very innovative and motivated and will expect the same out of you. You want your colleagues and boss to have great expectations so you will give your best.


Startups generally operate at the swift pace. They are persistently trying to impress customers, develop technology, functionalize processes, appoint employees and pitch investors. With such persistent efforts increased the opportunity for more projects per person than you will find at a big organization. Moreover, if there are a lot of responsibilities, it means that there is going to be a lot of opportunities to shine and excel.


Most of the start-ups are not able to achieve the objectives they aim for. However, for those which do, the employees who joined at the starting can make out quite well financially. This can happen in many ways; quick promotions within the company, better earning, stock options, and a better job in case joining a different company. After all, every company wants to hire winners.

After reading this, don’t straight away jump from your big company job to join a startup. Like everything, there are boon and bane of working in a startup, and big companies can provide a lot of advantages that startups just can’t contend with. Below are some reasons to work at a big company.

Reasons to Work for a Big Company-


Looking to learn a new technology, want to attend a seminar, or want to get reimbursed for further education? It is almost not possible in the startup. On the other hand, a big company has the cash to fund such types of training. Beginning a career at a large company can provide long-term value by enhancing your job skills through training and education.

Large Workforce:

In the big organization, you’re more likely to come across a lot of smart, skilled and creative people to learn from and connect with. Having such connection down the line in your career can be very helpful. Also, searching mentors to guide you in your career moves may end at large company as you may easily encounter such people in there.

Startups Are Tough:

In clear words, if working in a startup atmosphere would have been easy, everyone would have joined it. The working hours are long, advantages are slim, and the risk is big. Employees who are searching for a stable environment and a “comfy” job shouldn’t look for a startup.

Deciding whether to work at a big company or startup can be quite difficult. There are pros and cons of both. Anyone switching a job from one type of company to another requires understanding what’s crucial in their life and then figuring out which type of organization to go for.

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iPhone Apps Development

iOS 9 Applications Development for the USA

iOS 9 Applications Development

iOS 9 Applications Development

Dexterous in the sphere of iPhone app development, especially iOS 9 applications development for the USA, AppSquadz Technologies offer the quality-rich iOS 9 application development services on the ground of clients’ special project requirements. Being a global service provider, AppSquadz have employed 80+ skilled developers to meet the bespoke clients’ specific requirements. With the successful delivery of 400+ projects, they have become a praiseworthy web and mobile app development company in the USA by rendering incredible services.

Having catered an extensive array of high-quality and sophisticated services, AppSquadz Technologies has become a preferred choice of many clients for all sorts of iOS/iPhone app development solutions. The objective of our their services is on quality along with the on-time project delivery. They allow you to direct your business towards success with the help of goal-oriented services that appropriately strengthen your business. AppSquadz is an iPhone/iOS app development company, that lives up to mark to execute your complex requirements easily and competently. For any iOS 9 Applications Development for the USA, AppSquadz is the most preferred choice.

Service Offered by AppSquadz for iOS 9

iOS 9 Game Development

Optimum utilization of advanced framework to build the multifarious games which can enhance the business and optimize different essential skills.

Education Application Development

Veteran and qualified in building native education apps for all the iOS platforms to ensure better and easier experience in learning.

Financial & E-Commerce Mobile Application

Features capabilities in building iOS 9 app which can streamline the financial management and online shopping efficiently and effectively.

IPod/IPad Music Application

Offers the next level of experience in playing music with excellently designed iPod and iPad compatible music app.

Social/Chat Applications

Connecting people and simplifying socialization with marvelously developed chat applications which can run on iPhone platforms.

Travel Applications

Travel app to abridge travel based business and widening the gateway for the business to improve revenue.

Online Booking Applications

Familiar with online booking applications development technology which can smoothen the online booking system and streamline the enterprise.

Application Social Media Integration

Receptive to varied techniques and strategies to code advanced business apps that come with Social media functionality.

Maintenance & Back-End Support

The support and maintenance team is active all the time to help the clients in managing and deploying the iPhone app flawlessly.