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AWS QuickSight - Best Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

AWS QuickSight is a powerful business analytics service by AWS. It facilitates ad hoc analyses and better business analytics. Its exceptional technology allows asking questions in a natural language and sharing the results with others. End-users get valuable insights about a business through the AWS dashboard to make smart data-driven decisions. One of the crucial factors of this business analytics software is the different types of data visualization methods.

Amazon QuickSight lets all its users access and explores deeper insights. It uses a special technology that uses data in plain English. Its machine learning (ML) technology adds a feature in it to augment its built-in dictionary. Its intelligent business analytics dashboard will describe these insights in an easy language. Moreover, it is also useful to forecast future outcomes.

AppSquadz: Advanced AWS Consulting Partners

AppSquadz Software is an established AWS consulting partner in India. We have a team of experts who know the value of your business. After a proper analysis of business goals, we create a custom dashboard for you. So you will get proper insights about your business through the Amazon QuickSight tool.

Our expertise in the AWS ecosystem will help you to develop an AWS dashboard. It boosts the experience of an end-user by providing an adequate experience. We will help you in getting the cloud business intelligence solutions to make an informed decision. Our eventual aim is to give 100% satisfaction to all our clients. We are aware of the fact that your continued growth is vital, and we ensure it through proper business insights.

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Benefits of using AWS QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight provides various benefits to a business using its beneficial services that are given below:


Built-in Security

This business intelligence software has a row and column level of security. It always uses API support for both user and group-level control. End-to-end data encryption by securing data through VPCs and on-premises. AWS QuickSight is one of the best resources with high compliance for HITRUST CSF, GDPR, SOC, ISO 2700, FedRamp, and many more.


Deeper Data Insights

With Amazon QuickSight, you will be able to dive deep into data and get deeper insights. This benefit is available using machine learning (ML) technology. Moreover, all users can publish and share their AWS dashboard. In addition, getting a specified answer to their questions is also feasible with QuickSight.


Serverless Architecture

AWS QuickSight does not allow the use of servers to a business that they can manage. This auto-scales 100s of 1000s of users with high availability. It uses a cloud platform to fetch and read data from Amazon utilities. However, you can also integrate with on-premises databases for cloud storage.


Form Customizable Dashboards

It is one of the best business intelligence reporting tools where you can develop an interactive dashboard. End-users will get personalized email reports and essential alerts. Web access this business intelligence software on the go using the iOS or Android operating system.

Features of using AWS QuickSight

Features are one of the key concepts to define what Amazon QuickSight is all about. Learn more about the necessary features from the points given below:


Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model

QuickSight has a special payment model popularly known as pay-per-use. It is a unique business intelligence dashboard billed not using a fixed license cost. This is a great pricing model that allows all users to access an interactive AWS dashboard and email reports on a pay-per-session or pay-per-industry basis that does not involve any cost.


Simple Auto Narratives

AWS QuickSight is one of the best business intelligence reporting tools. It helps to automatically generate natural language narratives. Include that to your dashboard and reports of deeper context for the end-users. It also serves your business through custom calculations and custom formatting to control the story to present to your end-users.


Super Fast Parallel In-Memory Calculation Engine

Amazon QuickSight gives you a super quick performance at scale. It is possible through the SPICE in-memory calculation feature. SPICE replicates data to ensure its high availability to permit thousands of users in performing quick and interactive analyses. It helps in protecting the underlying data infrastructure to save your time and resources.


Mobile Application Support

AWS QuickSight enables you to securely get the necessary insights from your data on the go. Get a simple yet powerful mobile-optimized experience while using Amazon QuickSight. Using this helpful resource, you can explore your data using filters to allow you to stay ahead of the curve. With this business intelligence software, get frequent email alerts when any modification happens; this app will work on both the app store and Google play store.

A Glance of AWS Quicksight


Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Amazon QuickSight is one of the easiest and most cloud-powered business analytics tools. It simplified end-users to make visualizations and perform ad hoc analyses to get business insights. It has a serverless architecture. With great technology, it can provide fast and responsive results.
Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools often need a team of engineers to invest a heavy time in creating data models. Moreover, these tools lack interactive ad hoc data exploration and visualization. But, AWS QuickSight provides all features using its best technology. In addition, the initial cost to get this software is also not exorbitant.
No, there will not be any problem with the constantly increasing data. QuickSight uses a cloud storage system in which increasing data will not affect your health. With this excellent business intelligence dashboard, there is no requirement to worry about scale. Growing data from megabytes to terabytes is also possible.
Amazon QuickSight is one of the best business analytics tools that help using innovative technology. This technology is known as AutoGraph. The purpose of AutoGraph is to allow appropriate visualizations of the data. It reveals information about data and analytics in the most effective way.