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Google to host online event for Android 11 Beta Launch on June 03, 2020 (postponed)

android 11

As we all know that due to coronavirus pandemic, everything is shut down and there has been massive loss to the businesses out there. But, everything can be made possible by doing some efforts for business. As we know that the demand of android developers are increasing at fast pace and hence there have been massive growth in the demand of android developers.

For this you can even host online seminars, webinars, events and more that can make your business continuity stable and on track. There are most of the app development companies who are looking for android app developers to develop their business app for audience and which will help them to keep their business on track.

Keeping all this in mind, with seemingly fanfare at all, Google has recently announced to host an event show which is going to be online on 03, June, 2020 in the favor of android developers. There has been recent news which is updated by Google that the android 11 page on its developer site with the news about the beta releases for the nest big OS version.

This event is coming soon online on 03rd June, 2020 and also there will be a special launch on YouTube just to make up the lack of Google I/O this year. But, as per the reports, this online event has been postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. This Beta Launch show will highly aim to include all the same news, latest updates and announcements which will be shared by the android team in person at Google’s Mountain View Campus on the Shoreline Amphitheater stage at the time of I/O keynote.

All those people who are highly interested i.e. the business owners, entrepreneurs, android developers and more can attend this event and here they will come to know about the new latest tech trends about the beta launch of android 11 which will help you in near future. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, to put all the end to Google’s annual developer conference is just like that it already has so many other major events to host on. But this also much as we could hope for that.

In this event, it looks like that there will be going to have a question and answer segment which will be beneficial for the people where they have put over their queries and can resolve them at instant. With Android VP Dave Burke and Senior Director of Product Management Stephanie Cuthbertson are the persons who will be answering to all your queries, therefore be prepared with the list of questions that you need to ask.

If you want to get a chance to have your question discussed during the live event show, then for this you have to tweet on twitter at Android Developers by using the hashtag #askandroid. There is not a whole lot else to go right now, but in this post we have only covered the potentials and the probable of android 11 features and the three previews which have released so far.

We are actually expecting that the Beta to come in May but due to some circumstances it will be conducted in the month of June and looks like there was an issue with Google which is little behind the schedule. The Android 11’s timeline which is currently seen as the second beta version is going to be released in the month July.

After this, the third and the final beta of android 11 will be releasing in the month of August and the stable version of android 11 will be released in the month of September. Now coming back to the android 11 developers preview, this is made available for testing on Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 mobile phones only.

Some of the major latest features in android 11 developer preview 4 will include the resizing for the picture in picture and new select tool for the recent menus and many more. So, as all the details for the android 11 beta test show event has been provided above, hence it is better to attend the event and resolve all your queries that might be occurring in your state of mind.


We hope all the android developers might be waiting for this event to be conducted soon. All of you will be participating in it on June 3, 2020 and would like to know something interesting and new about the android 11, but now as we know that the event has been made postponed due to COVID 19 pandemic. We make sure that attending this online event will surely help you to learn more about the beta test version of android 11.


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Android Q All You Need to Know About Google’s Next Mobile OS

Android Q

The launch of Android Q Beta Operating system by Google was an overwhelming revelation for the Android users. In this advanced update, there are various more useful features you can suspect from ease-of-use to the security. We have incorporated all the fundamental features/elements and aspects of Android Q here.

Android Q release date

On July 10, 2019, the Android Q Beta 5 update was launched still; the date for the release of the final version is yet to be announced by Google. It is contemplated that the complete version will release in August this year. This latest version update is available for Google Pixel devices at present.

Android Q features

As of now, that we have studied the date of release and the compatible devices now let’s have a sight at the vital feature of Android Q this update carries:

Smart reply for messaging apps

Maybe you have used this characteristic already in the apps launched by Google. The current update ensures all the messaging apps on your smartphone gets loaded with Smart Reply- suggested response feature. It means while you are on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other similar messaging apps, you will get suggested responses. Smart reply ensures that better responses can be sent to the receiver apart from saving your time.

Live caption

Google worked with the deaf community to create a feature that adds captions to video or audio played on your device. Live Caption feature will work on applications such as YouTube, Pocket Casts, Instagram, along with the video chat applications, namely Google Duo, and Skype. The best part of this feature is, you do not need the internet to leverage the support of this feature. Even in the offline mode, it relies on machine learning to operate flawlessly.

In order to enable this functionality, users have to turn this functionality on from accessibility settings of their smartphones.

