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Why your Business needs good Website for best Social Media presence?

web app development company

Lately, social media has become a fundamental stage for brand commitment and conversation. Indeed, it can even be contended that numerous web application development companies currently anchor their digital presence on their social media accounts. 

Thusly, it is anything but an unexpected when entrepreneurs wonder if websites are as yet significant regarding marketing, promoting, and marking.

The response to this question is a distinct, resonating yes. A website is an urgent piece of business methodology. The business you’re in and the size of your business don’t make any difference. In case you’re maintaining a business, you need a website. Simultaneously, you additionally need to set up your social media presence. It’s the place where your clients are “hanging out,” as it were, so you need to connect with them where they are.

The key is to guarantee that both your website and your social media presence are cooperating consistently.

For what reason Do You Need a Website? 

One of the vital things about a website is that it’s your own. With social media stages, you’re leasing your space. With web app development, you have full control and complete proprietorship. This implies that you’re not restricted about your website’s looks and functionalities. With the assistance of a dependable web configuration organization to get it fully operational, your website can be the reflection of your mission, vision, and reason. 

Having a website likewise gives you sureness. It’s impossible (as of now) that the greatest social media stages will close down, however, it’s as yet a chance.

With a website, you’ll keep up your digital presence as long as you pay for the facilitating. You’ll additionally approach all the information that gets through your website.

At last, having your area likewise implies that you can set up your validity. Not exclusively does a website make you look more “genuine,” it additionally permits you to make interesting, supportive content. This can help support your search engine rankings which would then be able to bring issues to light and intrigue, just as increment the potential for deals.

For what reason Do You Need Social Media 

As mentioned beforehand, millions of consumers are now present on social media. This implies that you as of now have a crowd of people sitting tight for you; all you require is to create content and target appropriately to guarantee that it arrives at your planned market.

The consumer base you can discover in social media additionally opens up your image for expanded mindfulness and reach. With the correct sorts of posts and vital informing, you can without much of a stretch extend your market through social media.

Social media pages are simpler to set up. On the off chance that you as of now have the important content, you can effectively distribute a page inside an hour or less.

You can likewise divert your area name to your social media page, while you’re trusting that your website will be set up.

How Could These Two Work Together? 

At the point when you take a gander at it at a surface level, your website and your social media pages can be utilized comparably. For instance, you can sell items through your website just as your Facebook page. Furthermore, however you’re probably going to improve deals results through your website, social media has different applications to improve your business that a website doesn’t.

Your web app developer is incredible for boosting your search engine rankings through accommodating content, building up your validity, and making deals. It’s likewise the best spot for get-together information that can help you calibrate your marketing and promoting strategies. Then, social media is ideal for drawing in your crowd, constructing a brand and online persona, and sharing new content. You can likewise utilize social media for contacting new crowds and building up your reputation. 

Observing the over, one of the best methodologies to apply is to utilize social media to gather a crowd of people. Connect with your clients by making significant conversations. At that point, once you’ve set up that rapport, you can undoubtedly drive the traffic towards your website. Once individuals get to your website, keep them there with more supportive, drawing in content like web journals and recordings. These can make it simpler for you to sell your items and administrations.

This cycle—commitment through social media and conversion through your website—can circle boundlessly. Thus, you can guarantee a more all-encompassing online presence. There are as yet certain drawbacks of each digital stage. For instance, keeping a content-rich website can be repetitive. Planning a website can likewise take a long time, especially if you have functions, for example, web-based business.


On the other hand, social media can be costly because you need to pay for promoting to guarantee the conveyance of your content to your objective market. Organic (unpaid) reach and commitment are ideal, yet web app development company can be hard to accomplish. It can likewise be a test to stand apart among the huge number of brands. 

At the point when you adequately join the two, in any case, you can optimize your digital presence and improve the results of your digital missions.


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How technology is modernizing the education system?


Technology is assisting our daily life to an extent and its beautiful example has already been seen this year. 2020 is a year no one going to forget, a global health crisis that is still in the act. Every sector faced a huge effect on lockdown worldwide. The educational sector has the experience it equally and many of the learners lost this already.

There is the countless reason such as remote leaning and comfort in the education to integrate technology into the educational sector. This is going to make a huge change in the modernization in the learning sector. Numerous education mobile app development companies are assisting primary and higher education as well through technology.

Have a thorough study of this blog till the end. We will discuss the most useful points and the importance of technology to know the importance of renovation in education:

Students demand it.

When students became aware of features of benefits of the technological mode of learning they demand this themselves and it highly trending for the best of experience in educational life.

New teachers are demanding it. 

Old school styles were used to be used in the old-time now this is the era of new learners. Only the new tutors and advanced teachers or trainers can imply new ideas to serve better aspects of learning strategies to the students.

Kids are the digital native.

