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AWS Certified Partner for Media Live

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Amazon Web Services

If you are an excellent observer, you will have kept track of the current trends, and you will have knowledge about the whereabouts of the digital industry. Is the digital industry heading somewhere? Is it heading the right way? What direction is it?

To make businesses more agile and stay ahead of the curve, millions of businesses and enterprise-level companies, including individuals, are leveraging the secure cloud platform of AWS. AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, has been sighted in the form of essential pop-ups, here and there. AWS is considered to be the most substantial media streaming expert.

Amplify media business insights with a creative partner

In a swiftly changing market, our services & solutions are targeted at achieving high-impact partnerships with media companies of all sizes across regions and product types. At AppSquadz, the AWS certified partner for Media Live, we redefine the customer experience and help the media companies to transform their businesses. Moreover, we apply emerging technologies to discover new innovative ways to manage video content along with monetizing estimable intellectual property.

Reasons why Media agencies are migrating to AWS

Easy deployment and administration

AWS automates the provisioning & administration of the whole infrastructure, practiced for video encoding, enabling you to deploy a single live channel in a shorter period. The service also plans resources and handles processes of balancing, failover, monitoring, and reporting required to check, examine and verify a live video stream, letting one concentrate on the live content and not on encoding infrastructure.

Broadcast-grade capabilities

AWS Elemental MediaLive lets anybody produce a broadcast-quality live streaming video seamlessly. The service adds assistance for high-level abilities like analytical multiplexing, ad marker support, audio specialties that incorporate audio normalization and Dolby audio, and various caption standard. MediaLive operates natively with AWS Elemental Media Connect, which in turn provides protected and reliable transportation of video to apply as inputs to live channels.

Highly available

AWS Elemental MediaLive presents built-in reliability and resilience. As a result of which the service transparently handles resources over various availability zones and automatically observes their strength. This helps detect all possible issues for the sole purpose of resolving them, that too without disrupting the live channels. As a result, you can generate engaging live video experiences for viewers without encountering any intricacies of building & operating a broadcast-grade video processing base with the assistance of AWS Elemental MediaLive. Also, with advanced broadcasting features, high availability, and a convenient PAYG (pay-as-you-go) model depending on the hours of content administered, you can set up streams for live events as well as 24x7 channels.

Reduces your costs by 20-40 percent or more

For facilitating a cost-efficient and better-quality live video to the AWS Cloud, Media Connect makes use of one’s IP provider or AWS Direct Connect. In addition, Media Connect presents a pay-as-you-go transport option that you will not get with satellite transponders and fixed fiber networks, saving you 20% or higher when contrasted to a conventional satellite primary distribution use case having 70 destinations.

Critical features of AWS in the context of Media Live

As an AWS-certified partner for Media Live, we will offer you a reliable, secure, and adaptable transport service for live video, enabling the broadcasters and content owners to produce live video workflows and share live content with partners and customers in a secure manner.

Video Industry Standard Protocols

A comprehensive range of video industry-standard protocols

It holds a variety of protocols for video delivery, like the Zixi protocol, Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), and RTP with a forward error correction (FEC) that facilitates a quality-of-service layer across IP network transport. These protocols keep stream uprightness via packet recovery for reliable live video contribution within the AWS Cloud, using the free internet or AWS Direct Connect.

Monitor in real-time

Employing Amazon CloudWatch and MediaConnect (AWS monitoring services), you can get at-a-glance network performance metrics. The broadcast-standard alerts recognize issues with transport streams so that you can adjust the settings to assure maximum quality on your video workflows. Without the administrator's interruption, the service checks the streaming performance and recovers automatically.

Video Sharing

High-quality video sharing

Produce entitlements that allow diverse account access to your content, letting you share your video streams with your customers & partners, and you can revoke the permit at any point. Using the AWS Cloud, you can soon reach a more significant number of consumers speedily and efficiently.

Built-in security

It is fully integrated with AWS Secrets Manager for key storage and retrieval, which allows you to protect your content using industry-standard, end-to-end AES encryption. Also, you can enable whitelisting to restrict access only to trusted sources.

Built-in security

Our Services

Content Acquisition and Distribution

Content Acquisition and Distribution

Being a trusted AWS-certified partner for Media Live, we offer reliable file transfer solutions that apply WAN acceleration technologies. These WAN acceleration technologies improve transfer rates substantially, further the technologies integrate encryption, bandwidth control, transfer statistics, delivery confirmation, automation as well as workflow.

Media Storage and Archive

Media Storage and Archive

Media storage solutions facilitate every prospect of the media cycle that is applied, namely, archive, HSM (hierarchical storage management), NAS (network-attached storage), and hybrid deployment architectures. The media cycle includes content creation and post-production, which involves rendering, VFX, editing, and distribution workflows.

DAM and Supply Chain

DAM and Supply

Automate asset management and broadcast supply chains to quality check, process & transform, watermark, encrypt, encode/transcode, distribute, and archive media content. Along with that, you can also have live streams for editing, collaboration, distribution, and device playback. Therefore, it will handle the media content more practically, with storage & processing.

OTT, Broadcast & Distribution

OTT, Broadcast & Distribution

AWS Solutions streamline the processing of live and file-based content to produce a profoundly scalable video experience to business partners and users for OTT, broadcast playout; further, and digital publishing.

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