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How to Sell Mobile Apps to Local Business

Mobile Apps

In couple of years Mobile apps can play a vital role to increase your revenue in your company. The impressive part of customers now everyone have an Smartphone and this opens up new chance to increase sales and Customer Loyalty with their own branded Mobile application. Here we tell you some tips how you can easily promote or sell your Mobile application to Local Business-

  1. Show your Demo App in their hands– Building applications with AppSquadz is easy; you just pay when you really publish an application in the application stores. So simply invest enough time to make your application abilities and make some really good application demo you can showcase to potential customers. You can do this by giving them a chance to show application on their mobile app which is a much more convincing.
  2. How Does Your Product Help Them- If you want to begin your own business, then it can be expected that you have confidence in the estimation of your item. What’s more, since you are offering B2B that esteem must make an interpretation of over to fit your customer’s business goals. The weight of evidence is on you, the sales representative. You can tell your client how your Mobile application can help business and give a profit in near future.
  3. Turned into an Event application support- Wherever you live, there’s dependably an occasion in your society or nearby group that could utilize an application. Consider everything from a games club competition to class celebrations or raising money occasions. Turned into an occasion support and make an occasion application for free. This will set your name as App building in the event network. Different Sponsors will notice the application and will recollect that you as their favored Mobile Application Development Company.
  4. Mobile customer Service– Every Business needs a mobile customer service, Mobile applications can also help organizations better help their customers. We have to respond to customers inside four hours in order a specific end goal to keep our reputation for awesome service. “ permits our group of client services reps to get to client interchanges from anyplace, which empowers them to continue top of rising client requests.”
  5. Have a Solid Sales Process– A Solid Sales process in any industry, however particularly in the application industry. Helps to establish a life span in your Company and practicality in your item. Remember that since most organizations are building their Mobile presence, the customer pool is fairly bigger. So you require a strong Sales team, so that small companies pick your application Company over another.


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Cyber Attack Hit ATM’s: How to Save It?

Save your ATM from Cyber attack.

As we all moving to digitization in every field. India seems in problem from Cyber attack. Recently 30 million debit cards issued by the biggest banks in India may get some malware in their ATM systems. This seems that how fast technology will affect you.

This modern hacking plan included a gathering of International hackers who hacked into a credit card processor that took care of exchanges for Prepaid MasterCard debit cards. Axis Bank said the malware attack was recognized in time and was properly informed to the RBI. The bank’s internal monitoring system recognized such a danger as of late and the sum total of what steps have been attempted to kill the same, it said. “We remain focused on our clients and it has dependably been our attempt to guarantee that our clients’ advantages are constantly secured. There has been no misfortune to our clients,” Axis Bank said.

India’s managing an account is generously done through ATM’s, debit cards and Credit cards, and now, increasingly by Mobiles Apps (Mobile App Development Company in India). As we embrace the Unified Payments Interface, the requirement for all-round security mindfulness will be more prominent, for skimming information from unprotected Smartphones will be vastly simpler, particularly when client mindfulness about safe practices and anti-virus protection for mobiles are basically non-existent.

Save Your ATM: Always keep in mind when using your ATM

  • Never let anyone see you entering Pin.
  • Always wait for the Welcome Screen to be displayed after transaction.
  • Ensure your mobile numbers are well registered with your respective banks, and you get your alerts on time.
  • Watch out if anyone is there in ATM when you are using transaction.
  • Always change your Pin with in a particular time interval and don’t write the Pin in your mobile, dairy or any other place especially on the ATM cards.
  • Do not hand over your Card to anyone, because it all about security.
  • Never chat or talk on your Smartphone while transaction because it’s distracts you.
  • Use only your Bank ATM as possible.

In the Digital world Of Future, where Russia, China and USA investing huge money in secure from Cyber-attacks. Hacking of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton emails is also in news. So India will also take a further move to save the digital world. Government should start a cyber-awareness program, our dependency on Chinese hardware and software should be ban, because they are cheap and easily hacked products.