This is very obvious that kids are aware of technology at its best as compared to that of adults. This has become the earliest thing they learn and get attracted to. If we will modify technology into an educational form then they will learn fast with interest in a fun way. And anyway, the education will be technological itself with the growth of the world toward digital transformation that is much easy and comfortable for both teacher and student.

Kids can learn at their own pace.

The old-style traditional way of learning was so irrational and discriminative if seen clearly from the vision of the learning. We will find that as every student is born with different capabilities and drawbacks, the offline mode of education is dependent on writing and learning. If the students are not able to write and learn simultaneously. Then it is considered useless but this is not true and this can be changed by online learning assistance line eLearning mobile app development.

With technology, there are no limitations. 

An open ocean of knowledge and opportunities are open with the internet and technology. In the old-time learners did not have the proper knowledge to choose what they like and what they are good at. But now technology has assisted the learners and made a huge level of satisfaction that they know different streams and fields with the level of their scope and required skills as well. There is no gap between the world and your child when it is learning through tech assisted devices.

Technology can enhance relationships between teachers and students.

When teachers and educators put their 100% efforts and learners is putting attention with proper interest then the relationship between the learner and trainer increase and they can take the future to high end leading to a better future of the learner and the nation as well that is very parallel to each other.

Testing has gone online

Online testing is the thing schools are still not ready to adapt. But one day they will understand that this is very beneficial and has so many advantages. Like the performance tracking and analysis to prepare a report is software-based that is a very easy and faster process o that can be done in a very short period of the interval like every week.

Multitude of resources 

Online learning can be accessed through many devices lie smartphone, tablet, phablet, laptop, PC, etc. they can adopt online education easily from home that is we call remote learning. And the old-time learners had to commute from one place to another and gather to learn crossing all the difficult pathways.

Technology keeps kids engaged.

This is the major benefit of online studies that students from primary to higher education stay engaged with studies regularly. And especially ids that feel like why they have to study is not there anything that could let their life free of school also love to learn through animations and infographics.

Technology is necessary to succeed outside of primary and secondary education

Technology is the way that let us learn and grow in the natural and social environment. The learners know how to behave hos to follow the trend and stay updated about the latest affairs in the world.

Your child becomes aware of the strategies that how to behave and handle the things coming on the way and what will be the possibilities to grow in the future. What to choose and what to not what is wrong and what is right for themselves.

As the new education policy 2020 has proposed by the education ministry this also indicated that learners will get the artificial intelligence help to learn and prepare best assignments to learn and grown with the versatility of the internet world with keeping knowledge about everything including social and result-oriented points for the surety of perfection.


As the online learning methodologies are reaching the success point and adopted by most of the future-oriented families and the tutors as well then, the best way to convenience learners to learn and put their most of the time in studies is to get a decent mobile app from the leading education mobile app development company named AppSquadz software committed to serving best to its clients in the field of education and training. The company integrated versatile services like content management systems and learning management systems to the app and software designed for different schools, universities, and institutes willing to serve the best services to the educational sector.


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How Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing the eLearning system?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is wherever nowadays, making lifeless things progressively keen. It’s planned by people for people, to improve and encourage our regular daily existences. Indeed, AI is presently the mind behind your cell phone, vehicle, music web-based feature, banking application, eLearning application development, cooler, and travel service. It’s not just inescapable, it’s omniscient also. 

Each understudy is extraordinary. Teachers have known this for quite a while, yet it wasn’t until eLearning app development companies that they had the option to oblige the different necessities of various sorts of students. 

The acquaintance of innovation with the conventional study hall set up a structure for mixed realizing, which is currently the predominant model for teaching advanced understudies. Mixed learning permits understudies to pick how they access educational substance, and how they secure information regarding learning styles and speed. Yet, AI carries personalization to an unheard-of level. 

In contrast to educators, artificial intelligence can perceive understudies’ adapting needs, interests, inclinations, propensities, and limits naturally and progressively, by breaking down their exhibition. This amazing knowledge establishes profoundly customized eLearning app development solutions and ways where each viewpoint – from content kind to conveyance technique – is acclimated to the understudies’ necessities. 

Artificial intelligence is at Learners’ leisure Anytime, Anywhere 

Versatile learning conditions empower and support self-guided learning, hence permitting understudies to make the best out of their pinnacle efficiency hours. However, what occurs on the off chance that one student’s profitability tops in the night when there’s nobody around to help tackle a situation or address purposes of disarray? 

Since mixed learning is a blend of teacher drove preparing and online courses, coaches ought to stay accessible every minute of every day, at whatever point understudies may require their direction. This may not be conceivable with human coaches, yet it is with computerized collaborators. 

On account of AI and common language preparing, AI associates can figure out how to give fundamental direction to understudies, answer their inquiries, and take care of their issues. What’s more, since machines never rest, this computerized mentorship is accessible every minute of every day. 

