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Learning Management System (LMS)

“Assisting Organizations to adhere to Unique Training Processes and Workflows”

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS), concept that directly emerged from e-learning is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Today, LMS makes up the largest segment of the learning system market, and a majority of the LMSs focus on the corporate market.

Though LMS is focused on online learning delivery but supports a range of uses, it helps organizations to address the training needs as it allows instructors to deliver teachings to the users, administer the test and other assignments track their progress and manage record keeping. Also, Learning Management System development helps organizations to meet the business goals by integrating all training functions that are spread over the organization.

In the past few years, the dramatic shift to the net and the increased demand for more accessibility, mobile application, and web-based applications have taken the learning technology in a new direction. So whether imparting education or corporate training, it's imperative to adopt the latest technology to manage training materials, curriculum, and evaluation tools.

We are an expert Learning Management software development company offering you highly customizable modules in the LMS that will enable organizations to quickly design, track and distribute learning materials among many.

We develop electronic course work and deliver it with unprecedented flexibility to address your most complex training needs and provide excellent value for money. Our mobile app developers have the acumen of delivering highly effective training programs and manage its execution to get the desired results following a comprehensive learning strategy.

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We Facilitate with our Customized LMS Software to


Corporate Sector


Education Sector



Staff Training

With Learning Management Software, employees acquire explicit knowledge or skills to enhance their performance in current positions.


HR Assessment

For ensuring that the employee will fit in with the organization, a Human Resources Manager can conduct a motivational record and an organizational evaluation.


Corporate Training

LMS Software enables employees to reinforce those skills that every employee necessitates to develop.




LMS software assists a school by providing its students, access to course material, missed lectures, and practice tests.


College/ Universities

LMS software permits Colleges and Universities to upload material data like case studies, course material, report parameters, practice papers, and notes for students to refer to and successfully manage distant courses as well.


Coaching Institutes

Via LMS Coaching Institutes can share study materials, sell their classes, conduct tests, and present students with analytical data on their performance at their disposal.

Features of the Learning Management System


Unlimited Content

One can generate unlimited courses with PowerPoint, Video, PDFs, 3D videos, and CSV files that students can access anytime.


Easy Management

LMS helps in easy management of big and significant training that involves hundreds or thousands of learners.


Powerful Reporting

LMS software helps you measure your trainee's performance of online and instructor-led live training, all in one place.


Mobile Management

With the help of LMS mobile app, you can manage your training program efficiently and conveniently.


Control Account Access

LMS software describes the functions that regulate different levels of access to account settings, billing, content, and groups.


Multimedia Content Support

You can upload as many texts, audios, images, animations & video files or import from cloud storage as well.

Added Benefits


Skill Enhancement and Personal Growth


Time and Cost Savings in Training


Automated Learning Management


Process Automation and Realization


Content Sharing and Management


Increased Conversations and Collaboration


Less Manpower Involvement


No Human Error




Time & Cost Saving

Our Modules

Content Management

With LMS, create and manage content seamlessly and effortlessly, making it easier for administrators to upload the content they want, and make frequent changes to the content.


Via dynamic assessment portal of ours, evaluate your given tests & quizzes and display advanced analytics, also competitive data about students pursuing the same courses.


LMS mobile app presents an integrated payment gateway, including all significant modes of payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets, making it more comfortable for you to sell your courses to the students.

Custom Branding

We assist you with white label LMS Solutions for you that enable you to give your users a personalized and beneficial experience which, in turn, adds to your brand value.

Live Classes

LMS Solution has the magnanimous feature of Live Classes that enables instructors/ faculties to connect with faraway students in real-time. Also, it empowers them to engage with them the same way they engage in regular classrooms.

Security Features

We offer complex & dynamic security and encryption protocols that ensure your content and tests are secure; so that doesn’t leak potential revenue due to unethical external involvement.

Course Management

With our dynamic course management portal, you can update, edit, add, and remove courses as per your requirements as well as current curriculums requirements.


Traditional practices followed earlier made learning boring. Combat it with adding gamification which employs game mechanics as part of your teaching strategy, making learning/training more engaging and exciting.

Social Learning

It includes learning through observations of other people’s attitudes, views, and their outcomes. LMS helps you with incorporating social learning in your pattern by which students remain on par with their competition at all times.

Explore the Services we Bring to you


LMS Software Solutions

At AppSquadz, the professionals will present customized and scalable learning management systems, Course Management Systems, courseware, and Electronic Performance Support Systems from scratch with intuitive User Interface (UI) and productive User Experience (UX).


LMS E-Learning Software Services

Being proficient at LMS mobile app development, we develop and integrate learning management systems with SCORM tools, including the SCORM Engine, SCORM Cloud, and SCORM Driver.


LMS Integrations

We present responsive design features including HTML5 native support, geo-location / localization support, HTML5 publishing, multi device / multi screen views, and more.


E-Learning Platform Development

We develop web-based, desktop, and mobile learning environments, including Web-Based Training, Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, and mobile learning.


LMS Mobile Applications

We create LMS mobile applications for smartphones and tablets using cross-platform, Short Message Service, and push notifications technologies for iOS and Android OS.


LMS Digital Communication Interfaces

We integrate synchronized, asynchronous, and combined learning applications, including social learning frameworks, messaging, multimedia, web/video conferencing, streaming, recording, and other technologies.


LMS Corporate Training Solutions

We develop corporate portals and sign-up modules that enable corporations/organizations to buy or build e-learning courses with features intended to connect employees to training.


LMS E-commerce

We develop custom training e-commerce platforms, including shopping carts, payment gateways/payment processor integrations, Electronic Data Interchange, and tracking & analytics.


LMS Maintenance and support

We’ll provide 24x7 support and maintenance services to you. Also, we will be managing offline functionalities via caching, offline libraries, and local storage.

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