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Uber, Ola Clone Taxi
Booking Application Features

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Uber, Ola Clone Taxi Booking Application Features



Taking the best features from most of the Taxi booking application, Caber Taxi App is design the target the users who are facing the problems in commute from one place to another. Through this application the user are able to book a cab at place and any event.

Uber clone script

Register & Login

User can sign up or login in application using his/her credentials.Sign up using mobile number or facebook or Google account is also possible.

Early scheduling of rides

Schedule early rides by using the calendar and time slot available in the application.

Uber clone script
Uber clone script

Variety of vehicles & rates

Choose a variety of vehicles depending on the needs and the available rates for the same destination.

Modify your current location on app

Using the application the user can customize his/her location If the server is unable to detect the correct one.

Uber clone script
Uber clone script

Various Payment Modes

Choose from the various mode to pay for the rides

Discount and Promo Codes

Choose for the various discount and promo available on different rides.

Uber clone script



Once a cab is booked, the application script & taxi dispatch software provides users with both live map tracking & real-time in-app notifications regarding their status of their booked ride.

Uber clone script

While Cab Booked

User are able to track the location of cab which are booked as well as able to contact the driver to guide them to his/her location.

After boarding Cab

User are able to track the way down to his/her destination with the estimated time.

Uber clone script
Uber clone script


User will receive a detailed invoice after every ride end that will be stored in the history of the ride.

Feedback & Ratings

A feedback form with ratings would be share on each ride end.

Uber clone script
Uber clone script

Referrals & Discounts

Referring new users over the application with the unique codes would allow users to unlock discount coupons and offers.


For easy and quick access to payment user can choose the e-wallet which can be recharged by using credit or debit cards.

Uber clone script


Housejoy Clone
  • Bird’s View

    Detailed view of all the registered users and the drivers, including their booking details, location , Scheduled booking are easily viewed on a single panel to solve the issues in minimum possible time.

  • Manual Bookings

    Far from the device or facing any problem with booking in emergency,Your cab is just a cab away by manual booking option. Call to the CABER TAXI APP taxi booking for your manual booking.

  • Track Cab

    View the status of each cab with tracking feature and respective job status.


Housejoy Clone

Easy to switch

User can easily switch between corporate and personal account in just a single step.

Easy Integration

User can directly access his/her business account by sharing the his/her credentials with the firm to access business options.

Easy to use

Booking and liv-tracking of cab features remainssame for the easy use.

CABER TAXI APP Taxi Admin Panel

Housejoy Clone
appscrip images


Manage all drivers over the application, their ride, availability, add, update, delete, etc.

appscrip images


Setup and manage fares for various on-demand ride sharing services based on cities, vehicle type, hourly rates, surges etc.

appscrip images


Manage promotion codes, setup them and referral campaigns on your customizable CABER TAXI APP taxi software.

appscrip images


Tracking each taxi over real time location as they are available on the application and checking the status of each booking.

appscrip images


Accounting system that track the earning for each driver registered over the application on the daily basis.

appscrip images


Accounting system that track the earning for each driver or operators registered over the application on the monthly basis.

appscrip images


Manage details of various taxi, pool option, seadans, etc. booking services present on your customised CABER TAXI APP application.

appscrip images


View all ride bookings & trips in real time on a map across cities or manually created zones.

appscrip images


Creates zones on the map for providing services and deciding rates accordingly.

appscrip images


Our taxi booking software now comes with a Corporate module integrated. This enables your custom taxi booking script to integrate with various businesses as an employee transportation solution.

appscrip images


Integrated with Stripe for quick payment processing on the Uber clone app.

appscrip images


Maintain high quality standards using ratings and reviews left by customers as well as drivers.

Our Technologies


Native Apps with MVVM architecture via Swift 4 & RxSwift. Declarative coding via ReactiveX enables us to describe complex asynchronous workflows at a high level in a few lines.


Native Apps with MVP clean architecture & RxJava. Perfect for asynchronous data streams. Learn more about the benefits of Rx programming in app development


API’s are written in pure Node.JS, following the best clean coding & MVC clean architecture guidelines. We additionally use Node.js for our app performance monitoring services as well.


Using Docker for our app containers , you can build, ship & run the app, anywhere. Our app containers are based on shared operating systems and microservice architecture . This makes it much more efficient in terms of system resource utilization and additionally, utilizes the server-worker model for super scale and performance.

Real-Time Functionality

Provided via open source message brokers. Ensuring every function call runs immediately and seamlessly in the app. Perfect for any kind of on-demand service provider.


Distributed database with high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution that is built in and easy to use. This ensures the application can handle large user volumes during userbase growth.

Angular 5

Used for our admin panel. Angular 5 allows us to build state of the art progressive web applications. Using the build optimizer tool, we can reduce the size of our javascript code as well as remove any unnecessary parts or run time code - This makes our application lighter and faster as well.


Most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s. Use of keychain in the iOS to store all credentials, SSL powered API’s, use of JWT for the API’s, reverse proxy setup on the load balancer, proguard on Android etc.


Using our proprietary Node.js Application Performance Monitoring(APM) service, you can can easily monitor your app as well as detect and react to potential issues beforehand. By monitoring the app on a service/host/instance level - Our APM services ensure that your app is always on the top of its game.


We’ve integrated our APM features with a Slack bot. You and your team can receive immediate updates on the status of the application, at any given time. You can additionally request the Slack bot to give you app performance updates.

Best DevOp Practices

We ensure that the app is completely functional at the end of the day with each milestone depvered to you as quickly as possible and clear communication between you and our team. We implement Jira for project management, Bitbucket for version control, Slack for monitoring and communication, Skype for conferences and quick chats, Scrum board/Sprints for task management and Crashyltics/Fabric.io for bug reporting etc.


Javascript library that combines uses new ways of rendering webpages combined with speed of Javascript. Using ReactJS, developers can re-use code easily making apps easier to develop & maintain. Additionally, the Virtual DOM in ReactJS makes user experience better and the developer’s work faster.