Computerized Mentorship Can Encourage education 

As a rule, AI aides work with understudies separately. Expanding the idea of understudy focused education, brilliant innovation provides food not exclusively to various learning styles yet additionally to various characters and demeanours. This is critical to independent understudies, who normally don’t feel great communicating before their friends in the customary homeroom climate. 

Nondescript AI is a redeeming quality for such students as it permits them to voice their situations without the dread of being judged, while the eLearning climate itself urges them to take an interest in social learning. AI can persuade and connect all understudies, be they loners or social butterflies, visual students, or hear-able students. 

Higher commitment is a characteristic outcome of personalization – by encouraging the learning way, AI makes information procurement simpler, subsequently taking out all dissatisfaction from the cycle. All understudies flourish in such a learning and development (L&D) climate when they are propelled by their accomplishments. 

Artificial intelligence Allows Continual Real-Time online education 

On account of front-line programming innovation and composing apparatuses, everybody can figure out how to make an online course that empowers commitment and prepares understudies for progress. 

It’s keeping up with the help of eLearning app developer that is hard, particularly in the present relentless world. Innovation is a ground-breaking information procurement device – the stronger it turns into, the more we comprehend the world we live in. Humankind is learning consistently. 

The street from unsaid to express information was a long one in the pre-advanced age. On occasion, understudies needed to stand by years before discoveries were added to their old course readings. Today, we have the Internet – the greatest and quickest information base ever. 

With AI, we would now be able to sift through this information base in issues of minutes, update our online courses with forefront data continuously, and keep educational substance significant. Having said that, forward-thinking content isn’t sufficient to guarantee a rich learning experience. Teachers and online course makers must gain from their understudies as there are consistently provokes that should be tended to. Along these lines, understudy criticism is valuable. 

Genuine Examples of AI in Learning 

We should now observe a couple of organizations that are working in the background to bring the advantages of AI-fueled advances to individuals. 


Artificial intelligence is as of now causing a ripple effect in the eLearning business by opening energizing new open doors for teachers and understudies the same. In any case, profound eLearning app development companies, every minute of everyday accessibility, expanded commitment, and continuous improvement is just a section of what AI may mean for the fate of education. Specialists anticipate that the utilization of this keen innovation will develop by 47.5% in the following two years. We can just envision the potential outcomes.


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Top 5 Education Mobile App Development Company in 2020

Education Mobile App

Being the significant high light in the current crowd of the digital world, new companies are progressively intending to create incredible education mobile apps for snappy natural development, upgraded client obtaining, and brand advertising simply likes obvious brands.

Education Mobile app development is the most ideal approach to cause business people to connect with their clients. In the same way as other different enterprises, Education is additionally getting ready to get changed and upset with computerized arrangements.

There are a couple of good apps advancing into the education industry to empower better learning. Notwithstanding, to manufacture strong and connecting with highlights, the organizations of changed scales need a strong, education mobile app development accomplice who has inside and out information on most recent advancements. To execute imaginative thoughts, it’s basic to discover a company focused on conveying incredible quality.

To make things simple for you, here is the most thorough rundown of the top 5 educational video mobile app development companies in India who are knowledgeable in building the extent of mobile apps.

1. AppSquadz

AppSquadz is the fastest emerging educational video mobile app development company globally. It has headquarters in Noida India with an appearance in the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, South Africa, and Latin America. It has numerous foreign clients with 100 percent satisfaction level witnessed for AWS integration to the live streaming software, cloud, cross-platform, etc.

The company has emerged for its perfection in pen drive course development, tablet software development, online teaching software, virtual classroom software, eLearning mobile app development, etc. there developed an eLearning mobile app named Drishti has ranked in the top 10 made in India apps on PlayStore.

2. QBurst 

Established in 2004 and situated in Trivandrum, QBurst is a fantastic mobile app development company in India with a lovely history of conveying adaptable ventures. This inventive company has a great portfolio that spreads administrations dependent on current innovation, including Mobility, Cloud, web, and Analytics. Its development places are arranged in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Saisbury (UK), Sunnyvale (USA).

With colossal worker quality of 500-1000, QBurst brags of being ahead class and confided in company furnished with contemporary assets and cleaned aptitudes of plan veterans, development authorities, and QA specialists. The company has conveyed more than 1000 fruitful tasks across various ventures.

3. OpenXcell 

Openxcell is a particular and serious recognized name among mobile app development organizations in India. Situated in Ahmedabad and set up in 2008, the company stands apart with its imaginative software and top of the line administrations in areas of the site and mobile app development.

The company’s greatness originates from the way that it was granted as a “Best Software Development Company in 2014 and 2015 by GESIA. With the size of 100-250, the company has effectively conveyed Inventory Management Software, Enterprise Chat for joint effort, web-based business, and web and items dependent on Blockchain Technology. It has its development place in the US also.

4. Hyperlink Infosystem 

Amazingly appreciated for its incredible turnaround time, Hyperlink Infosystem is a dynamic app development firm in India situated in Ahmedabad. Established in 2011, The firm has unstable specialized understanding and reliably conveys mobile app arrangements of uncommon quality to their customers over the globe.

