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Amazon Pinpoint - Easily Scalable Marketing Communication Service

Amazon Pinpoint is an online service prominent for the development of flexible and scalable marketing communication. It will help a business in both inbound and outbound marketing. Connect with your customers through email, SMS, push notifications, or in-app messaging. The best part is that it is easy to set up and easy to use. Collect and use customer data and use it for tailored audience messaging.

Sending a text or email to all your customers can be tiring. But, using Amazon Pinpoint push notifications can expedite it. Also, personalization of messages with the right content is also possible. Use Amazon Pinpoint smart marketing communication to acquire new and retain existing customers. Amazon Pinpoint’s analytics stands out as it also analyzes the efficiency of your customer communication campaign. To get better marketing, use this Amazon tool as it segregates your audience and retains it.

AppSquadz Software - Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

AppSquadz is a remarkable mobile & web app development company offering cloud-based services. It is an advanced AWS consulting partner in India. Our expert team will help you use the Amazon Pinpoint tool for completing marketing communication.

Increasing the user experience (UX) is our main objective and communication will do it. This is one of the main factors that helps to improve marketing. This helps to increase the ROI of marketing by scaling up the user experience. We are aware of the fact that continuous growth is necessary for the expansion of your business. Among all, the best feature which Pinpoint offers is Amazon Pinpoint push notifications.

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Benefits of using Amazon Pinpoint

With Amazon Pinpoint, you can improve your business by using the best features of this Amazon tool. Following are the benefits of using Pinpoint:


Segment and Personalize for Impact

Segregating your audience is important as it tells you the right person to send a message and at the right time. Doing this is important for the customization of the content for customers. Sending personalized messages is important to retain the existing customers and make new ones. Engage and delight your customers with both static and dynamic attributes.


Measure your Performance

Understanding the success of your communication campaign is indeed important. From message delivery results to the campaign data, Amazon Pinpoint works perfectly to provide this information. It also assists you in planning, management, and execution of the next campaign. Additionally, send emails to yourself before sending them to your customers to provide them with an error-free experience.


Scale Securely with Experts

Amazon Pinpoint is well-known for providing a reliable user experience (UX). Upscaling your marketing communication is easy with this tool because Amazon has relationships with top email providers and spam advisories. This ensures the highest customer delivery rate. In addition, the delivery dashboard helps you track the delivery status and find any issue to rectify it.


Easy Campaign Management

Marketing communication campaigns you launch using Amazon Pinpoint are easy to maintain. Make a campaign to send email, SMS, or push notifications, and Pinpoint will help you manage it. Setting up a campaign is also possible for a specified action by the end-user. Use A/B testing to know the optimum time to launch a campaign to send notifications or messages to the target audience.

Features of using Amazon Pinpoint

Managing a campaign is easy with the Pinpoint service of Amazon. Following are some of the important features of this campaign generator and management tool:


Send Marketing Messages

Marketing is important in this era to ensure the growth of your business. Amazon Pinpoint allows you to send promotional marketing communication. It is also possible to segment the audience based on real-time data and statistical lists. This ensures your data stays up to date. Before that, send test emails to your team for quality assurance.


Construction of User Journey

Pinpoint is well-known for the construction of the user's journey. It will allow you to send personalized messages as per the schedule. Segmentation helps you to form an organized, automated activity sequence. This construction of the user journey facilitates you to define activities based on actions, attributes, and behavior.


Sending Transactional Messages

This tool also makes it possible to send on-demand messages for your specific requirements. These messages can be sent as push notifications, text messages, or emails. Initiating the process to send transactional messages based on the customer activity of web and mobile apps. Sending OTPs just after the request is also feasible through Pinpoint.


Impeccable Analytics

Understanding how your customers are using mobile and web apps is a crucial factor in marketing communication. Pinpoint collects the usage attributes to identify trends in how customers interact with your app. Get rich analytics related to the performance communication message. Understand the historical trends and areas of improvement.

How Amazon Pinpoint Works?


Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Amazon Pinpoint is one of the best marketing communication campaign management tools. It supports push notifications, in-app messaging, emails, and communication through other channels. Define which user to target and what message to send them through Pinpoint.
To know about Amazon Pinpoint vs Google Analytics, you need to know the basic difference between the two. Amazon Pinpoint comes in the mobile push messaging + Analytics and tracking capability; on the other hand; Google analytics is general analytics.
These are the types of event metrics that you define to help track the user's actions. You can filter custom events based on attributes and the related values. The creation of custom events is also easy. All you need to do is set your preferences and give a name to your campaign.
Accessing analytics data is the only way to know how your communication campaign is performing. You can access it using the Amazon Pinpoint console. Get the subset of these metrics using Amazon Pinpoint API.