Dark theme

For all those who are tech lovers, Dark Mode is the most impressive feature of this OS update that enables you to use the device in a low-light environment efficiently. The energy usage of smartphones is decreased significantly, though it differs by the screen technology of the phones. Due to this feature, users with weak vision or those with bright-light susceptibility will be benefitted the most. Furthermore, the theme can be applied to the apps working on the smartphone and the Android System User Interface.

Parental control

There is good news for all the parents who are always concerned regarding mobile usage by their kids as with this update; a built-in parental control feature is also there. Parents can examine everything their kids are using, and that too, with the duration of the usage. Through the Family Link feature, this functionality is made possible that lets parents to set the everyday screen time limits and allow app installs. Through this feature, additional time request can be demanded by children for using the apps, and the parents have the authority to accept or deny the same.

Gesture navigation

Locating the navigation drawer inside applications is enhanced with adding on more beneficial controls for the back gesture. There were glitches in this feature in the starting, and most of them are now fixed in Beta 5 release. It is challenging to swipe in diagonally from the lower right or left-hand corner for accessing Assistant.

Better support for foldable phones

Google has taken foldable phones as a serious matter of concern. It may be possible to pause/ stop the app by folding the app and resume the same when the phone is opened again. The strength of the app to be resized will also be viewed, something the potential users of Huawei X and Galaxy Fold will admire a lot.

What will Android Q not possess?

The NFC (Near-field Communication) peer-to-peer sharing method, which was the section of the previous version, will not be covered within this latest update. Google-authenticated that putting smartphones back-to-back will not result in data transfer in beta and final software both.

Android Q compatible devices

Various smartphones have compatibility with the developer preview of this update, and some of the same include:

  • Asus ZenFone 5Z
  • Nokia 8.1
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Essential Phone
  • LG G8
  • Oppo Reno
  • Vivo X27
  • One Plus 6T

Final words

The technological world keeps on altering itself for better and bringing something new for the world. Android Q is the one which will bring a change for the better. The features of this Google’s Android Q update testify that it is a revolutionary change from the realm of smartphones, not just a regular update. The features of the latest version will benefit many not only the users but also android application developers along with android app development company as well. It is suspected that other smartphone models have compatibility too with this update, and we wish the same happens.


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What is the Cost of Developing Video Streaming Mobile Apps Like Netflix?

Mobile Apps

The estimated cost of video streaming mobile apps like Hulu or Netflix boils down to different components – the volume of aspects that you are inclusive of the Mobile application, the amount of phases that the application would carry, lastly, the area you’re joined together flexible application headway association is based out of.

How much does it cost to create and keep up a versatile Mobile Apps?

The fact of the matter is the cost to create a site like Netflix changes all mobile apps Development. The improvement of a video site and application like Netflix or Hulu may cost around $10,000 – $50,000 roughly.

Dependent upon the number of aspects, you can parcel the headway system in 3 segments:

  • Light – User enlistment, portion entryway, video show, online life joining, basic video player, request, and settings.
  • Medium – The light frame features + confinement, subtitles, impelled video player
  • Premium – Along with the features determined above – User profiles, ability to check for mates, push see, visit, reviews, and comments.

The cost would rise in a climbing demand as you move from one phase, say Android or iOS to both Android and iOS Development and a while later would be higher when you incorporate Web in the mix.

Generally, the cost to manufacture a VOD like Netflix, or Hulu frequently outperforms USD $50,000. Note: This money related arrangement is from headway created utilizing the scratch.

The truth is the cost to develop VOD changes comprehensively.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime you think about how the world is changing to video streaming Mobile apps. There are diverse web plans that you may like or unmistakable exhibits that you may take after which are open just available to connect on such applications so to speak.

Brands like Netflix and Hulu et cetera have started an application order that has now extended to more than fifty of different brands now, all observing a salary improvement of over 40%.

    Things to consider in App Development.

  • A course of action of Age and Genre Wise Content

A video spilling stage to end up celebrated and comprehensively recognized by the millions of customers who swing to a video arrange like Amazon Prime or Netflix for their delight needs, the video library should be made of a grouping of classes mixing orders with News and Live shows as well.

  • Multilingual Content

Netflix, stashed 93 million customers, with in excess of 150 million extended lengths of video spouting normal, in 2016, once the brand included multilingual substance in its library.

2016 was the year when the brand announced the overall rollout of spouting substance to more than 130 countries, a number which was before only available in limited countries.

  • Interest

A Search option is an irrefutable prerequisite have in video streaming applications. The option should be arranged in a way that it is obvious for all ages or social events. Moreover, try to have many sort options in the Search drop-down menu.

  • Customer Profile

This component is a simple choice. Your all application like as Android App and IOS App Development should have a customer profile wherein you should give the customers the decision to manage their entire application.

