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Employ an Excellent Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services

Cross-platform mobile app development is the best approach to cut the cumulative cost of developing a mobile application. Moreover, it assists the businesses to diminish upgraded charges time-to-market and to attain more users and followers without deteriorating the quality. Besides our premium cross-platform app development services, we house a development team specializing in PhoneGap, Webix, and other modern technologies and frameworks.

Enterprise-centric App Development Solutions

To start with the project initiation, our team helps in designing, developing, and deploying applications that cater to your enterprise needs. Cross-platform mobile app development depends on diverse factors, including the devices your clients and customers prefer or most often use. With immense experience in React Native, Flutter, Ionic App, and all other cross-platform app solutions, our developers conduct market analysis and inquiry which furthermore leads to successful outcomes.

Our transparent approach assures that the budget, expectations, set milestones, and other objectives are weaved together to furnish a high-performing Cross-Platform application. Our adept professionals will assist a business to expand its online operations via cross platform mobile app development services.

Being one of the top cross platform mobile app development company, AppSquadz Software serving more than 30 countries. The developers here are entirely proficient in accomplishing their task of developing useful cross platform applications. We have the necessary experience in helping numerous clients located worldwide and building an impressive app for them. Our company is genuinely professionals and uses the latest methods for developing cross platform applications.

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Cross-Platform Development Services

We are engaged in building high-quality, robust, and feature-rich mobile apps that work across all platforms through our cross platform web app development service to provide a delightful User experience.

End-to-end mobility solutions

We provide end-to-end mobility solutions for diverse Enterprises which deliver a rewarding and seamless experience to the users via cross platform app development.

Cross-Platform UX/UI Design

Designing for multiple platforms is a challenge faced by most of the cross-platform app development company; we follow a unique and agile approach for furnishing the best UI/UX designs.

Cross-Platform App Porting

Our developers are capable of providing App porting services for iPhone, Android and iPad as well as our cross-platform app development service permits accessibility to the applications.

Multi-platform app development

The cross platform web app development builds an application with in-depth analysis as well as that is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems meeting enterprise-wide challenges.

App development for all expedient frameworks

We develop apps for all possible frameworks and are well-equipped with all expedient frameworks namely Xamarin, PhoneGap,Ionic, Sencha, Mobile Angular UI to name a few.

App Testing & Marketing

Our testing team renders Cross-Platform automated App Testing services and adopts a unique marketing approach to deliver effective Cross-platform apps.

App Maintenance & Support

We consistently monitor the performance of the app and address the dynamic expectations of your audience by our app maintenance and support services after Cross Platform App Development.

Technologies in Which we Excel

We understand the superior needs of next-gen app users, and hence we focus on innovation. We house an experienced team of developers who are well-versed in using technologies, languages and frameworks to develop a robust and scalable app for multiple industries.

  • Flutter
  • Node-JS
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap

Privileges of Cross-Platform

For a company who values reduction in costs and time-to-market moreover the client having perceived knowledge of the Industry surely will go for cross-platform app development. With our cross-platform mobile app development company, you get

Business Point of view

  1. Significant development cost reduction
  2. Reduced administration risks
  3. Broader Target Audience
  4. Increased Revenues
  5. Time-Saving without cutting usability and fundamental features

Client point of view

  1. An opportunity to enter new markets on a global scale
  2. Great reach to a large audience at once
  3. Reduced Investment
  4. Multiple features within the same app
  5. Keep you visible to your customers globally on all platforms

Development Process

Our cross-platform mobile app development services conceptualize, design, develop, manage, secure, test, and deploy as per your requirement. No matter whether your app is targeted to the enterprise or consumer market, our Cross-platform app experts have the expertise to build a quality-rich Cross-platform app to meet strategic objectives at a reasonable price.

1. Discover


2. Define

Requirement Definition
SRS Document

3. Design

UI/UX Design

4. Develop

Coding & APIs
Testing/ QA

5. Deliver


6. Support


Our Strategy - Hire Cross Platform App Developers

We have tailored the different business models to hire full-stack Cross-Platform app developers from the cross platform mobile app development services based on a fixed cost, T&M based, and monthly.

Parameters Fixed cost Model T & M Model Monthly
Payment Based on Delivery Milestone Pay as you Go-Basis Payment on monthly basis
Duration of Project As per the Contract It may vary, if changes persists from the end of client As per the contract
Communication Effective communication throughout the app development Effective communication throughout the app development Effective communication throughout the app development
Advantage Cheaper than the other models Changes could be altered, if required Changes could be altered, if required
Work Evaluation of project at the end Tasks are separately evaluated Tasks are separately evaluated
Timing Fixed time for app project No fixed time decided Fixed time period allotted
Methodologies Agile methodologies along with the latest technologies Agile methodologies along with the latest technologies Agile methodologies along with the latest technologies

Industries we Cater

Over the years, our expertise in Cross-platform app development has allowed us to acquire prowess in the majority of industries. We put our best efforts to transform user experience and maximize the level of customer satisfaction for every industry. Some of the industries we cater are listed here.

Our Values


100% Transparency

We Maintain 100% Transparency and Precision in every aspect with our Clients.



We adopt a customer-centric approach to work as per the specific needs of clients.


Motivation & Growth

We have been working for aiding our clients in gaining growth and maximum ROI.


Flexible Engagements

We operate our development using flexible engagement models.

Work efficiency

Work Efficiency

We have been working with adequate efficiency to deliver what our clients desires.

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

Our team provides 24*7 support and maintenance services to the clients globally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is the form of building applications compatible with various devices having multiple operating systems. In short, it is the activity of developing a single application that works on various devices. This is well-known for the activity of reducing application development efforts.
When it comes to cross-platform application development, one of the most important benefits is the availability of reusable codes. These codes can be used to build apps quickly using the same code as used earlier. As a result, it saves precious time and effort in building newer apps.
Cross-platform mobile application development requires the use of various programming languages to work. Among them, a few of the useful ones are Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Kotlin, and Swift. These languages assist in the development of the biggest and the most useful apps.
The exact cost to develop a cross-platform application depends on various factors. A notable one is the exact specification of a business about that app. However, the cost ranges from $20,000 - $50,000; Contact AppSquadz Software Pvt Ltd for accurate details.
Yes, cross-platform app development is valuable to expand any business online. It is helpful for any business to develop its activities and grow its revenue without obstacles. This also ensures that a business strengthens its online presence and builds brand awareness.

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