India needs to secure their market from malware attacks and Make awareness from the School level.

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Why Your Restaurant Needs A Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant Apps can deliver an outstanding guest experience, accomplish effectiveness, earn business and increase profitability. Today, there are number of restaurant apps so you can easily order your food at home or book a dining table in your restaurant. You can easily boost your Restaurant business with your Mobile App Development. Today every Restaurant has a Mobile App Service, because they know very well that Mobile apps are the key to increase your business. The reasons why you need a Mobile App for Restaurants-

  • Help in Promotions: The Mobile application is a new thing to develop your mobile apps new considerations and discount notifications. You should simply upgrade the points of interest on the app and the client consequently gets a notice on the latest deals. Development is the way to extraordinary achievement in a competitive world, and this application permits you to proceed with most up to newest innovations to set benchmark standards.
  • Easily Reach your menu to your audience– Mobile is a new channel to connect with your customers and the greater part of your cafes get to web by means of mobile apps to get data easy and in a quick way. You stand to benefit most from this surge in Mobile search pursuit as eating out is regularly a motivation choice made while on-the-go. Mobile applications and Mobile upgraded destinations empower your clients to get data on your restaurants, when they require it most.
  • IN-APP ORDERING– Everyone wants take time to order for food, so they have their app to order it. In Mobile App Development requesting will permit them to not just put in a request that will be printed specifically to the kitchen, they can pay for their food to maintain a strategic distance from any further open protests. What’s more, best of all, in case you’re truly in a hurry, you can refer to a previous order and reorder easily.
  • Manager will upgrade services by your feedback- The extensive digitization of restaurant resources empowers the manager to analyze histories and services results to take smart choices in updating services for food and about the other things. This Mobile will very beneficial for your business growth, when you got feedback.
  • Better Management of Demand and Operations- Restaurant applications can better help you manage peak and off peak times, smoother your restaurant operations by allowing guest to hold tables, order their food, and pay cash on delivery.

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides you best Restaurant Mobile App that user can easily order their food or moreover it will be user friendly. AppSquadz is a leading fastest Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. Expertise in Android, iOS and Windows. Need a Mobile app Contact


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How to Hire the Best Candidate for your Startup?


There are certain things that a startup should need to know regarding recruitment as how to draw and engage the most suitable candidate in their organization.

1.) Look for Attitude and Intellect over skills

Attitude and Intelligence should be valued more over skills and experience. It is easier to train a smart candidate for a job, but it’s almost impossible to implant right attitudes and values in him/her if he/she doesn’t already have them. By this, it doesn’t mean that knowledge is not required. A combination of knowledge and the right attitude is what should be looked in a candidate.

How to Test the Right Attitude and Potential?

It is nearly impossible to judge a person’s attitude and experience accurately in an interview or two. Even if you have given the test, you can know only about one’s knowledge and not about the attitude.

To know about one’s attitude and potential accurately, offer the candidate 3 months internship or keep him/her on probation. In this period an employer can know the person much better. Always try to ensure that you don’t hire a person with a bad attitude. As it is said A single sinner sinks the boat.

2.) Recommendations and Creativeness

A startup which doesn’t have much brand awareness can’t compete with the leaders in the industry which automatically draw talented candidates. A startup should look for creative methods and rely a lot on recommendations. It’s best to have just a few resumes of people whom you know a little about through recommendation than to have heaps of resumes of people you know nothing about them.

3.) Provide a Good Culture

Company culture is the fundamental thing, which helps decide the growth of an organization and its employees. It’s best to have some basic principles incorporated in the company’s working which should be practiced and lived regularly by all the team members.

Having a good company culture inspires every member to bring their best at work. It also helps them be satisfied and content doing their particular job. Moreover, it shows transparency, companionship, pleasure of work, and frequent feedback.

