Tips for Trending Technologies in the Mobile App Development Success

Today’s Worldwide mobile operating system market is ruled by Android. Similarly, Google App store dominates the market while Apple App Store and Window App Store have a less mobile app in the market. As there is a competition between Big companies, there is a competition within companies as well, like, the individual market share of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 5.1 Lollipop is bigger than Android 7.0 Nougat, for now. With the developing world and increasing competition for mobile app development, the users have a variety of choices to choose from, there is a wide range of Android devices of different companies with differing screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware features. Therefore, your App must be at its best, it must provide an optimal experience to the user to get and stay popular in the market. There are few tricks and tips that you can keep in mind while developing your app and deliver the competitive app.

•  Frameworks and development tools:

You can use frameworks and development tools to add features and functions without having to add any code. It makes it easier to test, build and maintain your Android App. You can implement the UI/UX Design for your mobile app development according to the guidelines provided by Google. You can go for Open source android app development tools.

• Android design guidelines:

Google provides Android Design Guidelines to help developers to do a strong and healthy mobile app development. It keeps updating the Guidelines at frequent intervals to make sure that UI and UX are intuitive and appealing. Google recommends developers to build apps with material design and provides with a new set of tools to apply the material design guidelines. Though, you can still choose to create an app in your own way without following guidelines by Google. But you must create mobile apps based on the latest Android Design Guidelines to deliver a smoothly functioning app.

• Cloud technologies:

With cloud-based technologies, you can overcome the problem of device and operating system fragmentation issues as you develop and test the apps. The Cloud-based trending technology also helps you in building mobile apps without creating and maintaining physical infrastructure. It provides you with tools that will make it easy for you to make your App responsive and provide a similar user experience on different versions of mobile. You can use the tools of cloud-based technologies to customize the Android App automatically for different devices.

• User input target:

To have your user get crazy for the android app you provide, it must make them special. The app must have a feature to input rating, feedback or comment for the user to input their opinion. But, you should also understand the users need through their feedback and apply it to enhance your app. It is difficult to get user input while developing the app but you can go for crowd-sourced testing to involve the user and get their feedback.

• User interface fast and responsive:

In today’s fast-moving world, the user of Android app hates the slow response. Therefore, you must find ways to make sure that the UI of the app is fast and responsive. It is easy to keep the UI fast and responsive and that is by keeping the layouts simple and moving the long-running process from the Main Thread. During coding, you must remove the nested and deep layers or recode them into a simple one, to get fast output. Also, check the running time of individual operations and remove the time-consuming tasks from the Main thread.

• App security:

Now a day, most enterprises allow their employees to access the business app on their personal mobiles. Therefore, the smart user analyses the security features of the app and then decide to download. You must embed strong security features into the app to keep the information of your user safe despite the data breaches and malware attacks. Make sure to do security testing and find the loopholes that make app vulnerable to attacks.

• E-Commerce features and mobile payment:

New world’s user prefers to make online payments and thus prefer apps with such features. So, you must keep an option to access E-Commerce features in your Android App. The App should enable the user to buy the products and services he/she need. Plus, you should provide with the option to make online payments through wallets or other banking options.

•  Wearables Compatible App:

There has been an increase in the number of people using wearable devices. At the present time period, the user doesn’t have any option to install the app on a wearable device but they can connect the app through their smart phones to a wearable device. You must take this option into consideration, if your app will be wearable device friendly then there are more chances of it being used by users.

•  Emerging Trends:

To keep your app into the market for the longer period of time, you must keep it up-to-date with on-going trends. You can even take help from big data analytics to understand the needs of the target users of the Android app.

•  Test the App:

Even after putting your best efforts, you might not be able to make the flawless app in first go. You must keep testing it and running it through time to time. Through this process, you can keep an eye on the defects of your app and repair them while it is in a market.

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