With broadly applicable involvement with the business, Hyperlink Infosystem can be extensive for educational mobile app development for Android and iOS and Windows stage. Having a size of 150-250, The company has up to this point grew more than 500+ mobile applications and custom software and fiddled with wise ventures on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

5. Redbytes 

Established in 2009 and arranged in Pune, Redbytes harps on the head of the app development organizations that have sheer, unmatched capacities to create apps across wide industry verticals.

With a gifted group of talented app engineers shaping the strong establishment of the company’s spirit, the size of the company goes from 100-250; Redbytes gain by long periods of involvement, information and astuteness to confront huge difficulties.

Modernity and effortlessness, are they’re over the top saying. From the development plan, they spread each littlest of customer needs to accomplish supreme consumer loyalty. Aside from iOS and Android apps, they are likewise skilled at building IoT-fueled arrangements, Enterprise versatility, and mobile games.

Read More : Developing an E-Learning Mobile App – Market Size, Statistics, and Trends


These are the best 5 App development organizations in India that have amazing abilities to build Education mobile app for iOS and Android stages in 2018. The inclinations we have picked here are founded on their exhibition, achievement rate claims to fame, customer tributes, and portfolio quality. Among the top educational video mobile app development companies AppSquadz is trending for the most satisfactory and cost-effective services.

Tomorrow, new organizations may develop and ascend to discover a spot on the rundown. We invite you to place in your important recommendations on the off chance that you have the best one at the forefront of your thoughts.


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How is Online Teaching enhancing education in rural India?


According to the statistics, about 146 million children attend rural schools and they don’t have proper facilities. The research report clearly shows many things are lacking in rural schools. Students enrolled there are lacking proper educational experience to an extent like lack of teachers for every particular subject, uneasy environment, etc. even least of the teachers are master graduates in the education system. This is making online live classes a better option for the learners.

Regardless of whether it’s because of an absence of educators, web access, restricted money related assets, or less saw enthusiasm concerning understudies – or each of the three – these issues are keeping schools away from accomplishing the uniformity and value in training that all understudies merit. Here’s the way fairness and value contrast:

• Equality in training is accomplished when understudies are treated similarly and approach comparable learning assets.

• Equity, then again, is accomplished when all understudies get the assets, they should have the option to graduate arranged for progress after secondary school.

In the present learning system, more rustic schools are rethinking how they measure up on correspondence and value and are finding a way to guarantee that all understudies are educated by qualified educators who are completely ready for instructing and upheld all through their vocations. Learning assets and the financing that underpins them additionally have essential functions in both balance and value.

Meeting the challenges head-on 

By giving all understudies admittance to great school and profession prepared educational plan, confirmed educators, and modern educational materials and devices – including PCs and related innovation – country schools can all the more satisfactorily give their understudies the assets they should be set up in the present ever-evolving world. Here are five difficulties that education app development is helping rustic schools effectively address: 

Educator shortage 

Web-based learning assists schools with conquering educator deficiencies. At not-for-profit virtual supplier VHS Learning, educators are guaranteed, normal 15 years of showing experience and over 80% hold a graduate degree or higher.

Absence of advanced placement classes 

Country regions regularly don’t approach Advanced Placement courses, yet they can add them to their educational plan with a web-based learning accomplice. In the most far off, little areas, for instance, 68.7% need admittance to AP classes. At the point when the online association’s understudies are asked what benefits, they picked up from their online courses, 76% of understudies said they accessed a course not offered at their school; 76% said they created free learning aptitudes; and 71% said they picked up presentation to internet learning, a learning instrument frequently utilized in advanced education.

Limited budgets 

School chiefs’ worth the utilization of innovation inside learning as an operator for both engaging learning and tending to learn disparities. When solicited, 88% of directors said they picked the online program for the admittance to an enormous assortment of courses, 69% picked it for booking adaptability, and 64% picked the stage for electives and exceptionally specific courses.

Significance of online education

Online education assumes a vital part in the current setting, where each understudy (particularly in rustic regions) doesn’t have equivalent admittance to online live classes. It makes everything fair for all understudies by giving them an equivalent and available stage to get training. 

Presenting sight and sound instructing devices

Even though with the flood in the digitization of education during the ongoing occasions, it has gotten conceivable to relieve the previously mentioned difficulties. Giving mixed media instructing devices to educators and understudies and using brilliant study hall hardware like virtual homeroom, computerized board, advanced showing framework, computerized content, computerized language lab, and so forth can assist educators with boosting training situation in country settings.

Computerized activities to fortify provincial training in India 

With the current situation of Covid-19, it has become the need of great importance to fall back on present-day methods for learning since a large portion of the learning establishments have been closed since the finish of March.