4.) Encourage and Foster Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We know that not everyone is an entrepreneur. But a startup can nurture entrepreneurship and innovation. Look for people who have such skills but are not given the creativity freedom in their present company. If they find you capable enough they will come to you when you offer them the desired field for their opinions and ideas which of course, helps your business grow. Initially, a startup needs such people to work with them even if sometimes it becomes too difficult. This helps startup a lot in many ways.

The most difficult thing in a startup regarding employment is retaining talented people in the organization. It’s not an easy process to keep everyone engaged in the company, but with sheer patience and hard work, you can expect some people to stay around you. Plus, you don’t require having a team of 100 employees in the starting, a team of 5 or 10 is more than enough to begin a startup and eventually expand the team.

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Five Ways to Build a Brand Image for Your Company

Building A Brand Image For Your Company - Mobile App Development Company

An awesome brand is an impression of what your organization is, the thing that your organization tries to be, and how people see your organization—and your image should to likewise be founded on what your objective business sector needs and needs you to be. In actuality, it’s entirely simple. It just comes down to realizing what your image is and communicating it effectively. Follow these tips to begin on building your Company a Business brand-

1. Decide what you know for in the market-

Are you a Mobile Application Development Company? Think of your brand as a person. Our identity decides how we carry on in various circumstances, how we dress and what we say.” That “identity” ought to be composed down for all specialists to see and hold fast to, particularly when working with a client. So stay focus about what you know in the market, don’t leave your Dream, and stay focused.

2. Focus on Building Brand-

Above all, you require them to comprehend what you can accomplish for them. So keep every one of your interchanges concentrated on making those advantages unmistakable for your clients. Imaginatively, you’re publicizing can in any case be out-of-the-crate. However, deliberately, it must be on-target. If not, then you’re basically constructing buzz for your crusade, not mark value for your organization.

3. Be the Face of Your Company-

Little organizations having favorable position over huge enterprises: your face. Rather than a faceless organization of thousands, you may be a one-individual appear, or have only a couple of representatives. Being the substance of your image will make your clients feel just as you’re open and reliable.

4. Provide Best Customer Service-

Clients to what extent the sit tight will be for an arrangement, when they can anticipate that items will arrive, or how your procedure works. At that point meet those desires or, even better, surpass them. Listen to your clients. In the event that a client has protests, don’t quite recently offer a discount. Ensure you altogether comprehend why he or she is troubled, and ensure it doesn’t happen once more.

5. Choose a Logo That Represents You-

Your logo just wells in the event that it really motivates individuals to call your firm or prompts market-pioneer acknowledgment. Make a point to incorporate your organization name in your logo. Interfacing your name with your logo. Make your brand synonymous with your name, and happy clients will begin attributing incredible work to your firm.

Branding isn’t something that needs to happen at the same time. You can begin little and develop your image after some time, as your business develops. Yet, recollect that you’re marking work is never done—as your organization and the commercial center develops, your image will likewise need to adjust to meet the changing needs of your clients.

Today, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Mobile App Development Company a “Brand Name” in the Mobile App Sector. We are expertise in Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry Mobile App Development. With 80+ Mobile App Developers, we have a group of experienced team members in all over the world.


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Why Most Mobile Application Development Startups Companies Fail

Mobile Application Development

The number of Mobile Application Development downloads will reach around 269 billion till next year. One can be rest guaranteed that the application market shows at no signs sooner rather than later and has been turned out to be a standout amongst the most competitive markets. It is imperative to comprehend the elements which make this happen so that an application engineer can remember it before building up his next enormous Mobile application.

1. How predictable is it-

In the event that an application is not reliable significance it doesn’t perform similarly well on different gadgets, working frameworks or systems, clients get to be disappointed and frequently the Mobile application falls flat. An application designer ought to upgrade and test his application occasionally and guarantee that the application deals with all ranges easily. This will likewise guarantee greatest execution and client fulfillment.

