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Customized Education Based Mobile App Designs

The era of smart classrooms loaded with projectors, reflective whiteboards, and other equipment has almost disappeared. However, the classroom’s interactive learning experience can be reinstated through an educational mobile app. This is the current trend observed in the learners’ community globally. Now, it is possible for seekers of knowledge or learning enthusiasts to learn at anytime and anywhere using world-class education app development through the Mobile Apps. For people who are occupied with responsibilities and full-time jobs, eLearning in the form of short or long-term courses has become a treat.

AppSquadz is trusted globally for being the best education app development company in creating e-learning applications. The professional services we provide, ensure that the clientele returns to us again and again. It is due to our grit, hard work, merit, and determination that we have emerged across the world as a leading Educational Video Mobile App Development Company.

As a best education app development company, we tend to provide the best solutions regarding the employee’s or student's learning process management. It is not an easy task to learn a new skill; it takes time and consistent effort to learn this new skill. With the help of smart UI and interactive content over the app, one can indeed make this a possibility.

The Advantages of Education Mobile App

  • Save Time And Money: Reduced cost in commute and management of physical classrooms and consumption.
  • Easy analysis and ROI: Smooth performance tracking and analysis helps in preparing the report quickly.
  • Scalability: Fast performance of the Educational app development and easy navigation through software make it reliable for a business want to increase the online operations.
  • High Retention Rate: eLearning Mobile App exercises control over the app’s name through a clean watermark or logo this increases the retention rate of end-users which all business engaged in the eLearning space wants.
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AppSquadz offers AWS Cloud front Integration to your Educational Mobile App


AWS Content Delivery

Amazon CloudFront is the fastest and most secure content delivery network (CDN) that helps to distribute data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers worldwide. It offers low latency and high-speed transfer within a developer-friendly environment for a better experience for finishing the Educational App Development activity.


AWS Storage Service

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is the service offered by Amazon web services (AWS). It is an object storage service that provides one storage space, leveraging industry-leading scalability, security, data availability, and performance of the developed application of an Education App Development Company.


AWS Elemental Media Package

It is specially used in video streaming educational apps, wherever classroom lectures are part of the application feature. You can convert a single video input into a format playable on any device with AWS Elemental Media Package.


AWS Transcoding

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is highly scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use for developers and businesses and used extensively for Education App Development. Transcoder helps convert or transcode the media files into a format compact to the players of smartphones, tablets, and PCs.


AWS Migration Services

AWS offers a public cloud or private cloud that gets you hosting facility. All you need is to migrate the physical or virtual servers, applications, websites, databases, storage, or entire data centers to AWS that is more secured than any server.


AWS Well-Architected Review

AWS Well-Architected Framework is designed to implement best architectural practices like Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Reliability, and Security to minimize the risk of decision making.

Benefits of Cloud Integration to the Educational Mobile App


Students Save on Expensive Textbooks

Expensive study material like university textbooks, manuals, and reference volumes are out of a learner's pace. Digital content over the cloud offers cheaper and remote access to the course study and this is a great advantage of an Educational App Development Company.


Learning Material will not be Out-dated

It is a comprehensive solution to the outdated courses in the cloud. A single click is enough to manage & upload the new data—no need to call students individually to hand over the study material every semester and it is one of the best Educational App Development Services which every educator wants to have.


No Need for Expensive Hardware

Cloud-based applications are compact to almost all mobile devices and easily accessible on web browsers. So, no need to purchase hardware as external storage. Everything is on the server for its use in the Education Mobile App Development process.


No Need for Expensive Software

Cloud-based computing is a fantastic example of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Like software, a high-quality academic application provides an incredible user experience on a low-cost subscription on the PC or tablet for the use of one of the best Educational App Development Companies.


Reaching Out To a Diverse community of learners

Cloud-based applications in education open up the opportunity for learners to reach students worldwide. Share ideas and explore the scopes that enhance employability too.


No Need to Carry Around Devices

Students and professors do not need to carry devices around like CDs, Hard drives, thumb devices, and others. No threat of data loss, device breakage, etc. One can access academic information anytime quickly which is possible through the efforts of the Educational Mobile App Development Company.


Easy Access

Cloud-based applications are encrypted with an ID and password. Then, the entire data is uploaded to the server, so enter your details and access all the data like lesson plans, grades, notes, slides, labs, etc.


Data Security

Media files and informational content is a course of concern in the educational sector and all Educational App Development Companies use them correctly. The cloud offers encryption that keeps data safe from unauthorized access or piracy, represents the IT infrastructure at the university.