Learning over inclusion 

These new techniques for instructing can present introductory difficulties to educators and understudies in distant regions. Steadily expanding their introduction to advanced innovation and appropriate preparation to educators can help accomplish the objective of complete the ‘digitization of training in rustic India’ and decrease the drop-out rate.

Notwithstanding, basically presenting current strategies for training won’t be adequate for quality learning. Balanced collaborations among educators and companions are urgent for learning. On a computerized stage, how understudies learn and speak with others is massively dependent on the status of the two understudies and educators to acknowledge online training.


Improvement and development of any general public rely upon its accessibility and admittance to data, and the equivalent is relevant to country India as well. AppSquadz the education app development company, can do some incredible things toward this path and help the socially minimized network to achieve their privileges given a solid and prepared fundamental ground framework.


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Your guide to Encrypted Video Google Drive Solution 2020

google drive solution 2020

Google Drive is cloud-based storage assistance from google, to enable users to keep their files safe and secured for a very long time. They can store and access files any time on any device without any kind of threat of device loss. You can sync your photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and many more things by using the services like Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google+, etc., from Encrypted Google Drive Video Solution. Users keep all the data safe on their user id and password. This free or paid storage service worth so much for the businesses especially. Where a huge amount of data is stored on the cloud now, instead of USB or piles of papers. 

What’s special? That is, you can integrate your google drive as local storage on your mac now with more functionality. Just you have to map your google account on FTP locally this will give you better access to the docs, slides, and sheets. If your encryption google drive solution is local storage on your mac then you can search any file by its name in finder even on your mac.

To work with Google Drive Encryption Video Solution, the user is just required to sign in with an id and password. The Google ID on the drive is in the format of [email protected]. You also can access the drive by typing on the google search bar. Your drive will appear, on your computer or any device and you get 15 GB of data as free storage with google drive.

Why you should encrypt Google Drive files?

There are numerous reasons for encrypting data with google drive but the most social reason is your data stay safe and secured for a long time. With this service, you can encrypt APFS disk in Mac’s Disk Utility and change the APFS encryption password anytime whenever you want to. Similarly, the encryption software development company introduces new ideas to drive encryption techniques. You might be probably wondering that what else a cloud drive encryption can do and why it is a better option.

The fact is that google drive facilitates a convenience foe the people by getting them access to cloud storage. But the question of privacy protection is still viable because a trusting organization does not give you a visible secured option. For instance, wonder if you would be unable to encrypt data with google drive by password in google docs. There is no doubt that you might be thinking of privacy and security.

Moreover, you can find some other ways to encrypt data on Encrypted Video Google Drive from other actions, viruses, or malware. Because preventing them from misuse or piracy is very important for a successful business strategy, there might be sensitive data too. What’s the worst can happen is various fussy mails and mistakenly you can click on them but the recovery option and immediate help are also available at the google forums.

How can you encrypt files and folders on Google Drive?

Before the data is added to cloud storage and google drive encrypts the data for free on the server-side. Google additionally tries to keep customer data highly secured this is the reason Google is the fastest emerging search engine, cloud computing, operating system, IT firm in the world with the maximum users on it permanently. Here is this blog post we are introducing the major solution to encrypt files and folders on Encrypted Video Google Drive solution.

Solution 1: Make sure your Google account is secure

As we have already mentioned that you just need an id and password to login to your google account. So, account login and access are the simplest way to secure files and use them when required. If Google notifies you any issue with the account then you have to tap on the google account recovery option immediately.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the security of your record.

  • Set up a solid secret key for your Google account.
  • Do not share your secret key and client name with new gadgets or individuals.
  • Enable two-factor confirmation.
  • Do not click obscure or weird connections appended to the messages.

Keep these in mind, and it is the first step to prevent others from access your account and data in Google Drive.

Solution 2: Use password protection in Microsoft Office before uploading

To save the data you are going to upload you can set a password prepared in the system. Your mac will have a separate password to save data more securely on the system. You can access google drive or also decrypt the account created.

Solution 3: Use a third-party Google Drive encryption application

For businesses and organizations accessing drive on servers is a slow and interrupting process that also makes a threat of piracy. But for a better instance, you can contact the best google drive encryption software development company providing the best services. You can get customized software as per your purpose, and this facilitates a safe and secure business operation on the app so that you do not require separate software for processing. The Google Drive Encryption Video software with great encryption technology from IT giants can encrypt Google Drive in Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other portable devices.


It doesn’t matter what type of device is, just install the google drive encryption software to your device and the most important thing is you have to keep your password remember. AppSquadz is the leading software development organization, you can have your encrypted software integrated with google drive video encryption technology. Contact us now for further queries or assistance.


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Major techniques to create eLearning application in 2020

eLearning application

Although eLearning application development is not a big deal for a globally stable organization still there is a difference between the task related to the educational practices and other option of the app developmental tasks. If you are thinking of app development to create a successful application in the field of educational app development than must take care of numerous standards and guidelines. Rather than any other field people Have to take care of more thing in the educational mobile app.

