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About GATE Academy

An Excellent eLearning Platform To Ace the Competitive Exams

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GATE Academy is an institute working to provide guidance to crack GATE and other competitive exams during the last 14 years. Moreover, there is a dedicated design, development, and delivery of each of the programs by the GATE Academy. All students received excellence using guidance and encouragement by this academy. Proper encouragement was provided to all students for achieving the target of getting a job via GATE exams, RRB, SSC, DSSSB, and many other state and central government exams.

The Challenges

GATE Academy was facing security issues while live-streaming its educational content. This was a major concern for them because security has always been their priority. In addition to this, streaming with its flaws was also creating a lot of problems. These were the main obstacles in the expansion of their live online streaming. GATE Academy was searching for a company to provide AWS solutions to help them get rid of the piracy issues and live streaming flaws.

Why AppSquadz Software

GATE Academy was streaming live, but they were facing the problems of online piracy and a higher cost. Lack of advanced features was also making their live stream slow and prone to online attacks.

They want to get the AWS services for which AppSquadz Software, an advanced AWS consulting partner in India, made them aware of. AppSquadz Software was able to use AWS Media Package, CloudFront (CDN), AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Media Convert, and other AWS services. Now, GATE Academy is streaming its videos live or sending the pre-recorded videos without worrying about online security at a lower cost and advanced features. The DRM protection feature makes it easy to manage their digital rights and protect them from online piracy. Making this live streaming platform compatible with the latest versions of the operating systems.

AWS Services Includes

AWS Media Live

A video processing service to let create HD-quality video streams. It compresses the size of the video and converts it to smaller versions. This lets all clients focus on creating compelling videos for viewers.

AWS Elemental Media Convert

It is a file-based media transcoding service with all broadcast-grade features. It lets the client create video-on-demand (VOD) for broadcasting and multi-screen delivery of the media content.

AWS CloudFront

Delivering content with low latency and HD quality is possible with CloudFront with high video transfer speed. It is a global content delivery network (CDN) built for high performance and security.


It is an object storage service with industry-leading scalability, security, and high performance. This storage service also provides cost-effective storage classes and easy-to-use management features.


Launch and manage web apps with magnificent web hosting services from AWS. It is available at a low price with in-memory caching, durability, flexibility, and safety.

Amazon CloudWatch

Get the data and actionable insights to know the performance of the mobile apps. It helps SpringBoard Academy to know the operational health of its resources with AWS features.


A web application firewall to protect the web app of SpringBoard Academy. It helps to block the common attack pattern and decide the route of traffic flow of real end-users and bots


SpringBoard Academy can distribute network traffic to enhance the salability of its application. They can set up, operate, and scale secure databases in the cloud.

The Benefits

GATE Academy now has a robust online presence with a secured Android and Windows App. All of them are developed by AppSquadz Software along with a quick and easy-to-use website. One of the most excellent benefits of using all of them is earning more revenue.

At present, GATE Academy is streaming securely through its own cloud platform. It makes their education of competitive exams in India to have a wide reach. In addition, taking online tests and classes (live or pre-recorded) is also feasible through additional features with AWS. The use of the AWS services empowers GATE Academy to live stream its content flawlessly. Moreover, they also enjoy the DRM protections feature for managing digital rights.

Technical Benefits of using AppSquadz Software

  • Development of a secure Android and Windows App
  • Building of a beautiful website with DRM and Non-DRM features
  • Keep the online security intact with the AWS services
  • Enable to save a high cost by using piracy problem protection
  • Access the eLearning materials that are protected with encryption


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Features Possessed by GATE Academy

Live Online Course

It is possible to enroll and attend the live courses by GATE Academy to securely get all concepts of competitive exams. Learn syllabus prepared by industry experts and take a step towards success in competitive exams.

Test Series

Attempt the test series available on the online platform and estimate preparation for administrative exams. The test series is protected with watermarking and no one can take a screenshot of it by using any of the devices.

VOD/ Pendrive Course

Get the pen drive courses or use VOD to get all videos as per requirement. This is a great feature of GATE Academy, in which everyone will get DRM-protected videos with anti-piracy issues to prepare for the competitive exams.

Subject Wise Course

Ascertain high-quality video content by GATE Academy as per the GATE syllabus. Moreover, the end-user will get a dedicated doubt resolving portal. Purchase it online and ensure success in the competitive examinations.

Account Management

Maintain an account and manage it as per the requirement on the online portal of GATE Academy. This is suitable to customize preparation and attain success in preparation for GATE and other exams.

Tablet Course

GATE Academy also offers a chance to enroll and access the tablet course offered by this academy. Use these courses and take a step towards success in preparation for the GATE and other competitive exams in GoI.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology



  • PM: Shreya Tandon

  • UI/ UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Praveen Sharma

  • iOS Development: Sunil Singh

  • Android Development: Soni Kumar

  • Backend Development: Alok Pal, Abhishek Kashyap

  • QA: Shreya Tandon

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