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What is AWS MediaLive?

AWS MediaLive is a broadcasting service specifically for Live Videos. Moreover, the Live video goes through the AWS Elemental Media Live package, where the live video gets transcoded. Thus, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI, AVCHD and others are formats into which videos are compressed. Then the video gets transferred into the media package and is scalable. The live video is broadcasted by Cloud Front into different platforms like android, iOS, and windows. Undoubtedly, the Elemental Live Box, is a one-stop device that will directly transfer your live video on the servers without any hassle and total latency.

AWS media plays a huge role in content protection from piracy and privacy by integrating various tools. Our AWS video streaming service uses AWS media analysis solutions, wide broadcasting options, high availability, and pay-as-you-go pricing, you can simply set up streams for live events during AWS live streaming.

AppSquadz Advance, Consulting Partner of AWS MediaLive

AppSquadz Advance is the prominent and certified AWS MediaLive partner. We are providing effective video solutions for organizations to deliver their content safely to their target audience.

Our services and solutions are carefully aligned to help media firms for better flexibility. Hence, the AWS media & entertainment technologies are an innovative technology that will manage your video content and monetize estimable intellectual property on using AWS video streaming. AWS media services focus on delivering captivating live video experiences for your audience rather than the hassle of setting up and maintaining broadcast-grade video processing technology.

We aim at creating high-impact relationships with media organisations across the globe. As a result, our product keeps upgrading in a rapidly changing industry. We reinvent the customer experience and assist media firms at AppSquadz, an AWS certified partner for Media Live.

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Features of AWS MediaLive

As a certified AWS Media Live partner, we will provide you with dependable, secure, and adaptive live media production Services. This allows broadcasters and content owners to create live video using AWS live streaming workflows and securely exchange live content with partners and customers.

Range of Video Industry-standard Protocols

AWS Media Solutions has a wide selection of industry-standard protocols, including the Zixi protocol, which provides broadcast-quality live content delivery. It works over IP with best-in-class multi-layered security including restricted access control and forward error correction (FEC). Dependable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) and Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) are two AWS media analysis solutions that maintain streams upright. So this happens via packet recovery for reliable live video contribution within AWS services.

Monitor in Real-time

Real-Time Monitor gives a real-time live display of end-user browsing behaviour in your deployment for troubleshooting and action verification. AWS Media convert can get you at-a-glance network performance metrics. Administrators can use the AWS media analysis solution to provide expected data ranges and formats as numerical line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, or percentages. Therefore, data presentations can be organized through AWS Media intelligence, according to priorities and admin preferences.

High-quality Video-sharing

AWS elemental Media Live rights grant access to your content to many accounts, allowing you to share your video broadcasts with customers and partners. You have the option to cancel the permission at any time. As a result, you can rapidly reach a more significant number of customers by using Amazon cloud computing. Send videos to stakeholders via private links through AWS video streaming service or protect your videos with a password. However, one can choose preferable websites that are allowed to embed the video.

Built-in Security

Completely integrated with AWS Security Services for key storage and retrieval, allowing you to secure your information using industry-standard AES encryption from start to finish. You can also use the safe listing to limit access to only trustworthy sources. Finally, the generated data is secured by many protection levels using AWS elemental live encoder. As the generated data travels between the AWS security hub and our data centres.


How AWS MediaLive Work?

how it works

Benefits of AWS Media Services

Video Industry Standard Protocols

Simple Arrangement and Management

AWS web services automate the provisioning and maintenance of all video encoding equipment, allowing you to set up a primary live channel in minutes. In addition, AWS live video streaming services handle the scalability, failover, monitoring, and reporting required by a live video feed. This allows you to concentrate on your live content rather than the encoding infrastructure. You can also link the source of your AWS video streaming to AWS Media Live using cloud services and solutions.

Highly Available

AWS Media Live provides robust services with in-built technology that provides reliability and resilience. This service manages resources openly across multiple availability zones. It observes their durability while detecting and fixing errors without disturbing the streaming. With AWS media services, you can effortlessly adopt innovative broadcast infrastructure with simple pay-as-you-go options based on the content generated hours. Generate engaging live video experience without any disruption with AWS media server. Additionally, it provides the base with the assistance of AWS MediaLive.

Video Sharing

Broadcast-Grade Proficiency

AWS Media Live makes the process of producing broadcast-quality AWS live streaming much more effortless. AWS media services support statistical multiplexing, ad maker support, audio features, including Dolby audio, audio normalization, and various caption standard. Furthermore, AWS live video streaming is compatible with AWS media solutions, enabling safe and dependable video transmission for use as inputs to live channels.

Reduced Costs up to 60%

AWS Media Solutions is the most cost-effective solution that provides high-quality AWS video streaming service to its customers. AWS media services pricing is based on a simple approach depending on the number of hours processed and material transmission. As a result, you can save up to 20% or more with AWS MediaLive when contrasted with a conventional satellite primary distribution with 70 destinations.

Built-in security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AWS Elemental MediaLive is a broadcast-grade live video processing service. It lets you create high-quality video streams for delivery to broadcast televisions and internet-connected multiscreen devices, like connected TVs, tablets, smart phones, and set-top boxes.
S3 stream by AWS MediaLive provides storage of data, where you can retrieve it at any point by using built-in PHP functions. It is a simple and effective way to stream data to your users while proxying the bytes sent over the wire through a web server.
AWS media services support statistical multiplexing, ad maker support, audio features, including Dolby audio, audio normalization, and various caption standard.
AWS MediaLive encoder generates a mix of streams for various target platforms at varying resolutions and bitrates at the same time. Wrap streams in multiscreen formats like Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH, or keep the content in a basic container for downstream packaging.
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