When you tend to create an eLearning application for another purpose you just take care of the few points here listed below:

  • The development level the stage has reached.
  • The sum and nature of available documentation.
  • How rapidly the establishment should be possible?
  • What administrations and advantages are being given?
  • Ability required to bring modified changes according to the client needs?
  • Accessibility of an online colleague for giving 24X7 help.

When you get to create an eLearning application think of its complexion and just fill up it with the required content no tension of management, on the other hand, when you render teaching service to the students an app must have lots of things some of them are listed below:

  • Developing A Powerful and Supportive Database
  • Comprehensive and Valuable Content
  • Interactive Session with Tutors with Live Tutorials
  • Offering Regular Mock and Practice Test on Various Topics
  • Easy to Login Profile with Dashboard Facility
  • Not Ignoring the Vitality of User Interface
  • Providing That Personal Element or Individual Space
  • Using the Powerful Social Media Platform to Good Effect
  • Any Idea Regarding Push Notifications
  • Integration to Reach Targeted Audience

Now as you are willing to get a successful educational software, then follow up the steps mentioned here:

1. Choose your niche

First of all, you must know about the educational field most, it is the only field with plenty of options and scope for the career similarly if you get to create a platform, for such a field then there will be a gamut of different type and purpose of the app design and function. Even in the educational purpose, you have to choose the type of eLearning app you are willing to launch and what type of audience you want to cover up. When the question comes to educational software product you have to decide whether it an inter-school or institutional management software, open-source learning management system, design virtual learning software, live class software, and many more.

2. Develop the idea and strategy

You must be aware of rules about any job that it is more effective after the strategic approach of the infrastructure going to be used in it. Several things are only important in the developmental ideas like a blueprint, elemental keys, a professional team and after that a good platform to promote the app for the maximum number of downloads. Simply if you have to get the app then you would create an idea and a type of design for your app that how you want to serve educational content to your users. You can get help from the reputed mobile app development company for the most effective results.

3. Find Your Team

After such practices, the surest and important as well as difficult step is to look for a gathered expertise team with knowledge of world-class skills for best app development. An eLearning application must have easy navigation design, as well the attractive content representation because it will be used by students most and they seek entertainment only. For example, social media integration will be a great idea to make the app very interesting to use as well as easy to monitor student performance for better academic results.

4. Promote and Advertise

The team will surely serve you the best results and synchronization between content and app design. You must contact a company that would provide you with the app development and promotional service together, you can choose a better place for such services. When you have your app in your hands, the most important step comes. No matter how interactive and intensifying your app is, because there are millions of apps at PlayStore and AppStore there is no such special thing in an eLearning application until it reaches to the user, creates its engagement and gets reviews on publicly active sites. It is the only platform where you find your app successfully emerging forward and accomplishing the motive.


The content is presented in order to serve readers with a helpful approach before getting an App to be developed. Must have a look at ideas and strategies approached by AppSquadz technologies, serving globally with the best educational mobile app development services. We have numerous satisfied clients overseas, including made easy, iCareer point, next IAS, Kautilya academy, etc.



Apple & Google Accerlates Coronavirus through Contact Tracing Apps

Contact Tracing App

Apple and Google have recently announced that there is a huge collaboration between both of them to create a contact tracing app. The main aim of creating this app is to slow the spread of the COVID19 Pandemic by allowing the users to log in to their mobile phones. This is one of the rare collaboration that is happening between two Silicon Valley Companies and whose operating system is powered 99% of the world’s smartphone.

There is a rare collaboration between the two Silicon Valley companies who have the operating system that powers about 99% of the world’s largest smartphones. These mobile applications will help to trace the patients if any of the COVID 19 pandemic and will help them to get treatment instantly so that others may not get affected. The usage of mobile applications can help to accerlate the potentially affected patients into testing or can be mad quarantine quickly so that other may not get affected from the virus.

This contact tracing app will play a significant role in managing the spread of coronavirus pandemic in this lockdown. So, those others may not get affected by this spread and will have a safer environment in the future. By suing this technology all the infected will come into the contact and can be sent for the treatment so that others may not get affected from the same. In this way, you can favor the decentralized system thus to trace the contacts and government in Asia and Europe where the spread of COVID is much more than any other country.

How does Contact Tracing App Will work?

With the pushing movement of centralized approaches, that have resulted in technical weakness and potentially let the government understand with whom the people are associated is far much better. With Apple and Google, people will get all the public functions that they might need with the decentralized approaches and a privacy friendly app. The centralized solutions are also proposed with other major countries such as Germany and Britain and they will also not work under the new technology until the spread is not decreased.

This application is very useful especially in the place where the infected persons do not have any idea whom they had been close to for the extended duration. While it is not mandatory that people have to use this mobile application, but if anyone is using then they have to open or turn on their Bluetooth settings in their mobile devices so that tracing can be done perfectly.