2. Poor App Design-

Poor Design is in charge of the disappointment of an expansive number of applications – by a few assessments 80% of gamify applications fizzle since they are seriously composed. Remember that all around outlined applications (and in this way more effective) applications have certain qualities in like manner – a legitimate UI, watchful putting of catches, high picture determination and preeminent client experience.

3. Requesting cash from the First day-

We comprehend that each of you is here for profiting and building a brand. In any case, then, at any rate keep your application free surprisingly clients. Since you are by all account not the only one propelling the application, you have enough rivals in the business sector that give free or less expensive administrations than yours. The initial step to achievement is getting countless to your application; making a system and expanding the quantity of downloads.

4. Poor Marketing-

Marketing Team is the most powerful group after the application is prepared. They can help you win. Contribute great measure of cash on your advertising procedures and instruments that are required according to most recent patterns. A poor or shameful promoting arrangement will prompt insignificant downloads and zero changes. It has been watched that numerous new companies fall flat since they do simply place everything into advancement and execution of the application however not promoting and publicizing.

5. Not listening to what the clients need to say-

In the event that your application is falling flat and you basically can’t comprehend why, it is imperative to swing to your clients! The criticism that a designer gets from its application clients says it all. Customary clients are certain to leave certifiable remarks which can help you understand what is genuinely amiss with your application and how you can spare it from falling flat. It may likewise help you restore your fizzled application and make it a most loved amongst clients on the off chance that you know the proper behavior on the remarks and input got.

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Fastest Leading Mobile Application Development Company in India. AppSquadz is a top-notch Mobile Apps and Game Apps Development Company that convert your ideas into Mobile Space with high quality. Our 100+ Mobile App developers are specialized into developing applications for android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry.


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Strategy for Winning Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

We’re generally dedicated to helping clients locate the Best Mobile Application Development Company in India for their tasks. Assessing a group can be extreme, particularly when groups have done comparable work and even worked with huge brands. There are times when substance on the websites can make it difficult to separate the nature of the groups and assess their pertinence to your task. We’ve been creating groups everywhere throughout the world for a long time now. Over this time, we’ve comprehended the things that make groups the Top App Developers of their particular urban communities.

On the off chance that you build up your application for one stage just (like android) you’re limiting your client base. It would bode well to make your application accessible for iOS (and at times, windows as well). This would allow you to contact the most extreme gathering of people. AppSquadz is one of the top-notch Mobile App Development Company in India. Here we tell some steps that can help you in designing a Winning Mobile App-

Better plan prompts better UX

A well-thought application outline gives you an edge over your rivals. Client experience matters the most; grasp a drawing in application plan with unmistakable on boarding screens, a short information exchange process, visitor checkout alternative on the installment page of your eCommerce site, basic and negligible substance and in like manner. Essentially, base route is anything but difficult to use by hand, as we involvement in applications like Facebook Messenger.

Upgrade your Application content

 Once your application has been cherished and acknowledged around the world, you can step ahead and continue redesigning the substance, offers, pictures, recordings on your application to urge clients to visit and utilize your application frequently (consistently, fortnightly, once in two months and alike).

Clients love something new, inventive and crisp, so present new usefulness, new components on your application. You can likewise incorporate your application with social stages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other on-interest administration applications.

Choose the right Features

One of the hardest parts of building a mobile app is choosing what to keep in the main Version of your App and hard to find a Mobile Application Development Company. Keeping it straightforward and building an application that offers the center worth recommendation will help your clients to explore through the application effectively. Once they’re snared, you can examine their conduct and afterward manufacture extra elements.

Give includes that are applicable to the Mobile stage, a Mobile application that lets you rapidly checks your equalization and performs exchanges on the go. Then again a carrier application that gives you a chance to check in, gives you flight status and offers a loading up card.