If you furthermore need to combine various screens in the application, have a separate region for each one of the customers, each with their course of action of features.

  • Watchlist

Another must-have feature of your video streaming application should be a watch list. This is the place the customers add programs that they

wish to observe straightaway.

  • Social Features

Social parts are what allows an individual to share the application and would get it achieved by consistently targeting the amount of traffic you want to feast your eyes into to achieve maximum profitability.

There should be a probability for the customers to share the substance that they are seeing on their internet organizing stages. In like manner, having an online login option will in like manner impact the onboarding process.

  • Screen Mirroring

You can moreover offer the offer to see the video on your app on various screens like TV or Laptop with the help of Wifi.

If you are looking to develop or design a web application, contact us for any support and best mobile and web app developers.



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Must Have Android Applications On Your Phone – 2018 Edition!

android applications

For a lot of time people have struggled to manage the mobile application especially with and Android app development scenario. Like in the previous times there used to be excess of papers and stationery to maintain our files, now we have an overload of mobile applications and a new confusion of how to manage them.


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Hire Services from the Top Android App Developers in the USA

Top Android App Developers

Top Android App Developers

Android is well known worldwide leading mobile operating system. Being a member of Google’s large family, Android live up to Google’s unbeatable class and reputation. Fueling more than 50 percent of the Smartphone all across the world, Android has a huge collection of Android based applications which is mounting with every passing day. Due to so much demand of Android applications, many android apps development company have emerged in the industry. AppSquadz Technologies is one of the most reliable and top android app developers in the USA.


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Why iPhone Game Development Can Be A Good Idea for Your Business?

iPhone Game Development Company

iPhone Game Development

Mobile gaming is a result of speedy growth in the different technological fields comprising modern software and feature-loaded apps. Both iOS and Android versions of OS are extensively used by the worldwide users for accessing diverse multi functional applications through varied handheld gadgets. As the market is pouring out with different mobile applications, the most popular and successful gaming apps were firstly launched on iPhone only. At present, most of the companies are looking to employ iPhone game developers to get high-performance mobile apps as iOS devices come loaded with modern functionalities and features. As iPhone is displaying modern interface with advanced functionalities, that’s why iPhone game development can be a good idea for your business.


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Essential Features of Android Marshmallow App Development

Android Marshmallow App Development

Android Marshmallow App Development Services

Before Android Nougat was announced, Android Marshmallow was the latest offering from Google. While Android Nougat is available for a select models of different Smartphone manufacturers, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is used widely by many Smartphone users all across the world. Android Marshmallow was released by Google on 28th May 2015. With the introduction of Android M, the demand for Android Marshmallow App development also grew tremendously.


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Get Best Android UI/UX Development Company

Android UI/UX Development Company

Android UI/UX Development Company

AppSquadz Technologies is a prominent android UI/UX development company rendering highly sophisticated and quality driven web and mobile based application to different business, ranging from Finance, Real Estate, Augmented Reality, Health & Fitness, Gaming, Chatting and Messaging, Transport, IT, m-Commerce, Entertainment, Logistics, Education and many more.


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A Glimpse of Innovation in Web App Development Company

Web App Development Company

Web App Development Company USA

AppSquadz is Leading Web App Development Company in the USA. Web Development is a service that should be benefited by every one of those individuals who wish to have an online representation of their business. In any case, with the head ways that web Application Service have experienced over the time, having basic sites is observed to be very inadequate if the business tries to achieve its intended interest group. There is a perpetual battle for steady redesigns and most recent advances that help Company secure more prominent business open doors. As it is the time of utilizations, numerous organizations are found to put significantly in web app development company in the USA which will get a decent remaining for their business amongst rivals.


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Mobile Games App Development : Marking Presence in the Market

Mobile Games app Development Company

Mobile Games App Development Company

Recently Gaming Apps are so popular worldwide in the market. Like Pokémon Go, Candy crush, bus rush etc. are so common these days. Expanding prevalence of such Games has prompted for Mobile Games app Development Company in the USA. Games that are accessible on smartphones and tablets today can either be inserted on the smartphone or downloaded from entries. MMS, SMS or GPS are likewise usually utilized. AppSquadz is one of the best Android Game App Development Company in the USA with regards to Android Application Development. We offer redid 2D and 3D Games that are exceptionally easy to understand with amazing UI plans. The realistic representation will stun as well. We have a group of Android Game designers in the USA who are specialists in changing your thoughts into immaculate 2D and in addition 3D Game utilizing the most recent and most modern devices and advances. The gaming knowledge that such Game offer is completely sensible. They will challenge, intelligent and absolutely addictive for the clients.