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Pathshala Classes App Case Study

Prepare Online For Government Job Exams.

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An Online Platform For Government Job Preparation Exams

The education industry is competitive not only for brands but for students as well. The government examinations require constant efforts and strategies to crack.

Therefore, Pathshala Classes Jaipur offers a complete solution to students preparing for such exams. The platform provides strategies to their students for cracking exams. From study materials to test series and mock tests, there are many resources that help prepare students for such competitive exams.

To provide the best solutions to their students, the platform needed relevant features in their apps. Therefore they connected with AppSquadz to have online presence on multiple platforms like iOS, android, windows, and websites.

About the customer: Pathshala Classes Jaipur

Pathshala classes jaipur provides the complete guidance to prepare for government jobs exams. The platform offers complete solutions to prepare students for rajasthan govt exams. It provides complete study resources that improve students’ exam preparation.

The management of the institution fixes the timing of classes. Also, test series of the entire course help in the overall preparation. The overall practices build the credibility of Pathshala Classes Jaipur.

Challenges faced by Pathshala Classes Jaipur

Pathshala classes Jaipur has been providing quality e-learning solutions for competitive exams. But, they required more services to grab potential markets & improve business scalability.

They were lacking applications & software to offer such services. They did not have optimized applications for productive offerings. Moreover, they used a third-party cloud platform that resulted in imbalanced billings and expenses. Such problems were causing hindrances in the scalability of the business and slower the time to market. In addition, its students were facing a lot of errors while using this platform due to inflexible web server deployments causing performance issues and resource wastage. Moreover, manual management increases costs and slows down deployment affecting its agility. These were major problems that impacted the business scalability of the institute.

Why Amazon Web Services?

AWS cloud services offer robust solutions that improve the functioning of e-learning businesses. From cloud storage, security measures, content streaming to providing content distribution network, AWS is providing crucial benefits to educational businesses. Amazon web services provided robust solutions to Pathshala Classes Jaipur. It improved the overall productivity of the institution’s application.

Why Pathshala Classes Jaipur Chose AppSquadz?

Pathshala classes Jaipur turned to AppSquadz for robust AWS cloud services. AppSquadz, is a certified & leading AWS partner that offers customized solutions along with tech proficiency of mobile application development. The company provides client consultation and work on creating a roadmap by analyzing the client’s (Pathshala Classes Jaipur) requirements. Moreover, the company expertise in developing mobile, iOS, windows, & website applications.

AppSquadz Solutions for Pathshala Classes Jaipur

From analyzing client’s requirements to giving them consultation and technical support, AppSquadz helped them create the best performing e-learning application. AppSquadz helped Pathshala Classes Jaipur with AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, & AWS Media Convert along with application development services.

Thus, the company helped them upgrade their e-learning mobile application by updating the features. AppSquadz updated android, iOS, windows, & web application for Pathshala Classes Jaipur.

Here are the details regarding users & data migration that AppSquadz delivered:

  • Number of user migrated: 100,000+
  • Number of videos migrated: 4000 Hours+

Additionally, Amazon web services like Amazon S3 and Amazon EKS with proper configuration helped in improving the cloud storage, and application deployment. Also, AWS Elemental MediaConvert & Amazon CloudFront (CDN) helped with distributing the content to the broader audience. It also helped to protect the security of the app and improve its efficiency.

Results & Benefits

AppSquadz helped the client in improving its digital presence and how it delivers content to the students. Now, Pathshala Classes Jaipur has the best user interface with tech features in its e-learning platform. They improved their business scalability, flexibility & online presence through managed Kubernetes and other AWS services.

About AppSquadz Software

AppSquadz provides complete mobile application development services that helped Pathshala Classes Jaipur. Moreover, it is a leading and certified AWS partner. It makes them serve quality amazon web services that help such ed-tech clients.The company founded in 2014 has successfully delivered more than 850 mobile applications projects. They have industry expertise in developing such applications along with AWS cloud services.


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App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology

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  • PM: Divyanshi Chaudhary

  • UI/ UX Design: Shubham Singh

  • Frontend Designer: Aazam Khan

  • iOS Development: Abhishek Tyagi

  • Android Development: Neeraj Kumar

  • Backend Development: Sachin Singh

  • QA: Alwiya

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