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Kotlin App Development Company

We believe in trend and technology parallel to the innovation leads your business to the next level with the Kotlin App Development Company of this new era inspired by technological integration to daily life.



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Kotlin App Development

Since 2014, AppSquadz Software Pvt. Ltd. is working with a team of highly skilled and experienced Kotlin App Developers. The company has a squad of 100+ professionals who have served in more than 30 countries including US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and more.

Emergence of Kotlin

Kotlin is the coding language used in android app development proposed by JetBrains organization and certified by Google as an official android app development language in 2015. It was suspected whether proper or not numerous developers refused to accept it but, in the end, it proved itself better in comparison to java. Java is like the pare language in android app development but still, it is trusted for better assistance and easy user experience for the development professionals. There are many benefits and features trends correlated with Kotlin App Development also it was important to be adopted as java is outdated from the view of this new era.

Kotlin Application Development Company

Kotlin is an amazingly simple, concise, and modern programming language adopted by many Kotlin Application development professionals into code design for the android operating system the best thing is its codes can be interconverted for iOS also it can be used for iPhone app development also. It is very easy to learn and merge with the precoded scripts of Java as well.

The dedicated team at Kotlin Application Development Company, AppSquadz software performs regular research and development operations on it. It has been adopted by numerous popular platforms like Pinterest, etc. our development team holds the trending strategies in Kotlin app development. As with the trust of Google, it can be the best decision for your project. Get in touch now to opt for Kotlin development in your next project of the app for iOS or Android.

AppSquadz holds the prominence as a leading Kotlin Application Development Company is dedicatedly delivering mobile and web application development services. A team of dedicated Kotlin android developers at the company tends to provide customized and user-friendly apps.

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Why go for Kotlin?

Kotlin is similar to Java in structure as it is object-oriented and statically standardized. However, Kotlin has powerful features, well-designed ideas, clearer syntax, and other augmentations over Java.

  • Easy Migration: Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java, enabling developers to use Kotlin code with Java and vice-versa and allow developers to access the Java libraries from Kotlin easily.
  • More Concise: Kotlin is more concise than Java language; it solves the same problem with comparatively fewer lines of code, and improves code readability and maintainability.
  • Kotlin Is Reliable: Kotlin is safer and much reliable than Java because it prevents common mistakes done by developers, resulting in fewer app crashes and system failures.
  • Advances Development Tasks: Kotlin offers handy features that can help developers to facilitate development tasks and speed up development time and keep the Codebase maintainable simultaneously.
  • Lessens Errors in the Code: It facilitates in examining the errors and even attempts to prevent them. Kotlin compiler performs investigations, avoids runtime errors, and helps in reducing effort and cost of error fixes.
  • Developers update their Expertise: Existing Java developers can easily learn Kotlin without spending much time on it. It also gives developers the flexibility to code in both object-oriented and functional manner.

Renowned brands that are using Kotlin

  • Pinterest: A famous photo-sharing social platform shifted to Kotlin and as a result, it is apparently visible with the growing number of users.
  • Coursera: World’s largest education-focused technology company is using Kotlin to provide the best user experience.
  • Uber: Uber, global taxi Technology Company, is using Kotlin to build internal tools, Supreme code quality, and speedy work deliverables.
  • Netflix: Netflix is considered as the world's largest internet television and it has also adopted Kotlin.
  • Evernote: Evernote, a cross-platform app for note taking, has integrated Kotlin in their Android client.

Heading: Key features of Kotlin Development

Here are a few key features of Kotlin listed below representing the most comprehensive benefits of Kotlin:

Concise code structure: It is a very concise and highly expressive language, that can interoperate with already existing android languages in real-time.

Safe multithreading: sync in between multiple threads, for simultaneous modification of the same data allows for safe, multi-threading in Kotlin.

Functional and object-oriented: Kotlin gives great flexibility to code in both object-oriented and functional manner.

Named parameters: In Kotlin web framework developers at Kotlin App Development Company pass parameters by name, rather than an index.

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