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Social Networking Mobile App Development

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Social Networking Mobile App Development

Social networking applications are among the most popular applications in the present scenario. These social networking applications have managed to gain a lot of attention from both developers and users. The phenomenal growth of social media is evident based upon the technological boom on the Internet. Instant messaging apps, photo-sharing platforms, microblogs, business networks, chat apps, and forums are opening up new avenues of possibilities for social media apps and their development.
An enterprise social networking application can take communication among employees, partners, and customers to the next level. The mobile platform allows corporate level people and businesses to work and grow together. The applications enable all the team members at the same corporate level to offer suggestions and solve problems.

Key Features of Social Networking Applications That Have Been Implemented:

  • Customized Social Media Feeds (Images, Text, Videos)
  • Social Media over Maps with customized icon design
  • Like/ Comment functionality
  • Social media Share and invitations
  • Social Chat (Public /Private)
  • Following and Followers Functionality
  • Social Events integration with Map
  • Automated emails/notifications on any event

Different Solutions Provided by These Social Networking Mobile Applications


Professional or Personal Networking

Social media networking can be largely subcategorized into personal networking (Facebook), for professional networking (Linkedin) and dating services (Badoo). These applications have largely enhanced communication and connectivity among people of same and different business backgrounds and at same or different corporate levels.


Media Sharing Networks

These social networks let users share and exchange pictures, content, and videos like Instagram, Vimeo, Snapchat, YouTube, Flickr, and Vine. These mobile applications have helped create a media channel by providing a feature to scale content such as creating and publishing short videos and images.

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Online Reviews

One of the most noted benefits of the social networking mobile applications is online reviewing that provides a wide range of data. This data has proven to be useful to users to gather all necessary information to make purchasing decisions based on geolocation and the ability to leave reviews and recommendations on local businesses and enterprises has, in turn, helped companies improve and enhance their performance and services.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Q&A-services such as Quora, forums and discussion communities form the social discussion network. The very fundamental features of social networking mobile applications improve interaction between users and satisfy the requirement for knowledge sharing.


Social Publishing Platforms

Blogging and micro-blogging have reached a new level with these social networking mobile applications. The platform allows not only professional bloggers but also amateur bloggers to create and publish text and media content on to the network.


Bookmarking Sites

The mobile applications have a feature that is being mostly used by the rising youth for data and trend analysis. This is the bookmarking feature embedded in these applications. The user collects content in the personal library, which can be followed by other people sharing the same network or community.


Interest-Based Networking

The application has helped most businesses and enterprises with an attractive opportunity that enables to find like-minded people with similar interests. People can connect together and exchange ideas and can also expand their finances over these networks on mobile.
It can be useful to learn all about the technology stack that social network relies upon as the mobile technology is the next generation focus for all big industries and small enterprises. These applications play an important role in enhancing new social interactions. The market potential of social networking mobile applications can be said is increasing considering their rapid popularity among customers and developers alike. There has been a paradigm shift toward smartphones and tablets due to these social networking apps.

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