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AWS Elemental Link

  • 1. Record & Stream Live through Elemental Link
  • 2. Manage and monitor devices remotely
  • 3. Broadcast 1080p HD & 4K UHD videos
  • 4. DRM secure technology infrastructure
  • 5. Faster & easier installation
  • 6. Automatically adjust video quality according to network
  • 7. Small & portable
  • 8. Cost-efficient

AWS Elemental Link

Being the leading AWS certified partner, we provide the latest AWS elemental integrations. AWS elemental link is an encoding device used to connect a video source to AWS elemental media live services. You can deliver, manage and distribute the content across Amazon CDN with a single device, the process can be termed live streaming with AWS Elemental. It offers a configuration free, secured, and cost-effective way to transfer video content to AWS MediaLive.

Numerous organizations and startups look for integrations from IT giants like Amazon Web Services into their business. Especially the organization with video content delivery process whether it is about advertising companies, an entertainment company, educational sector, etc., need Live streaming with AWS. All you need is just a power connection, a strong internet connection and a video source it can be a camera or desktop with the recorded video.

Live to stream with AWS Elemental link is a secured and simplified way to deliver your content without the threat of piracy or interruption. With AWS Management Console access, you can control and monitor your AWS elemental from anywhere. This equipment with reduced cost and complexity enables you to improve the quality and reliability of your live stream.

Why contact AppSquadz for AWS Elemental Link?

If you are up to integrate elemental link to your business, we are here to help you with latest service providence. AppSquadz is leading in the entire link setup from delivery to the user introductory. You get the AWS elemental link delivery through AppSquadz account on discounted prices offered by AWS. Our skilled team does the entire cloud setup of your account on pay as you go pricing.

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Featured Benefits of Live Streaming with AWS Elemental Link

High-Quality Video: AWS Elemental Link uses HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) codec rather than AVC (Advanced Video Coding) codec because HEVC is more efficient by 50% than AVC. This help to deliver improved video quality.

Reliable Video Transport: Content delivery ad broadcast using Live streaming with AWS Elemental link followed up by the delivery protocol called Zixi. It performs content checking, network adaptability, error correction and recovery, with minimum latency.

Built-in Security: AWS Elemental Link devices use AES-128 and rotating keys from AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) to encrypt video content while encoding it. AWS IoT Core handles device authentication with end-to-end security while connecting video content source to AWS Elemental MediaLive.

Adapt Automatically to Network issues: Live streaming with AWS Elemental link is easy because the devices are integrated with network-aware adaptive bitrate algorithm that adjusts the bandwidth with changing bitrate in Realtime this conducts a seamless content flow on any network condition. This closed-loop system is successful in poor networks.

How AWS Elemental Link is lucrative for your business?

Fast and easy setup

Fast and easy setup

AWS elemental link device is shipped fully configured with the AWS account of the user that means it is a personalized device. It is just simply required to connect to power, a 3G-SDI or HDMI video source and an IP network. Once the device is connected it starts sending thumbnail images makes it available for MediaLive as a source. You can live stream and control it on the cloud through the AWS console.

Manage and monitor devices remotely

Manage and monitor devices remotely

With the AWS Elemental Link, you can control and monitor the entire event workflow through the AWS management console. It introduces you to a central control point where you can manage and monitor multiple devices. You do not need any technical operator at the event site to set up or configure the live stream it is partially automated.

cost effective


For $995 per device (excluding duty, tax, customs clearance, and shipping), Live streaming with AWS Elemental link introduce a broadcast-grade method to connect MediaLive to your on-premises live video source, this entire process is very cost-effective. The level of suitability you get in the device like easy set-up and remote management, easy own and operate.

small portable

Small and portable

AWS Elemental is very small and portable by its physical appearance, its operability, and structure both are simply amazing. It is suitable to use in low noise or very silent environment like studio and conference rooms, as it has a fan-less operation with nominal heat generation. The link can be taken away anywhere to connect the live video to the cloud.

hd video

High video quality

Live streaming with AWS Elemental link maximizes the quality of your video content itself, the video is received by the device and sent to a cloud account to facilitate a disturbance-free workflow even in unpredictable network conditions. Link uses an advanced video compression system that is smart in adjusting the video bandwidth simultaneously while delivering the content, this ensures best video quality in all network conditions.



When you do Live streaming with AWS Elemental link it introduces a secure and reliable video content delivery throughout the network. It has end to end encrypted data transfer based on the latest technology that saves the data from piracy or unauthorized access. So that you can use it in your Paid programs.

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