Utilize the platform-

Every stage, iOS or Android, offers different signal based route apparatuses. Swipes (left, right, base and top) can evacuate or include a record, bring another screen and expel another. Squeeze (zoom in and out) can zoom into the substance that a client is perusing or move out of the present screen too.

Build a Feedback loop

You require criticism from your clients to comprehend what the deficiencies are in your application or what highlights they cherish so you can advance the item to suit their developing needs. From the client’s perspective, in the event that they’re utilizing your application and discover something they have to report, make it simple for them to contact you or your bolster group. Ensure you react to your clients inside 24 hours of getting the input. Client administration can manufacture an incredible affair and you could win the client for the life-cycle of your application. AppSquadz is one of the Leading Fastest growing Mobile App Development Company in India. We provide you expert App Developers in India.


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6 Steps to Turn Your Idea Into a Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Many people and Companies are coming up with new Mobile application ideas to become wildly successful in their field. They either need to contact another gathering of people or better serve their current clients. Be that as it may, individuals are generally uninformed of the strides or process expected to transform a Mobile application idea into reality. Because of absence of ability and data among new businesses and set up organizations, the greater part of them doesn’t know how to shape the application thought. AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Mobile App Development Company in India.

1-    Write our all ideas-

While you may have one thought as a top priority that you truly need to transform into an application, you ought not segregate your different thoughts. We suggest you record each and every thought that strikes in your brain. Whatever circumstance you are in or wherever you are, simply scribble down those recollections on a scratch pad or on Google Docs. It is indispensable to compose each thought before you overlook since you never know. One of those thoughts may be the following enormous thing.

2-    Do a Market Research-

When you know the substance of your thought, it is imperative to lead statistical surveying to check whether there is a genuine potential. Start your examination by recording the upsides and downsides of your thought. On the off chance that there are cons, what are the arrangements that you propose. You additionally need to see whether you know a few people who are encountering the cons and issues that you are encountering.

3-    Identify your Audience-

Together with the statistical surveying, you will have the capacity to see the potential clients. In any case, it is imperative to distinguish who might really utilize your application. It regards know your gathering of people so you can see what else should be settled in the application that you are creating. While you may have the essence, the entire idea will in any case answer on who your gathering of people or clients are. They will choose whether your application will be effective or not.

4-    Develop an App with the help of expert Developers-

Develop your app with the help of Experts of Mobile Apps Development industry. Hire a Top Mobile App Developers from AppSquadz, Once created, the time has come to test your application to your potential clients. Demonstrate to them how the application functions and ensure you obviously disclose everything to them. Continuously remember them when you plan to test the application. It will be dependent upon them whether your application will be generally welcomed or not.

5-    Get feedback quickly and updated-

Once your application goes live on the application store, the first set of clients use and conduct will give you understanding into how to enhance and improve your application. Upgrades and changes are steady, so watch out for client criticism and continue building.

6-    Create a Mobile App Marketing Plan-

If you decide that you choose have something reasonable, you have to assemble a marketable strategy. After you’ve taken after these 3 stages tenaciously, Good fortunes on your start-up excursion as you select fellow benefactors get financing, and so on. Start your App Marketing in Mobile Application Development before and after the App release.



Tips for Mobile App Security

Mobile Application Development Company

Latest studies demonstrate that a mind blowing in the Mobile Application Development in India 73% of well-known free Android applications have been hacked, while Apple iOS applications charge just imperceptibly better at 53%. Developers have an obligation to ensure client information, and security is something that ought to be joined into the configuration of an application instead of included as an untimely idea. Mobile Devices, (for example, Smartphones and tablet) have turned into an essential piece of our day by day lives. Clients turn out to be more dependent on Mobile applications for utilizing informal communities, getting to cloud administrations, shopping web, leading online exchanges, and so forth. In this way, portable applications would handle huge data, including individual and touchy data. Clients ought to practice care when utilizing versatile applications and play it safe to shield themselves from the potential security dangers, for example, data spillage. Here are five basic approaches to increase your application’s security.