Our Successful Projects

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Drishti is a premium institute for IAS aspirants to prepare for their exams. It has an app to provide course content for the learners preparing for IAS. Various services, such as content downloads, practice questions, online video classes, ebooks, distance learning programs, test series, etc..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

MADE EASY Prime is an e-learning platform offered by MADE EASY. It is productive to prepare for CSE, ESE, GATE, PSUs exams. Anyone preparing for SSC and Bank exams also uses this to get valuable details. Quality education will be provided to students through 24/7 accessible online lectures..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

With the NEXT IAS app, a UPSC CSE aspirant will receive live/online classes. It lowers the need to step out of home to learn from experts. This app brings the classroom home to attend the online/live classes. It makes learning easy with doubt clearing sessions and online study materials..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

ExamPur app is an official online learning platform that offers free live classes, daily current affairs, notes and many more. It bridges the gap between students and the outstanding teaching of ExamPur. Prepare for SSC CGL/CHSL/MTS, RRB, SBI, NTPC, UPSC, and state PSC exams with this app..

Study IQ
Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Study IQ is an online educational platform in India to prepare for competitive exams. Its great app offers smart learning and is prepared with a primary focus on UPSC/CSE, SSC, IBPS PO, Insurance, DMRC, and other examinations. It offers high-quality and affordable education to all learners..

Parishkar World
eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Parishkar world is an eLearning app for aspirants preparing for government jobs that provide remote learning benefits. Interactive content presentation engages learners on preparation benefits. Its app supports exams like RAS, School Lecturer, Teacher Grade II & III, Accountant, etc..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Get ready to boost your preparation for the RAS and IAS examinations with a secured Android, iOS, and Web application of SpringBoard Academy designed and developed by AppSquadz with proper DRM security and AWS Media Services..

Career Point
Taste Of Bihar

Career Point is an eLearning app availed by the reputed institute of Kota, Rajasthan, the Career Point. The best and most trusted application to clean medical and engineering exams. Many types of crash courses, online classroom courses, video lectures, and notes are available in the app..

Gate Academy
Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Prepare for GATE and other state government examinations with Android and Web applications developed and maintained by AppSquadz by applying various AWS Media services, including AWS CloudFront, AWS S3, AWS EC2, and AWS WAF..

Education eLearning & eTraining
Taste Of Bihar

Mahendra’s app covers relevant aspects to encourage the preparation of competitive exams. It provides SSC CGL, CHSL, and MTS students with suitable e-learning materials. It also gives the education to crack NTPC or JE exams. Get free PDFs, vocabulary classes, the latest exams alerts, etc.

Features of Customized Education Mobile App Development

  • Individual login for staff and students: An eLearning app provides complete privacy to the student and staff. It also promises the safety of the prepared content, such that one can avoid piracy.
  • Recording classroom lectures: Learners can opt for the lecture anytime from anywhere, even after the sessions.
  • E-library: Learners can study remotely to learn from the eContent available on the application with ease in accessibility.
  • E-Book learning: The online library has countless eBooks in its library collection. Each can be downloaded quickly, and furthers the cause of remote learning can be downloaded promptly.
  • Online training: Online training is made accessible on a remote basis. The trainer can instruct learners and employees from a distance, be it any situation.
  • Educational games: Gamification of the course and the content in the app brings interest and ease in learning.
  • Interactive directories and campus maps: Entire information about the course and institute on the app is available and accessible for learners.
  • Brochure Management: Real-time updates regularly and equally distributed to all the learners who cannot reach college simultaneously.
  • School transport route in real-time: Regular update about the school or college bus and Real-time tracking through GPS.
  • Online examination and practice/mock tests: In some problems, the learners can opt for the online examination and tests with fast result clearance.
  • Sharing notes through groups: Learners can share their ideas, concepts, and doubts on chats and forums for easy help.
  • client profile
    Richard Hurkmans
    Deltacost, Founder

    " The mobile app has struggled commercially but, FourthScreen Labs has responded quickly and precisely to any updates or modifications requested, which earned positive results. The team's extensive knowledge was instrumental to the success of the project."

  • client profile
    Himanshu Gautam
    Amar Ujala Group, Business Head

    " So far I am very much impressed with the kind of work they did on my project. Prompt response to all my mail, what every change suggested to them they did it on time, from my side 5 stars to AppSquadz."

  • client profile
    Ahmad Haleem
    Kwikard, Founder

    " Working With AppSquadz Was more fun than business. Their young yet experienced teamof designers and developers were quite adept at understanding my project requirements. Their efforts were really reflecting in the final output of application."

  • client profile
    Dipesh Karania
    Jet Airways (India) Ltd. , Manager

    " They are stick to their vision i.e. consistently delivering quality solutions. I will thoroughly recommend AppSquadz Technologies for mobile app development services."