The need to enable the push notification is also required if you are using this mobile application and your location permission in the app is also mandatory which is available on the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Currently, this has not been recorded how many people are using this mobile application.

In this mobile application, the official contact tracers can provide the code which users can match up to with the verification process or the code on their app. Once the verification code is authenticated, then the users will get a PIN that will allow the data to be submitted. The traces will never ask from the user for any personal financial details or the request to transfer any amount over their mobile devices, so be aware of the fraudulent.

When users are using this mobile application, then they will also be asked for sharing their data logs. If the user does not share their data logs, then they will be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act and they will have certain legal actions to be taken.

Is the Mobile Application Substitute for testing?

Apple and Google have panned to release this software for mobile applications in the mid of May to contact tracing apps which they and the public health authorities will approve and also said that the new tool will enable them to drop potentially unreliable work all around. The apps will help to focus on developing a simple interface so that everyone or the other person can use this mobile application.

The interface of this mobile application is kept very simple and user friendly so that the users and the workers of healthcare industry can use it. With Apple and Google handling Bluetooth and privacy issues, this app will play a significant role in controlling the spread of this virus and thus will help to prevent and cure people much faster.  However, this mobile application is being launched in the mid of the month, and therefore users need not have to separate app to log nearby phones.

It has also been stated that this is not a substitute for testing but the users must be aware of that it produces the actionable results so that people can act responsibly and self-isolate themselves to avoid the spread and in contact of this virus and thus decrease the anxiety in the community about the spread as a whole.


Lastly, this mobile app development of developing contact tracing app will help not only the users but also the healthcare department to prevent the spread of this virus and make people free and aware of the anxiety that they are facing in the community.


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Future of Online Learning- What’s Next?

Online learning has become one of the prominent and most leading ways to study at your home and is fullest on the rise due to the Covid19. As per the recent reports, it was noted that 46% of the graduates took online credit as a part of their degree and lot more are still alive into this race. More and more people are turning into combing distance learning or virtual classroom learning into traditional classroom methods. Numerous students are worried about their studies during this coronavirus pandemic. But, with the ease of flexibility that has attracted to the students, the mechanism to use online learning has combined students with their commitments and their studies as well.

Online learning requires software such as virtual classroom software that combines to make your (students) studies more flexible, comfortable and can stay at their home, safely. Distance learning is time-consuming and less expensive where you need not have to pay for your traveling conveniences and can stay at your home at learning and merge with your studies. A generic 3 to 4 years graduation degree cost you about $50,000, but with online learning, the course may vary dramatically, but as compared to traditional classroom learning, your cost can be decreased to around less than 50% than online learning which is a huge saving of your money as well as your time which you usually spent on traveling.

In coming years, it has been observed that the online learning will become the future of every education technique quite soon. As we know that technology is playing a huge role in our lives and has become the medium for each platform. We all know that there are numerous students who have vast range of knowledge to make their career at more advancement pace and hence, online learning will create more abundant and more creative segments in learning, coding or programming for students as well as teachers.

Benefits of online learning

If we talk about the benefits of online learning, then the list is endless because there are a vast number of online learning benefits that can help students in several ways. This creates an imperative barrier between the students and their studies to learn with full flexibility and comfort in their studies. Virtual Classroom Software creates a medium of generating a plethora to students and hence making their learning experience more vulnerable and flexible.

Online studying will give you the option for career advancement more flexibility. It also gives you the advantage to choose your learning environment which works for you better either in your bedroom, or café or street or anywhere else. It also provides another useful benefit to lower cost and debts that makes you need not have to pay for your tuition fees and your books, online application and a few others. It creates a self-disciplined and smooth learning environment for you who makes you responsible for your learning and helps you to self-motivate and teaches you time management skills as well.

The reality of online learning

The era of online learning creates a virtual plethora of opportunities for students and teachers as well but, still, there are some drawbacks and disadvantages that students should consider for their learning management process. The huge amount of real benefit of this learning system is to create a greater disparity in the quality of teaching techniques, online resources, and students’ reports. This is one of the surest ways to check the credibility of schools.

There are most of the employers who can accept the online degree and we all know that accreditation is one of the most important and vulnerable signs of your course that has entered into the realities of your new profession. While online learning systems through live class software provide the kind of flexibility to almost all the students and the teachers who are looking to underestimate the impact of working without having any regular direction from tutors.

Future of online learning

For lots of universities, the online courses and the hybrid learning will play one of the most powerful and important roles in long term survival and hence many students put off the expensive fees that are being associated with campus-based courses. Keeping up with the consumer demand and with the help of altering technologies, any large organization needs to understand the mechanism of online learning and hence work through it. Moreover, online learning that is been used by universities and the schools share more encouraging and interactive than anything else.

