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Our Work with AWS in Education Domain

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began its operations and is now a well-known cloud platform. AppSquadz is one of the biggest companies using this top-notch platform to provide eLearning services. Earlier, eLearning was not a famous term, but the pandemic boosts this terminology. As a consulting partner of AWS in India, AppSquadz Advanced AWS Consulting Partners offers the finest eLearning services. Everyone is shifting towards eLearning, and AWS is crucial to facilitating eLearning.

With the development of AWS Elemental Media services, AppSquadz Software has revolutionized EdTech in India. The flawless streaming we offer enables anyone to get an impressive online learning service. Many online coaching centres use our protected streaming to give the best-in-class teaching.

Recently, videos have become a vital tool in the education community. AppSquadz allows this community to get a scalable and secure eLearning mobile app. Enhancing the classroom experience and simplifying remote learning is one of the best features of our eLearning mobile app. This will help you to improve your online learning experience using AWS.

Many students or aspirants are using this flawless video streaming provided by AWS to complete their courses. Therefore, clients are buying the online class software of AppSquadz Software. Clients are using the AWS cloud to drive student success as our eLearning mobile app security.

Drishti IAS, eCarrier Point, Next IAS, and Made Easy Prime are some of the educational institutes with AWS services to boost eLearning. The AWS services in their eLearning apps are also significant for the success of this eLearning mobile app. All education institutes are able to align their goals with the eLearning and video streaming services of AWS.

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AWS Services we use

Encrypted DRM Video

Amazon S3

It is a cloud storage service to enable backup and restoration of your crucial eLearning data. It is one of the best storage technologies offering security and ease of management with cost-effective features. Our clients use this service to securely store their data and retrieve it when required.


AWS Media Convert

AWS Media Convert by Amazon provides a flawless and compelling media experience. It uses video transcoding to transfer the media files version. Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) is also available to reduce the size of the video file while keeping the video quality intact.


AWS Elemental Live

It is a video processing service to compress the eLearning video. AWS Elemental Live is a renowned service that provides the highest picture quality video. This helps in both pre-recorded or live streaming of the eLearning content.


Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network to deliver fast content at a quicker rate. It is known for using more than 310 Points of Presence (PoPs) to reduce latency. It increases the delivery network to stream live and on-demand video.

Benefits of using Chatbot Development

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a robust online learning platform. AWS media live, and media convert to augment the broadcasting of the educational content. Moreover, the Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) feature compresses the video size and maintains the same video quality. Furthermore, we also use other AWS resources to provide the following benefits:


Flawless Video Transcoding

Flawless Video Transcoding AppSquadz with AWS streaming services provides media services for the cloud. It helps to quickly create, transform, and deliver eLearning content. This service is available through the eLearning mobile app and uses player SDK to handle and play video content.


Flexible and Secure

AWS enables you to choose the OS and web app platforms you require. With this, you can either build a new eLearning app or migrate the existing one. AWS always uses an end-to-end security approach and software piracy measures.


Scalable and High Performance

AppSquadz is well-known for using AWS tools to auto-scale the performance of an eLearning mobile app. The eLearning mobile app’s performance depends on the requirement. Moreover, using AWS for your eLearning mobile app is cost-effective.


Excellent Video Quality

We use the services of AWS media live and elemental link to encode videos to play HD quality videos (720p, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD). The Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) provides more control over live streaming or pre-recorded videos by cutting the storage and delivery cost.


Real-Time Video Controls

AWS cloud technology allows our clients to real-time display the browsing behaviour of end-users. AWS Media Convert can help you to know the network performance metrics. It also offers real-time controls on live streaming and publishing to different CDNs.


Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (or Adaptive Streaming) is one of the greatest technologies to deliver content effectively. In addition, it is available at the highest quality for each user using your premium eLearning content.

A Glance of AWS flow


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AWS Use Case for Education Services

Let’s take a look at the eLearning platforms that use AWS services to provide the best-in-class online education. Following are the 4 major eLearning platforms with AWS features.

Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS is an educational institute for the preparation of civil service examinations. It has branches in Delhi, Jaipur, and Prayagraj and is well-known for the exceptional eLearning services it provides. It uses AWS services, including AWS CloudFront, AWS EC2, Amazon S3, and AWS Media Live. This enables its learners to have flawless streaming of the educational content and helps in the live streaming during the online classes.

Next IAS

Next IAS is an institute for providing the coaching of UPSC CSE to thousands of aspirants. To facilitate learning, they adopted the online mode of education, aka eLearning. AppSquadz was their choice to develop a web app for live streaming. They use the AWS Media Package for it, which includes AWS CloudFront, AWS EC2, Amazon S3, and AWS Media Live.

Next IAS
Made Easy Prime

Made Easy Prime

Made Easy Prime is one of the best platforms to prepare for competitive exams. It gives coaching to clear the UPSC Civil Service Examination. They use online mode to increase the reach of their education with the eLearning application. AppSquadz helped them with AWS Media Package that includes many other facilities, including CDN, S3, EC2, and Media Live to enhance their eLearning performance.

eCareer Point

eCareer Point is the eLearning application to provide the required education for Medical and Engineering Exams. Its operations were enhanced by us with the usage of the AWS Media Package that adds the AWS CloudFront, AWS EC2, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and AWS Media Live service.

ECareer Point