  • Don’t Sacrifice Mobile App security For Speed

In the race to get applications out the entryway, security can at times get short shrift. Yet, fail to take a gander at the services and information that are uniting inside your application — and in addition how information may be utilized as a part without bounds — can get you stuck in an unfortunate situation. In particular, the people at AppSquadz appeared to have fail to thoroughly consider all protection consequences for Leaf proprietors.

We don’t know whether a requirement for expedient discharge brought on this specific oversight. Be that as it may, we endeavor to instruct our customers about that it is so critical to ensure what you put out is thoroughly secure and works like it should.

  • Download applications just from trusted stores

In case you’re perusing for another Games App or something more beneficial, use places, for example, Google Play. Ensure you check evaluations and surveys on the off chance that they are accessible, and read the application’s protection approach to see precisely what telephone highlights it will have admittance to in the event that you download.

  • Keep your OS and applications updated

There are normally occasional redesigns to both of these that include new elements, as well as offer fixed security. It is necessary for all to update your apps on time and always updated your Operating system.

  • Always make a copy of your Data– You need to ensure every one of the Services that are incorporated to make the application work legitimately are secure. Applications are associated with information sources and information is streaming in numerous bearings. Those associations must be secure, which implies you need a reasonable perspective into the administrations and frameworks you are coordinating to make an application work impeccably for end clients. When we build applications for our clients, it’s our duty to outline these frameworks and make sense of these associations with keep any potential for information or security breaks.
  • Abstain from giving out individual data-

That instant message that seems to be from your bank may not be. On the off chance that you get demands through email or content for record data from any business, contact the business specifically to affirm the solicitation. The same exhortation goes for tapping joins in spontaneous messages or messages. Don’t dare to do this, to fill unknown form or reply to a unknown email. It’s preferable to use short-lived, revocable, token-based authentication.


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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Mobile App Development Company

mobile app development company

Reasons Behind the Mistakes in Choosing Mobile App Development Company

Due to the high transmission of the Online and mobile contraptions, it results in fantastic company advantages. Picking the mobile database reconciliation association is key, however, ordinarily mobile app development company proprietors fail to understand the situation by picking a wrong association. They look for the services of it relying upon productive promotions and markdown offers. Thusly, they wind up with an irritating mobile application that is not ready to attract and look after clients. At the point when there are expansive quantities of projects running on the Online, your application must be anything but difficult to use and eye-getting. A couple of basic blunders that may prompt dissatisfaction:


Business visionaries overlook that it is a global business

It is not required to use a local mobile application development company for mobile application development. Regardless of the fact that you that is situated at the other apocalypse, it has no effect. Simply make a rundown out of details and look for the services of the best association that have rich experience in making comparative projects. Specialists say that when you limit the hunt because of stifling variables like an adjacent architect, you may not get a phenomenal system.


Employing a creator that starts programming without need examination

At the point when the architect starts programming your application immediately after beginning need gathering, the outcome will be entirely irritating. A right mobile application development company experiences introductory and particular need gathering, research, and outline stages. It is a careful method for database joining. Numerous companies don’t consider mobile application development an intricate procedure. Be that as it may, in all actuality it is a testing work.


The development association does not have fitting background

In spite of the fact that mobile app development is a plain activity, it is vital that the planners have a fitting experience of projects in the same business sector. For instance, on the off-chance that you are a bistro or bistro proprietor enlisting an application creator that has not built up a solitary project on the spot or bistro industry, then it might happen that you don’t get anticipated result.


Contracting a project contingent upon cost

The cost is a basic aspect of procuring an application development association, however, it is not the best thing to finish a planner relying upon cost as it were. Minimal effort planner may not give the top quality application that makes your presence on the Online astonishing. In fact, Health Fitness Articles, the cash you spend does not create the favored company advantage.

Maintain a strategic distance from these mistakes while procuring a mobile app development company and use the Online to the most astounding conceivable level.