The development of online learning platforms is wilder forms to speculations, but it is important to note that the schools and the universities are big techs who are focusing on the interaction part of learning services. The real-life teachers will still play a crucial role in educating their students as well as their teachers in the next coming generation. It is not only about learning content, but also it is about how students and teachers get well apart from all learning measures and hence creates imperative support for everyone to understand how well online learning will create its impact in coming near future.


Lastly, we must understand that there will be a place for traditional classroom forever, but even these traditional classes are becoming more integrated with online learning. The traditional classroom will have their impact on students and online learning will create even more in this busy world that will acquire the entire market and provide them the best online learning classes through live class software.



Strategies for your Business to Stay Stable During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Saving direct wellbeing concerns, it has now become evident that coronavirus won’t go without leaving some changes in business and financial consequences afterward. While it may be enticing to concentrate on simply remaining above water at the time, putting out the flames as and when they take steps to show up, it’s essential to get ready for the eventual fate of your business reputation management and be completely arranged for what will come straightaway. Here’s the useful advance manual for the beginning.

Discover leads and clients early

The same number of businesses will be concentrating on the present time and place attempting to keep up typical running activity, this could be your opportunity to construct another system of forthcoming clients. Investing time and energy into creating new leads present will guarantee that you have a pool of potential clients to depend on once things have quieted down. Moreover, your leads ought to have expanded trust in you as a business. In case your searching for a new customer when the majority of your opposition is experiencing an emergency, you’re demonstrating your client in your control.

Adjust your services to the present circumstance

numerous pieces of the world, the overall population being encouraged to remain at home stances genuine troubles to businesses. On the off chance that your organization follows the B2C model and depends on up close and personal, in-store collaborations with customers, this presents a genuine danger, especially over the long haul.

Few must take steps in COVID-19 crisis

  • Update intelligence daily
  • Beware of hype cycles/news cycles
  • Don’t assume that information creates miss information
  • Use experts and forecasts carefully
  • Constantly re-frame your understanding of what’s happening
  • Beware of bureaucracy
  • Make sure your response is balanced across these seven dimensions
  • Use resilience principles in developing policies
  • Prepare now for the next crisis
  • Intellectual preparation is not enough
  • Reflect on what you’ve learned
  • Prepare for a changing world
  • Market your answers considering coronavirus

Ask yourself whether your item your or administration could be of extra use or importance amidst the coronavirus emergency, and adjust your advertising to mirror this, particularly in case you’re presenting a changed in help for the term of the flare-up.

Expanded and adaptable promoting is additionally pivotal at present because numerous individuals will ponder whether certain businesses are as yet operational ensure your intended interest group realizes you’re open and as yet going solid.

Guarantee your services will at present be significant at later stages

It is imperative to think about now just how to make due as a business during an episode, yet in addition to having methodology set up for what will happen a short time later. Try not to expect that once the risk to general wellbeing has passed, things will simply return to how they’d been before a flare-up.

One key though is that being limited to their homes will probably prompt numerous clients changing to on the web or in any case remote arrangements, and it shouldn’t be expected that post-coronavirus, will return to the arrangements they’d utilized preceding the flare-up. When the episode has been contained, fintech organizations offering the mechanized arrangements may get themselves progressively effective, and you may have fewer clients left. This is the reason it’s imperative to be adaptable and adjust your administrations with the goal that they are valuable during the episode, yet remain the best decision once everything has quieted down. 

Recognize the difficulties of your business 

To plan adequately and execute the entirety of the above focuses, a great beginning spot is a rundown of difficulties your business may confront. It’s urgent to plan for various situations and consider each plausibility. Think about everything from interruption of supply chains to challenges in correspondence, creating clients and rivalry with different businesses in your market. Despite how you think the flare-up is going to work out and how it may influence you, plan for each possible situation, including the most noticeably terrible you can envision. 

Plan arrangements considering a few situations 

When you have your rundown of difficulties, it’s a great opportunity to build up a few answers for each. It’s difficult to precisely reenact what’s going to occur, so it’s smarter to place the work into readiness and planning now than be gotten unprepared and ill-equipped. 

Utilize elective answers for keep up day by day activity 

On the off chance that it hasn’t done so as of now, coronavirus will probably disturb your movement game plans, correspondence, staffing and maybe even stock chains in the long run. Rather than basically dropping business plans, occasions and outings, conceptualize imaginative other options and arrangements. 

For instance, in case you’re expected to get a visit to your office or creation territory you must have a better business strategy. For example, from a forthcoming client. They may be reluctant to make the excursion given the present situation. Offer them another option, for example, a FaceTime meeting. Or then again if the primary reason for their visit was to see your premises, send the pre-recorded film. 


Running a business in such a crisis like COVID-19 which has gone pandemic to the world. There is no country so far even one which is free of this. In such a case, the company which may have international clients but now even it cannot have the run nosiness normally. The conditions are so serious and critical as per daily news and reports. In between these, all companies have gone confused about what can be done certain ethics are proposed by app development company. But if some useful steps and important changes are performed in the process companies can get their level up a step even in these conditions.