  • client profile
    Ravi Yadav
    Taxi For Sure, India Head - Supply

    " Been a pleasure working with Chandrakant and the team, prompt response and always delivers quality product, looking forward to working with them in the near future."

  • client profile
    Durgesh Saxena
    Bluechips Microhouse Co. Ltd., Senior Engineer, Silcon Manufacturer

    " Overall our experience in working with AppSquadz has been great. They were able to deliver a complex app design with many intricate functions. We are very happy with the design of our app and the simplicity of its functionality."

  • client profile
    Abhinav Mathur
    News Buzz Pvt Ltd, Founder

    " AppSquadz Technologies successfully delivered and launched the mobile app on the Google Play Store. The design aspect could improve but, overall, the team exhibited superior personal commitment and attention throughout the project."

  • client profile
    Shubham Saxena
    Photo Editor, Founder

    " AppSquadz Software delivered the mobile application within the timeframe and exceeded the expected quality requirements. An improvement in the work strategy was needed however, the team demonstrated transparent transactions and guarantee of quality."

  • client profile
    Pankaj Panjwani
    Mindmates Technologies, Founder

    " The platform already has almost 30,000 mobile users. AppSquadz communicated effectively, produced timely results, and demonstrated a good understanding of the technology. The team provided value-added UI designs and delivered a live-streaming featured app."

  • client profile
    Appbulous Software Pvt. Ltd., Product Manager

    " The app was delivered on time without any deviation from the stated budget. The app has received a satisfactory level of downloads and it has been well rated by users."

  • client profile
    Pradeep Singh
    Dotvik Solution, Founder

    " They are good, and not very expensive. They provide continuous support and are always available."

  • client profile
    Mona Mathur
    Million Spark Foundation, Founder

    " The client is an educational platform that connects students, teachers and parents allowing them to communicate and to discover, access and share resources needed by the students. AppSquadz Software was involved in developing an Android application framework."

  • client profile

    " Its being a great experience working with team AppSquadz. The team is exceptionally talented in the way they have executed this project and delivered on time."

  • client profile
    Vishvendra Chaudhary
    Crossahead, Founder

    " It was a great time we spent partnering with Appsquadz Technologies. They have very amazing workforce and they are very cooperative and office environment is very positive. I am really looking forward to collaborate with them in future."

  • client profile
    Sachin Kumar
    Tupelo Life, CTO

    " Initially I had doubts about the capability of the AppSquadz Technologies, but as we get along and came to know each other's method of working, I was assured of a great app for my project."

  • client profile
    Sunny Jain
    Cash gain , Co-Founder

    " I was introduced to AppSquadz by one of my friends. As my friend has already experienced working with them, I simply hired AppSquadz for my project. I was highly impressed with their quality and timely delivery of my project."

  • client profile
    Maruthi Gowda
    cEdge, Manager

    " AppSquadz Technologies was very responsive and great to work with. They developed an Android App for me, which had its challenges, and their team worked through the problems in a very timely manner for a great finished product."

  • client profile
    Kavita Sharma
    Selfieria, Founder

    " The project was executed without any issues, and the application received positive reviews and feedback. Appsquadz assigned an excellent project manager and delivered everything on time while remaining cost competitive."

  • client profile
    Manoj Tyagi
    Aashtha TV, G.M. at Aastha Tv

    " Very patient and professional team. Gave me a lot of explanations during this project, and happily shared their knowledge and expertise to help me understand the technical concepts. Communicated well, and always very much available."

  • client profile
    Pradeep Dubey
    Spice Digital Ltd, Sr. General Manager

    " AppSquadz strength is their ability to understand the business value of the software they are developing. Their understanding of the project is highly appreciated. I will highly recommend AppSquadz."

  • client profile
    Sunil Minglani
    Stock Market Psychologist, Founder

    " I approached AppSquadz to help me design and build my new mobile app and website. The company has experts in different mobile and website development platforms, so you will have a wide range of options to choose from depending on your time and technical constraints. People here are knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and just amazing to work with."

  • client profile
    Manbir Singh
    Make My Exam, Founder

    " Congratulations, Team AppSquadz! I was overwhelmed by working with you guys. Make my Exam was accomplished extremely well due to your intense commitment to your work."

  • client profile
    Pramod Maheshwari
    Careerpoint Kota, CMD

    " The level of dedication and maintenance in the company is very high, their team has impelled trending features to my project. I felt very satisfied with their service and the time of delivery it was before the deadline even. The designing strategies were surely matching my purpose that made me happy."

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